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  1. That's not even close to your ignorance and the garbage you support.
  2. That's because you live in FL. We're still not controlled by the fools you support. Now GFY AH midget Troll!!!
  3. If you haven't forgotten I lived there for a while, and yes it is a beautiful city to look at. But is now run by idiots like you and the elite leftist millionaires that are destroying this country with their Woke BS.
  4. Maybe you should throw out all democrats from office. Then we wouldn't be talking about it in the first place. You and your kind have been a blight on America. From that shit-hole Seattle all the way down to Mexico.
  5. Yeah communism is much better huh XO??? Now GFY you Ignorant AH!!!!
  6. Of course the communists are used to empty shelves. Gotta love DeSantis!!!
  7. Yes some of them can. But leftist Assholes like you never have a solution only negativity. Like I said it sure is nice living in a state with some common sense. Now STFU Comrade!!!
  8. Now if you would have substituted Trumps Name with Comrade Biden it would have been much more believable ASSHOLE!!! Your brain is so fucked up from booze I'm wondering if you put your pants on upside down and backwards.
  9. Florida is leading the way to a possible solution to the country’s supply-chain issues. Governor Ron DeSantis and the CEO of the Florida Ports Council Michael Rubin extended an invitation to those languishing ships to travel southeast and fill their ports—Florida is not only ready, but able to handle the off loading and the distribution of goods across the country. The WTVY report continues: So, Florida is putting out the word to shipping companies that ports in the Sunshine State are open and ready for business. “Florida is where your success comes in, and our seaports are the solution to ensure the cargo shipping log jam doesn’t become the Grinch that stole Christmas,” said Michael Rubin. Yet another example of DeSantis showing what leadership is through concrete action, rather than talking about what leadership should look like…
  10. Rep. Thompson Won’t Rule Out Subpoenaing Trump for January 6 Committee Thompson looks is one more Black communist Racist against the right. "Center For American Progress Action Fund" is just one more leftist Propaganda Machine. Thursday on CNN’s The Situation Room, Rep. Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the House select committee investigating the January 6 breach at the Capitol, declared that he would not rule out subpoenaing former President Donald Trump. Thompson said, “Everybody that I know saw what happened on January 6. So clearly, that’s not who we are as Americans.” Fact check: Democrats love the self-righteous, faux-patriotic argument that everything their political opponents do is “not who we are as Americans.” Meanwhile Democrats steal elections, throw open the border to millions of illegal aliens, dismantle law and order to unleash chaos in the streets, and publicly denounce their country at every opportunity. That’s not who we are as Americans. The Democrats are chafing at the bit to put Trump before their kangaroo court over an incident that was instigated by the Deep State FBI in the first place. American patriots know what’s really happening here, and to borrow from hypocrites like Thompson and Blitzer, we know “that’s not who we are as Americans.”
  11. The only thing I do here is expose hatred form the left and that includes yours. Everything you've ever said about me is a lie, that's because that's what little communists like you do. You have no competition here you're one of a kind idiot, you're Blinded by your own Reflexive Hate!!! Now GFY AH!!! Once you understand that Leftism is hate, everything falls into place.
  12. They're all little communists, that hate everything about America. They need to be squashed like the little bugs that they are! Once you understand that Leftism is hate, everything falls into place.
  13. You get 5 gold bars for answering the right question Congrats Mack.
  14. Hey Ignorant little Troll go tell somebody that gives a shit. To me you're just a another turd in the toilet slipping down the Drain
  15. Cotton: Buttigieg ‘Completely Unqualified to Handle the Supply Chain Crisis' Wednesday on Twitter, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) slammed incompetent Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for his inability to handle the supply chain crisis afflicting American businesses and families. On any given day, between 50 to 90 vessels are waiting outside the port of Los Angeles and Long Beach to deliver freight. The delays are causing a lack of container and warehouse space because trucking companies are unable to find enough drivers to move the freight. “These challenges are definitely going to continue in the months and years ahead,” Buttigieg said last week on Bloomberg, not exactly reassuringly. “This is one more reason why we do need to deliver this infrastructure package, so that we can have a more resilient, flexible physical infrastructure to support our supply chain in this country.” Like diversity hire Buttigieg, who has been preoccupied with his maternity leave, the Democrats’ infrastructure package will do nothing to resolve the supply chain crisis, which the Democrats brought on in the first place.
  16. Cancel culture at it's finest! Communism has finally reached our shore's disguised as democrats. Once you understand that Leftism is hate, everything falls into place.
  17. STFU you ignorant fucking Communist Traitor!!! Once you understand that Leftism is hate, everything falls into place.
  18. No we were taking B & D but now were also taking C and Zinc. Had a virtual Dr visit he recomended C & Zinc that's all.
  19. Hey, we're both getting up there, and didn't want to take a chance. We still don't regret it.
  20. I missed the deadline for that. And no my symptons weren't mild I was down for about 6 weeks, real weak, but never went to the hospital. However my wife did, she thought she wasn't going to make it.
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