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  1. ^^^ TOO SKEERED to go visit the PROJECTS IN MIAMI where she lives!!! IF you did, you would find the SAME DESTRUCTION, the SAME "gimme free shit" mentality, and it too, looks like a WAR ZONE. But then again, you would have to go in ARMED to the teeth being a LILY WHITE SHITSTAIN!! And THAT is out of the question since anything thing that could PROTECT YOUR LIFE is forbidden in Shitstainville.
  2. SHITSTAINS are toooooooo fucking STUPID to understand this. NO really, they are.
  3. Just think!!! IF we did this, ALL THAT WELFARE, FOOD STAMPS, and all the OTHER BULLSHIT you love so much would BE GONE!!! Damn, I could go for that once I think about it!!! Imagine, TRUMP'S TREASURY SECRETARY would have NO MONEY FOR YOU and YOUR FUCKING ILK!!!
  4. Don't BITCH SLAP @Toldya too hard. He might curl up in a FETAL POSITION, cry like the BABY she is, and then run and tell mommy how mean you were to her.
  5. Gee, that's FUNNY because the RULING said PLAINLY that "There were other LEGAL AVENUES that SHOULD be pursued by PRESIDENT TRUMP" to BLOCK THE subpoenas. Such as PROBABLE CAUSE being one of the MAIN FACTORS in obtaining a SUBPOENA for records!!! OTHERWISE it's a FISHING EXPEDITION and those ARE ILLEGAL, SHITSTAIN!!! Ever read the BILL OF RIGHTS??? Oh wait, that is WAY OVER YOUR FUCKING TINY LITTLE HEAD, RIGHT, SHITSTAIN!!! When YOU depend on the PROPAGANDISTS BLOWING SMOKE UP YOUR ASS, YOUR BRAIN GETS FOGGED and your ABILITY TO COMPREHEND REALITY dies. THERE IS NO CRIME, SHITSTAIN, just a bunch of WHINY ASS DEMOSHITS LIKE YOU that still can't accept that YOU FUCKING LOST!!!
  6. Poor thing. Looks like calgay just got his DAILY SMOKE HOSE INJECTION!!! Psssst. SHITSTAIN, I handed you your ASS on the LAST ONE OF THESE you posted. Did you READ THE RULINGS or did you just play lemming and follow your HANDLERS PROPAGANDA LINES??? Oh let me guess. YOU just REGURGITATE THE VOMITARY your PROPAGANDISTS FEED YOU!!! Psssst. Just do you know, BOTH cases were REMANDED. Do you know that means, SHITSTAIN??? Nah. SHITSTAINS are tooooooooo fucking STUPID to understand "big words" like REMANDED.
  7. NOT FACT, SHITSTAIN!!! But you listened to the SMOKE YOUR HANDLERS BLEW UP YOUR FUCKING FAT ASS AGAIN, didn't you??? READ THE GODDAMN RULING and get back to us, otay, SHITSTAIN!!!
  8. NOT accurate here. The COURT ruled that CONGRESS doesn't have BLANKET ACCESS to his tax returns. On the OTHER ruling, it goes back to LOWER COURTS for them to haggle over. It will take YEARS before it is settled. And the state prosecutors ALSO have access, but they too MUST have a valid reason for requesting in the first place. So pretty much, it's a win, kinda win for Trump. He IS NOT going to "Drop out" over this since the entire fiasco is going to be in the courts until LONG after he is gone. Fishing expeditions rarely yield what the fisher is looking for and is pretty much ALWAYS a disappointment.
  9. Should these MORONS get in charge, you will discover that tough times are going to be viewed as "the good old days"!!! BECAUSE, they aren't in this for YOUR benefit, but in it for THEIRS!!! To hell with YOU, America, and the entire WORLD if they ever get the POWER they are demanding from YOU!!! Do you honestly think that anything they demand is in YOUR best interest???
  10. You have yet to realize that these SHITSTAINS are YOUR ENEMY and would do ANYTHING to silence you completely. So, no, that was NOT funny in the least of ways. Trust me, they are NOT going to quit until YOU are either DEAD or incapacitated where you can't fight them. OR the better option- THEY ARE DEAD and America is still the bastion of FREEDOM. Because THEIR plans have NO FOUNDATION IN FREEDOM OR LIBERTY!!!
  11. Are you SHITSTAINS laughing yet??? At this PIECE OF SHIT FOR BRAINS you are running!!! ROFLMAO!! I can't WAIT for the DEBATES. Poor 'ol Joe should have someone tell him to QUIT before he totally embarrasses himself.

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