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  1. Wow a retard making fun of people. you can't make this sh.it up!
  2. "Bomshell" The lefts weekly word along with "Bribery". Those were the two most spoken words all week From the leftist Propaganda machine. What Idiots!!!
  3. On no not Confounded again? Have you figured out how quote works yet Dumb ASS??? LMBO
  4. Gee really? that must have been tough for a Retard like you. I'll bet you're proud of yourself Take a bow retard!!! LMGDFAO
  5. FU and your link AH! Maybe you should go look for yourself, I doubt you'd be able to take the fact that it's the truth. Most Liars believe everyone else lies.
  6. Here he is, Confounded the moron that believes whenever you quote somebody any original pictures that go along with it belong to the person quoting. A lesson in stupidity. Try and figure that one out!!! Because he sure can't.
  7. Rashida Tlaib Champions Reparations ‘Direct Payments’ For Constituents | by Donn Marten There is no question about it that reparations are just another socialist scam being largely promoted by extremists as a way to pander to black people who would gladly accept more free government money with the added benefit that it is punitive to those damned oppressive white people. Despite being such an unpopular and inflammatory concept, the forced confiscation of wealth from Americans who never owned slaves to give it to blacks who never were slaves, reparations has taken on a life of its own as of late thanks to the extreme radicalization of what used to be a legitimate political party but has become openly anti-Semitic, anti-white and pro-communist and is not coming back anytime soon. Not only has America been bullied into listing to such horsecrap which the media helps to promote but leading Democrat 2020 candidates have all begun parroting the likes of Al Sharpton, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Danny Glover who are all champions of reparations. Unbelievably, the U.S. House Of Representatives held a hearing on reparations last week and the idea has been at least tepidly endorsed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi who continues to fight off the freshman insurgents underwritten by the extremist PAC Justice Democrats that boasts taco bar revolutionary turned media superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her social media thug mob into a terrifying force to be reckoned with to the extent that even Nervous Nancy won’t criticize her. But it’s all about scamming productive citizens and putting the money into the hands of the same leeches who have already been receiving reparations in the form of affirmative action and other welfare state bennies for decades and it takes one of AOC’s posse to say exactly that. According to Rep. Rashida “Impeach the motherBad worder” Tlaib – her constituents demand DIRECT reparations payments. What time does the civil war start???
  8. Then stop acting special, I don't have a special flag to announce my sexuality, nor do I have a special day to have a parade for being normal. I don't care where you stick your dick or mouth. And I sure as hell don't like the fact that their trying to convince us of how normal they are, They're anything but normal.
  9. Well we're all individuals and see things differently, that's my take.
  10. I'm sure he's known a bunch, he's always standing up for them.
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