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    Trying to get Rightwing Extremists to see logic and reason is like stabbing yourself in the dick with razorblades.

    Except stabbing yourself in the dick with razorblades is more fun.

    What happened to the real conservatives? Your guys' party is overrun with hostile authoritarian identity politickers who attribute all of reality's ills to liberal/progressive thinkers.

    just do yourself a favor and join us over here on the left instead. you can keep your guns, promise.

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  1. I wish Al Franken would run, I think he's an amazing Democrat. I almost wanted to back Sen. Warren due to her charismatic love for the middle class and her eloquence, but I'm also a bit skeptical about Warren because she made a pretty penny flipping homes in the early 90s by buying them off of desperate people and reselling them for LOADS of profit -- and I find that extremely hypocritical given her numerous public quotes on how house flipping doesn't really work and is a parasitic way to make money (and yet that's where she gained a large portion of her wealth). But if Franken put his hat in the ring, I'd back him 1000000%. Pretty much fell in love with the man when he was the most prominent progressive (next to Sanders) who was absolutely hammering away at all of Donald Trumps confirmations with the questions we really wanted answers too. Plus his levity makes him affable and it's never a dull moment when he speaks!
  2. lmao, if you think jail provides quality healthcare than you obviously haven't been to jail. literally, every single medical problem you have in jail, nurses just prescribe you wellbutrin (maybe tylenol 3 if you're suffering from a stab or gunshot wound) or prescribe you an antifungal cream (even if you don't have athlete's foot). that's the extensive quality of care you can expect from your jail nurse. and that's if your medical kite even gets responded to within 72 hours.
  3. What makes a liberal? Well, someone who actually enjoys living in reality and who has a firm grasp of how to think logically when presented with a set of data. The truth tends to be liberal, numbers tend to be racist/liberal/politically correct/etc. (i'm just being sarcastic, but in a "Trump Conservative post-fact era" it sadly has some truth to it when you look at the rabid illogical fandom of diehard Trumpteers) Someone give this man a Pulitzer !
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