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  1. Pitching an egg at someone, is attacking them you Screwy Asshole. And the right already know they're not racists, it takes a fucking idiot like you to think we're racist because you told us we're racist. We need Elder to win because Newsome is a leftwing asshole that has literally destroyed CA like every other leftist in every other town they control. Now GFY AH!!!
  2. Oh hell, FuckFace is getting ready to celebrate the happiest day of her life. I doubt she cares about a white person in black face. It's possible it could have been her. Zaro 9/11/2019 at 11:05 AM, September 11 2001 was the happiest day of my life
  3. The person was definitely trying to degrade Blacks. The fun part of all this, we know the pereson is a leftist, you know the kind that call the right racist, and white supremists. LMGDFAO
  4. Shuud Uuup you communist sympathizer. You're boring everyone to death with trivial BS as usual.
  5. Off course you did, every time I see the words dumb bitch I think of her.
  6. Why would I have to show my face? You didn't. If you would have been paying attention instead of living in your own senile little head you'd know where I live. And yes, I hate people that are trying to destroy my country. I'm not doing anything any different from most here. As for insults, we've heard plenty from your dumb ass. "singlewide peckerwood uneducated dimbulb" half-witted twerp, Dumber than dirt. Intolerant, stupid shits. that defines Trumpists. Now Once Again GFY AH!!!
  7. What an Fucking shame. He was a great and honorable man if you've ever read any books on his life. This is what you get with I-G-N-O-R-A-N-C-E!!!
  8. We all know how full of shit youy are. I don't have to prove anything, you have too prove your not.
  9. Me too!!! He also said AOC is one of the the most brilliant people in Washington. LMAO That animal inhales and exhales Leftist Garbage like a vaccum cleaner.
  10. If it wasn't for Racism the Democratic Party couldn't/wouldn't Exist!!!
  11. Found religion, Really???? You smoking Pot now FuckFace?
  12. Why do you lie all the time. What the fuck is your problem??? Get a life ASSHOLE!!!!
  13. AOC Blames Trump’s Racism, Xenophobia For Afghan Chaos Thursday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) claimed idiotically that former President Donald Trump’s “extremely xenophobic and racist immigration policies” were to blame for the current Afghanistan exit chaos. Asked by racist propagandist anchor Joy Reid if xenophobia played a role in the reluctance of some in the United States to accept a flood of refugees fleeing the Biden sh*tshow that is Afghanistan, AOC replied, “It is no secret that the Trump administration carried out extremely xenophobic and racist immigration policies.” Absolutely false, but a pillar of Democrat talking points. “When we look at the turmoil of what is happening now, one of the questions we have to ask as well — Afghanistan is a responsibility and that falls upon the shoulders of virtually every president since George W. Bush,” AOC continued. “One of the things we see, what was the Trump administration doing when they were not pre-evacuating out under the SIV program, these Afghan interpreters and nationals and allies? It is because of [Trump advisor] Stephen Miller and his rhetoric and the xenophobia of the Trump administration that there were many thousands of Afghans we could have worked on evacuating much earlier than even this year.” Again, absolutely false. It is the Biden administration, not the Trump administration, that has abandoned our allies among the Afghans, in addition to our own citizens there. The Biden administration had seven months to evacuate them from Afghanistan, and failed horribly. The Democrats own this disaster, and AOC and Joy Reid know it. That’s why they have to create this smear of a narrative blaming Trump and “racism.”
  14. I don't blame you. She's just one more Idiot that should have never been aloud to have voice on a major TV network.
  15. And many others. Of course morons like you would agree with this ignorant bitch. And that's exactly what she is. Her ratings are in the tank along with those she's surounded by.
  16. The only one's acting like Nazi's here are Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and Obama and you idiot. Oh and BTW nobody took away womens rights to control their own bodies, they took away woman's rights to control their childs body. You stupid, ignorant, uneducated, unknowledgeable, unschooled, untrained, illiterate, POS!!!!
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