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  1. Cheering sick and dying Americans to own Trump is pretty sad!!!
  2. Cheering sick and dying Americans to own Trump.
  3. FU, turn on any tv station or go to any web site it's all negative BS blaming Trump for this disaster. You leftists are Morons. Pelosi and Schiff starting new investigation for what? Hatred of Trump. LMAO
  4. It's obvious you do, otherwise you wouldn't be here trying to convince yourself of your own Lies.
  5. You're full of it AGAIN!!! Cheering sick and dying Americans to own Trump is a sickness only those on the left enjoy. It's all you!!
  6. Let them celebrate the death and destruction as long as it lasts, they've had a bad 3 1/2 years of losing. And probably another 4 after this. TRUMP 2020!!!!!
  7. Get over yourself and wise up. Markos is just one more Trump hating moron like you that seems to make people say unbelievably stupid things. Markos: “Trump loves to be number one! Even if it's mass death. It's great for ratings! U-S-A! U-S-A!,” Markos tweeted with a screenshot of the number of Wuhan cases in the country. It’s sick. It’s despicable." Cheering sick and dying Americans to own Trump is quite the strategy and one that will keep making progressivism simply distasteful to most in this country and rightfully so. They’re awful people.
  8. And you're blaming Trump? Do you have any idea how stupid that is? No, because you're a wacko fruit Cake!!!
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