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  1. No we were taking B & D but now were also taking C and Zinc. Had a virtual Dr visit he recomended C & Zinc that's all.
  2. Hey, we're both getting up there, and didn't want to take a chance. We still don't regret it.
  3. I missed the deadline for that. And no my symptons weren't mild I was down for about 6 weeks, real weak, but never went to the hospital. However my wife did, she thought she wasn't going to make it.
  4. I don't drool, I'm not an idiot like you. And all my thoughts are original, where did you think I got them from you? 90% of my posts are about people who throw around insults, lies, and hatred for America. And yes I do hate them, just like you hate the right and Trump and his supporters. So stop with your lies and BS. Was that original for you ASSHOLE?
  5. Hell it's failed here too. Both my wife and I had the shots and then both got covid, her in Jan and me in May.
  6. What the hell is this dummy? undersyand And you go around calling someone else dumb? I doubt you made it out of grammar school.
  7. Rippy would be ten times smarter than you if he only made it to the 6th grade. You Ignorant ASSHOLE!!!
  8. Funny how we think the same thing about you. And we know the Truth!!! LMFAO
  9. You back for more you ignorant communist sypathtizer? Now GFY AH!!!!
  10. Looks like all the Pee On's need masks, but not the Elite. What fucking hypocrite's!!!!!
  11. He names himself Nuckin Futz and thinks people will believe his BS.
  12. Here's another one that's totaly emersed in the leftist propaganda. Fact check: Trump never issued or even threatened to issue such an order. Milley took it upon himself to commit treason. The only one here that needs too try again is YOU!!!
  13. Here he is, right on time with his BS, our resident communist, "Groom of Stool!!! And you're right I hate people like you and Ted Lieu and Gen. Mark Milley, thay lie and are out to destroy my country. You;re an ignorant little board Troll that's it!!! Noe GFY AH!!!!!
  14. He might as well be huh?? What a Moron, and so are those at MSNBC that let the lies continue, it's a no wonder their ratings are in the tank. Dose anybody watch that channel any more other than slideman, benson, and Zaro?
  15. Lieu: Gen. Milley ‘Did the Right Thing’ by Committing Treason Wednesday on MSNBC’s The Beat, hate-mongering radical Rep. Ted Lieu said traitorous Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was doing his duty by taking steps to not follow an illegal order in the final days of Donald Trump’s presidency. Asked about Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s forthcoming book claim that Milley took steps to prevent Trump from launching nuclear weapons and called his counterpart in China to assure our enemy that he would alert them to an imminent attack, Lieu replied, “I previously served in active duty as a JAG. What General Milley was referring to was a rogue nuclear launch. That would be an illegal order. Military members do not carry out legal orders. General Milley absolutely did the right thing by trying to prevent anybody from carrying out illegal orders.” Fact check: Trump never issued or even threatened to issue such an order. Milley took it upon himself to commit treason simply because he was part of the Deep State hell-bent on undermining President Trump. Lieu supports committing treason against a President whom he dislikes, and MSNBC framed the whole issue in a way that supports that treason.
  16. OOOH don't mention independence around Dim's, that's a no no.
  17. Can you Imagine this Idiot in the WH? Might even be worse than Biden!!! LMAO
  18. Hillary: What is Tearing Our Country Apart is What We Saw on January 6 Friday on CBS This Morning, failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she was “more concerned about internal threats” like “what we saw on January 6” than terrorism resulting from the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. Asked about the possibility of terrorism, Hillary replied, “I am more concerned about internal threats. We always have to be aware of, and protect against, external threats. But what really is tearing our country apart and threatening our democracy is what we saw on January 6th. And I unfortunately have seen so much of that kind of continuing divisiveness and hatred and ideological attitudes about our democracy, about each other.” Fact check: what is tearing this country apart and threatening our democracy is the left’s divisiveness, hatred, and ideological attitudes about their political opposition. Arguably the most corrupt, vindictive, and radical ideologue in American is the left Hiilary tell your cohorts on the left to stop hating, scapegoating, and undermining our voting system, and you’ll sleep better.
  19. Thats what we need to do today. The Jews didn't desreve it, they weren't trying to destroy Germany, but asshole like you with your leftist stupid ideas need to be Annihilated. Now GFY AH!!!
  20. Fuck you, you Squirrelly little whiny Prick. The character maybe a fantasy, but the text sure isn't.
  21. I know, I sympathize over stupid asshole's like you!!! GFY AH
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