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  1. How did that work out for you SHlTSTAINS in 2016??? ROFLMAO!!! You seem to forget that ONE PERSONS OPINION is ONE PERSON with an OPINION. There is only ONE POLL that counts and you suckers forgot about that one.
  2. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/alternet/ LEFT BIAS These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy. See all Left Bias sources. Overall, we rate AlterNet far Left Biased on story selection and wording that always favors the left and Mixed for factual reporting due to some promotion of pseudoscience. Detailed Report Factual Reporting: MIXED Country: USA World Press Freedom Rank: USA 45/180 History AlterNet is a liberal activist news service and is a project of the non-profit Independent Media Institute that Launched in 1998. According to their about page “AlterNet has developed a unique model of journalism to confront the failures of corporate media, as well as the vitriol and disinformation of right wing media, especially “hate talk” media.” The current editor is Roxanne Cooper. In 2018, AlterNet was bought by the owners of the left leaning Raw Story under the newly created company AlterNet Media. According John Byrne, who is one of the owners of Raw Story, “AlterNet will continue to carry content from the Independent Media Institute, its prior owner.” According to Fairness.com the “Independent Media Institute has served the public through the creation and distribution of content about political and social issues.” Funded by / Ownership AlterNet is owned by the owners of Raw Story under the name AlterNet Media. The website is funded through online advertising. Analysis / Bias In review, AlterNet publishes news with a far left bias through story selection and the use of emotionally loaded words such as these: Trump goes off in an all-caps New Year’s Eve Twitter meltdown: ‘MEXICO IS PAYING FOR THE WALL’ and The F Word: The Craven Right Wing Is Now Smearing Teenage School Shooting Survivors. The website also features a separate news category that focuses on negative reports about Donald Trump. When it comes to sourcing, AlterNet typically uses known mainstream sources such as the New York Daily News and NBC News. AlterNet also frequently delves into pseudoscience with the promotion of anti-GMO propaganda, which is not consistent with the consensus of science. AlterNet has conistently reported on the connection between cell phones and cancer, which is misleading as there is not a scientific consensus on whether radiation for cell phones causes cancer or not. In general, AlterNet consistently publishes pro-Left news stories and those that denigrate the right. A factual search reveals that AlterNet has a Mixed claim via Snopes. Overall, we rate AlterNet far Left Biased on story selection and wording that always favors the left and Mixed for factual reporting due to some promotion of pseudoscience. (5/13/2016) Updated (D. Van Zandt 1/1/2019)
  3. ALTERNET.org???? No really. Are you REALLY using that LEFTWING SOCIALIST RAG for some information you deem to be TRUTH???? You would do better finding where your DOG TOOK A SHlT AND USING THAT AS FACT. You would be right FAR MORE than ALTERNET ever dreamed of being. You SHlTSTAINS are soooooo easily manipulated by your handlers. And they LAUGH all the way to that ADVERTISER BANK they get you SUCKERS on.
  4. STUPID comes in all different varieties!!! NY State PROVES that their STUPID is on a level ALL ITS OWN!!! No really. (Reuters) – New York energy company Consolidated Edison Inc said on Friday it still plans to impose a moratorium on new natural gas service in parts of Westchester County after March 15 despite a $250 million plan by the state to reduce energy usage. “The moratorium will still go into effect after March 15,” Con Edison spokesman Allan Drury said, noting the company needs to stop hooking up new gas customers to avoid compromising gas system reliability because of limited space on existing interstate pipelines into the region. Westchester County is north of New York City. New York State has blocked construction of new interstate pipelines for environmental reasons for years as Governor Andrew Cuomo and other state officials want utilities to focus more on renewable power sources and energy efficiency programs, instead of building more gas and other fossil fuel-fired power plants and infrastructure. Consumers, however, want access to more gas to heat homes and businesses because it is cheaper and cleaner to burn than oil. This winter, U.S. Northeast households, on average, are expected to spend $723 to heat with gas and $1,646 with oil, according to federal estimates. Drury said Con Edison has received more than 1,300 applications for new gas hookups since notifying the state of the moratorium on Jan. 17, well above the number the company normally receives during a two-month period. On Thursday, the state announced several steps totaling $250 million to reduce energy consumption and fund alternative energy programs.
