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  1. That's where it all started, and one of the reasons Trump won. Now I'm wondering if they were to dumb to see it because it looks like Obama 3.0 and we all know what comes after that. Bye Bye Joe and the Ho.
  2. I'm pointing our ignorance you dumb F. But from your post I can see you're going along with the ignorance. LMFAO
  3. Old Racist Joe. And I'm really getting tired of this racist, white supremacy BS also.
  4. Pretty sad. Biden promised the "most progressive administration in American history" during the campaign. He promised taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants, support for a slightly modified version of AOC's Green New Deal, a public option within Obamacare (which is basically a short step to single-payer, government run health care), and endorsed the so-called "Biden-Sanders unity platform" which was basically Bolshevik Bernie's campaign platform. Anyone who voted for Biden thinking they were voting for a moderate was either duped or just wasn't paying attention, and the
  5. Yep we had a winner and they sent him packing for these Idiot's
  6. I guess you're not aware of the fact that republicans have done more for the environment than democrats. Probably because your whole purpose in life is to tell lies about them. 75% of Americans support putting more emphasis on solar power, including 68% of Republicans. Likewise, 71% of Americans support placing more emphasis on wind energy. (Source: Gallup, March 2013, bit.ly/1jfIbZS) 75% of America’s wind energy capacity is in Congressional districts held by Republicans. (Source: Red State Renewables Alliance, December 2013, bit.ly/IQfrXh) 73% of all congress
  7. That's reassigning the gender of a plastic potato.
  8. You really think you're worthy of "anything else" but that??? The only embarrassing thing is the fact that you live in my country. Now GFY AH!!!
  9. Funny I haven't heard one lie yet. Todays Democrats. Historically, suppression of free speech is among the first outward actions taken by communists to bring a population under control. This is followed by limiting freedom of movement, identification papers and proof of loyalty. Eventually, historically, all totalitarian communist regimes resort to simply eliminating offenders. They have 'eliminated' over 150 million such 'offenders' in modern times. Their terms are, capitulate or die.
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