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  1. I'm not going to give up my second amendment right just to force someone else to not terminate a human life - that is already illegal but for some reason the dimocrats don't recognize that! They will face their crimes when they face their maker, in the mean time fuck 'em they are no better than Paddock who killed because he thought it was right....
  2. The Pig now owns the ACA

    Jezzus Crimminy! Please tell me you are more intelligent than the link that you posted... The personal cost reductions are still in place - now, if the insurance companies decide to raise rates because they no longer receive illegal graft payments then it's not the Presidents fault.
  3. The Pig now owns the ACA

    Listen moron - do you REALLY want me to post pictures of your idyllic "other foreign countries"???? Really??? If you wan't I will and you won't like it. Better yet - why don't you save me the trouble and just move the fuck there if those countries make you so God Damn happy!!!
  4. The Pig now owns the ACA

    Depends upon which subsidies you are talking about! What President Trump struck down was the insurance subsidies - the personal subsidies for the lower income people are still in place.
  5. The Pig now owns the ACA

    What mental retardation does the left have that doesn't allow them to realize that the failed ACA was 100% a democrat forced failed experiment! The sooner it's gone the better! What President Trump did was simply follow the LAW, which the failure of a president Zero fail to do! The ACA forces the middle class people to pay for the "Free Shit Army" peoples health insurance while not allowing them to afford the insurance THEY need! Barry Fuck Head Obama Care was a failure from the start and is still a failure to this day and will ALWYAS be owned by the moronic democrats! Go Trump! MAGA!!!
  6. A question for gun lovers and detractors

    Well - not according to the court!!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caetano_v._Massachusetts the Court began its opinion by stating that "the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding" and that "the Second Amendment right is fully applicable to the States".[6]
  7. A question for gun lovers and detractors

    Such ignorance I have never heard since the last president infested the oval office..... For home defense - If I only have my pistol I use it to fight my way to my shotgun, if I only have my shotgun I use it to fight my way to my rifle (and I have many of all). I also have a baseball bat, I use that tool for playing the game called baseball!!! I have firearms dedicated to self/home defense as well as firearms dedicated to hunting as well as firearms dedicated to target shooting. I realize that just because I enjoy the use of firearms for self defense, hunting, and target shooting, doesn't mean that everyone does. But, I have the constitutional right to do so!
  8. A question for gun lovers and detractors

    That 2nd allows me to protect my LIFE!!! The 2nd insures our LIBERTY. And since I enjoy target shooting as a hobby the 2nd allows my pursuit of happiness.
  9. A question for gun lovers and detractors

    I've been "a-hunting" for almost 50 years now. And Lord (or Satan) help the burglar that ever tries to enter my house while I'm there.....
  10. A question for gun lovers and detractors

    It's actually kind of strange. On the battlefield, the 5.56 NATO is a higher pressure round than it's civilian counterpart the .223 and as such SAAMI doesn't recommend it for use in civilian rifles not designed for it. But on the other hand, the civilian .308 Winchester is a higher pressure round than it's NATO counterpoint the 7.62x51.
  11. A question for gun lovers and detractors

    I prefer to use the latest and best "tool" for the job at hand. At the time the 2nd amendment was written, the flintlock was considered the "assault weapon". But times have progressed. A firearm is only a tool - in the hands of an evil person it will do evil things, in the hands of a good person it will do good things. Since CAETANO v. MASSACHUSETTS, I'm allowed to use whatever firearm I consider the for the job for me.
  12. A question for gun lovers and detractors

    Yes, but the Nato 5.56 cartridge is NOT the same as the .223 cartridge. The Nato 5.56 cartridge is a higher pressure cartridge and is not safe in a rifle that is only designed for the .223 - which is why you normally see the nomenclature .223/5.56 on AR-15's and you usually (but not always) only see .223 on the typical off-the-shelf bolt action rifle.
  13. A question for gun lovers and detractors

    They "look" the same, but the AR15 is semi-automatic and has no select fire capability (unless of course it's illegally modified). Actually, the military uses Nato 5.56 which is similar (a higher pressure round) but different than the .223. Never-the-less, don't tell that to all of the coyotes and deer that that I've downed with .223.
  14. A question for gun lovers and detractors

    Well, you can keep on using you flintlock if you like - no skin off my back....