  5. These SHlTSTAINS support this MusSCUM and in doing so, they SUPPORT FASCISM!!! But hey, when you tell them that, they run like COWARDS. Because they ARE cowards.
  6. Don't forget that they HATE GUNS, so there will be NO WEAPONS for the "lower class" to own and to use in any UPRISING, so they are going to be REALLY PISSED once they realize what they gave up in exchange for being treated like serfs and slaves. It's going to be EAST BERLIN all over again and people will CLIMB THE FENCES AND WALLS- yeah, WALLS they build to keep the "Red States" out, to ESCAPE their TORMENT.
  7. MAGA, MORON, MAGA!!! And learn that it was ARMED CITIZENS that formed this nation, have kept this nation free, and kept the ENEMY from our shores. YOU and the rest of you SHlTSTAINS need to learn that ARMED CITIZENS are the reason we are a FREE NATION. It's NOT THE GUN that kills, MORON, it's the CRIMINAL!!! Your "Proposed Laws" ONLY take the LIBERTY AND FREEDOM from LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. The CRIMINALS could care less about your gun bans, background checks, or any OTHER "law" you want to propose. It's WHY SHlTSTAINS ALWAYS FAIL when they try this crap.
  8. Poor thing. What's the matter LOSER, can't find any KNEEGER DICKS to suck today??? No really.
  9. Nope, dope. Seems YOU AND YOUR ILK are murdering MORE BABIES than anything!! Considering that ABORTION is the #1 cause of DEATH in the NATION!! Oops.
  10. This is such GOOD, NO GREAT news!!! That means MORE COAL FIRED POWER PLANTS needed to RECHARGE all those BATTERIES!! Seeing that the ALTERNATIVES can only produce 5% of the DEMAND anywhere it is tried!! You can bet those COAL MINERS are going to be some HAPPY FOLKS!! Right beanie???? No really.
  11. Poor things. You SHlTSTAINS are sooooo easily manipulate by TOTALLY LYING HEADLINES.... Your OWN MORON MANIPULATION REQUIRES READING beyond the headline, AZZWIPERS!!! No really, it does. ROFLMAO!!!
  12. ^^^ See, we TOLD YOU that beanie LOVES SUCKING KNEEGER COCK!!! Tell us beanie, how many COCKS do you suck a day?? 5?? 8??? 20?? Tell us, SHlTSTAIN!!! You LOVE them big ol black ones the BEST, don't you??? ROFLMAO!!!
  13. ^^^ PROVES he loves his CUM GUZZLING JOB!!! No really, he does!!! So, beanie, you STILL sucking kneeger cock?? NO REPLY is a sure fire, definite "YES, YES I LOVE IT"!!!
  14. He gave it to his CRONIES there SHlTSTAINS!!! Remember that $1 TRILLION "Stimulus" he had?? And those "Shovel ready jobs" that NEVER EXISTED!! ALL OF THAT MONEY WENT TO PAY BACK HIS DONOR CLASS OF EVIL RICH BASTARDS!! ALL OF IT!!! And he kept that GRAVY TRAIN GOING for 8 goddamn FECKLESS YEARS!! SHUT THE HELL UP AND LEARN SOME FACTS, MORON!!!
  15. You seem to remember a LOT you blame on Reagan and the TRUTH AND FACTS are that it ALL STARTED UNDER CARTER, the feckless fool!!! REAGAN cleaned up a TON and he started with CARTER'S 25% INTEREST RATES THAT DESTROYED THE FARM BELT!!! Sucks you remember sooooooo much that just isn't true. Kinda like REAGAN SAID YOU DID!! ROFLMAO!!