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  1. Well he's now sitting in the white house, and we've already seen how he himself, and the morons he picked to serve in his administration have totally screwed up. I really can't believe what we're seeing.
  2. Supply, Demand, and Incompetence Kurt Schlichter|Posted: Oct 20, 2021 12:01 AM You have to sit in slack-jawed amazement at just how inept our ruling caste is, looking on as Pete Buttigieg chest-feeds while the supply chain burns. Pete Buttigieg Is A Really Bad Transportation Secretary. I guess it’s a little much to expect competence from the guy who got handed the Sec-Trans gig as a pay-off for losing the primary gracefully to the desiccated old freak masquerading as president. Not only that he's aa faggot! LMFAO
  3. Don't really know but we do know they've been chanting it in more than one place.
  4. First off you don't know that for sure, and second it was a intelligent gesture. Third, I doubt he meant all ships.
  5. Well there's a lot of dumb people in this country, I mean look whose President. That should wake some up.
  6. Put your Mask on Comrade!!!! LOL DemoRats always follow their leader, you ignorant POS!!!
  7. Only you would know that for sure. I'm no commie, but do respect Comrade Biden and his comrade followers. Make sure you where your mask and keep your distance Comrade commoner, even though Comrades Biden, Pelosi, and Newsome don't need too!!!
  8. They sure can handle some of it. And it just shows how much DeSantis is thinking unlike those on the left.
  9. superFabulist The Covid Virus is over ASSHOLE!!! It's only AH's like you and the left that want to totally destroy the country.
  10. They sure had plenty to do with it when they were Trumps. LMFAO
  11. Then stay home we don't need ignorance here. It's that Liberal disorder of Unhappiness that comes with a hint of "perceived" good news.
  12. Says #1 dumb Fuck ⬇️ With so many millionaires & billionaires in the 🌎🌍🌏, why do ALL of the top tax brackets start so low, on the backs of the working middle-class & barely rich? Is shifting ALL Tax Brackets up, & off the backs of the working middle-class & barely rich, "Raising Taxes"?
  13. Maybe all you dumb fuck Yankee's that come here to party and enjoy our weather and freedom that can't hold your liquor should stay home and give us all a break from the stink.
  14. Probably not. Looks like college but can't really tell. The chant's being heard more and more. Could also be photo shopped. Either way I agree whole heartedly. LMAO
  15. Fox News October 16 at 11:00 AM · 'Mandates became just another tool to split us apart.' 'A BINARY PRISON OF IDEAS': People in power lose power when we resist the traps they set. FOXNEWS.COM 'A BINARY PRISON OF IDEAS': People in power lose power when we resist the traps they set.
  16. Slideman is against anything that sounds like a good idea. Especially if there's any common sense associated with it.
  17. Nice going Z09, getting real easy now days exposing lies from the left, and Scout's just one more cream of the crop moron!!!
  18. STFU ASSHOLE!!!! benson13- 08/13/2011 09:32:32 AM (#15 of 16) besides trying to tear down opponents, what is your party good at???
  19. He probably has more common sense in his little finger than you'll ever possess. Now GFY worthless Troll!!!
  20. You're a worthless piece of shit. Now get off my thread Fabulist!
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