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  1. I don't think I've ever seen this kind of disgusting behavior over a president being elected in my whole life. Shows just how immature people on the left really are. Pathetic!!!
  2. O hell now their working on Kavanaugh's Impeachment. The H's are next, watch out Hillary.
  3. CRIMINAL PARTY???? Only in the eyes of an Idiot like you that always votes for Criminals Liars and Cheats. Criminals Liars and Cheats always think everyone else is a Criminal liar and cheat!!! And in your case the proof is in the pudding. How's that Race Baiting going for your Dumb Ass? benson13-12/08/2006 11:54:18 AM (#5 of 19) Fu.ck you N ass.hole. LMAO
  4. Lewandowski Mocks Sheila Jackson Lee’s ‘Rant’ Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski mocked Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s line of questioning during his appearance before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday, calling it “just a rant.” After Jackson Lee spewed accusations at length without asking Lewandowski a question, he told her, “Congresswoman, I’d be delighted to answer your question or you could just have a conversation by yourself, but if you’d like to ask me a question, I’ll be happy to answer it.” Jackson Lee continued until Chairman Jerry Nadler informed the room that her time had expired. “The witness may answer the question,” Nadler prompted Lewandowski, who noted, “I don’t believe there was a question, Congressman.” Jackson Lee insisted that there was, and when Lewandowski asked her to repeat it, she said, “I’d be happy to repeat the question.” “It was just a rant,” Lewandowski accurately added. Sheila Jackson Lee Over the course of her political career, Jackson Lee has earned a reputation for having both an entitlement mentality and a highly volcanic temper. According to the Daily Caller, the congresswoman’s toxic personality has caused her to have “one of the highest staff turnover rates in Washington.” Between 2001 and 2011, for instance, at least 39 of her staffers quit their jobs less than a year after they had been hired. To view a host of examples of incidents where Jackson Lee has egregiously mistreated her staffers and others,
  5. UN Says Climate Change Making Harder for Food to Grow Posted on August 13, 2019 by dustyk103 Liberal scientists say that global warming is making it harder for food to grow. Not that it’s harder to grow food because of dry conditions, but that it is harder for the food to grow. This backwards liberal thinking is the opposite of science. How they think the oceans can rise and the land dry out while the atmosphere gets warmer is as intellectually backwards and absurdly ignorant as one can get. There’s a vast gulf between what Democrats call truth and the scientific facts they say the right denies. As the Earth warms from the last glacial period, more land becomes arable as the temperate zones of the world expand. Look up those words and learn to understand them so that you are not so easily duped by people who claim to be scientists. Arable land means land that can be farmed to grow food. Temperate zones are climatic regions of the world where it is most pleasant to live, i.e. not too hot all the time like tropical zones, and not too cold like arctic zones. Even then, however, millions of people live in tropical zones because that it where the greatest rainfall occurs. As the planet warms there is more land that can be farmed for food. So how is it harder for food to grow? How do liberals explain their “science” that the climate can warm and there be less moisture in the atmosphere on a planet that is 70% water? The short answer is they can’t because they are ignorant. The long answer is that they don’t have the first clue how the climate works and that their capacity to understand climate change is as stupid as their belief is that they can predict the future. Liberals have zero understanding of how growing food works. They sit and eat their vegetarian meals while scorning those who eat meat, especially such animals as catfish that are “bottom feeders,” meaning they eat other fish’s poop. Do these boobs know what farmers use to fertilize their vegetables? Leftist’s solution to all things is always the same. More people should die off so that there are more resources for them. Does that sound like the plot of a recent movie and the bad guy’s motive for wiping out half of all life?
  6. Just another day with the leftist hater ricky retardo. Anything and everything the right does is wrong in his world. Of course he loves all those radical leftist judges that Obama put in that have literally been trying to destroy this country from within. benson13-7-30-2017 10:58am all you republiKan homophobes are Gay
  7. Yeah like the left and their fondness of atypical fools. We've already been laughing for years!!!
  8. https://twitter.com/Jasmyne/status/1172167272728686597/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1172167272728686597&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fexplainlife.com%2Fsick-hillary-clinton-donor-caught-in-ugly-prostitution-photo-16670%2F
  9. Hillary Clinton Donor Caught In Ugly Prostitution Photo Another major Democratic donor is engulfed in a shocking scandal involving prostitution, drugs, and black men dying — and his connection to the Clinton family makes the entire thing that much more sickening. Two young black men have been found dead in the past 18 months inside the apartment of Ed Buck, a 64-year-old white millionaire who has spent decades donating serious money to prominent Democrats — including both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Buck is well-known for allegedly using young, poor African-American men and exploiting them. Buck reportedly pays these young men to use dangerous amounts of drugs while he watches and engages in sexual acts with them when they are under the influence. And now the Daily Mail has released a photo of another African-American male entering Buck’s apartment in West Hollywood, California. In the photo below, a black male can be seen entering Buck’s apartment. The man can also be seen carrying a large quantity of paper towels and toilet paper while walking into Buck’s apartment. The photo was also shared on Twitter by political commentator Jasmyne Cannick, who has long been an advocate for Buck’s arrest. Cannick added in her tweets that Buck called the sheriff on the young male to have him removed from his apartment — which is supposedly what he does. . Cannick told the Daily Mail, “We know that Ed Buck has not changed his predatory behavior. We know this because the men he’s solicited have told us. Buck isn’t a small-time donor — he is a major political player for Democrats. Buck has donated over $116,000 in the last decade to Democrats — including $1,500 to former President Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns and $4,850 to Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 bid. But his donations aren’t the issue, it’s the fact that two black men have been found dead in his home after they were hired as prostitutes and allegedly died from crystal methamphetamine overdoses in his home.
  10. Yeah If I were him I'd find the most right wing conservative I could find. Really stick it to them on all the false accusations they put Kavanaugh though.
  11. Seems that way doesn't it? Talk about corrupt, seems their the embodiment of corruption.
  12. WAR ON REALITY. That should be the democrats new Motto.
  13. I don't know how these reckless clowns could persuade even 10 percent of voters to support them in a general election is a disturbingly sad commentary on the state of our electorate. Each candidate was more ridiculous than the next. Watching clips from the Democratic climate change marathon, I noticed how willing each candidate was to grovel and play dumb to retain favor with the crazy leftist base. And that should tell us all we need to know about how dangerous this party is for America. It was a painful spectacle to endure.
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