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  1. Leftists Have a Meltdown After Justice Sotomayor Claims Her Colleagues Are Biased
  2. Hilarious Wllco1.It was OK wasn't it when the court was Left but now righted it is a biased bunch.
  3. Yes the lefts Pandering to savages has always been the one policy choice that guarantees that things will get worse. Explain to us why a coward like yourself who openly spreads propaganda for the enemy is not tried for treason.
  4. Mr. useless himself. Typical accusing others of hate while spreading it him self. LMAO
  5. Soon we hope. I think they're propping her up till after the election hoping their going to win.
  6. Problem is the left can't stand any negativity about them. They run and hide especially beanie he'll give you his you're on Ignore routine.
  7. And perhaps you're just another fool like Beanie and actually believe all his BS Hate Propaganda that you so often blame others for, you Two face hypocritical ASS HOLE As for the fifth column remark nobody here represents that better than you and Beanie with your constant hatred of out president.
  8. The New York Times and The Daily Beast Aren't those the lefts Propaganda pages that lie all the time??? LMFAO When are you going to grow up String and stop acting like a GD fool?
  9. Supreme Court Votes 5-4 In Favor Of Trump Administration On Immigration Rule February 22, 2020 Carmine Sabia When President Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016 one of the main reasons conservatives came out to vote is to reshape the Supreme Court. Their votes have paid major dividends in the form of Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. The court has rendered many decisions in favor of conservatives and the Trump administration since, including a major one this week. The Supreme Court decided in a 5 – 4 ruling that the so called “wealth test” for new immigrants will be allowed in the last state where it had not taken effect, Illinois. Last month the court voted to lift an injunction imposed by a New York federal job that stopped the test from being applied nationwide, except for in Illinois where litigation was still pending. The ruling on Friday eliminates the hold in Illinois which means the rule will take effect nationwide on Monday. The so called “wealth test” will make it tougher for immigrants who are likely to rely on government benefits to get a green card. This is a win for all Americans left and right weather you think so or not. And Yes, one of the reasons I voted for Trump was the supreme court, the liberals in this country were getting out of control under Obama, we needed someone to stop them from further destroying our wonderful country. Thank you MR. President!!!
  10. Yes they have 20 idiots running against Trump and they're eating each other. Hilarious to watch. Especially funny watching beanie posting his photo shopped Lies. He's like a little kid with a new toy. It took him 15 years to finally figure out how to put pictures on a political board.
  11. benson13 Shaddddup TrailerTrash....you've been on IGNORE for 3 years Really? Like I give a SHIT. You're as stupid as they come AH!!!!
  12. Brennan needs to be tried for treason and hanged from a gibbet by his balls. That's about the size of it when it comes to democrats getting a pass on everything these days. That's exactly what they get...a free pass. Democrats are loaded with some of the most corrupt politicians in the country. Worse that the old Italian Mafia. At least the Mafia had some honor among thieves.
  13. Brennan is just another Lying Hack like you ASS HOLE!!! John Brennan Traveled to Ukraine With Fake Passport — To Research Trump Brennan reportedly traveled to Ukraine with a fake passport to dig dirt on Trump. Brennan has been leading the charge against President Trump since he entered office. Just this past weekend Brennan called on all the Deep State hacks to file reports based on hearsay and secondhand information to damage President Trump. *The Obama administration originally lied about Brennan’s visit, but they were forced later to admit the report was true after evidence of Brennan’s visit emerged.
  14. De Blasio is one of the worst mayors in the country! New Yorkers Blister De Blasio Over Rising Crime, Bail Reform In a town hall in Queens, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was lambasted by New Yorkers who are fed up with the rising crime rate, with his policies of neighborhood jails and homeless shelters, and with the state’s failed new “bail reform.” “I’m 56 years old, lived in this city my whole life, and you are the worst mayor that New York City has ever seen,” one resident stated. “Many people are being beaten, slashed, and hurt by criminals being released,” said another resident regarding Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new bail reform law, in the wake of which violent crime has risen. “New York City is becoming a crime city. Could you please get rid of bail reform to make our city safer?” “Forget bail reform. Bail reform is not working. Do you understand?” pleaded a resident. “I think you have no clue what goes on in regular people’s lives,” declared another. “Why don’t I feel safe Mr. Mayor?” De Blasio dismissed their concerns as the result of listening to “right-wing propaganda” and to people “whipping up fear.”
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