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  1. Not paying taxes as decided by the supreme court making the mandate a tax.....
  2. Im about as confident he will be a great commander in chief of our military as Im as confident he knows the difference in rank between a naval and army captain.
  3. Well Dr Joe B I have read some of your stuff including post 12, I do agree with a lot of what ive read so far. I guess you helped answer why trump was elected to some degree. Personally I think he pulled the biggest con in history, I feel he will use his new power to better his personal and business interests ten fold. I also feel he could be blackmailed into promoting a lot of stuff he doesn't agree with just because of the lawsuits, business ties, and shady past. What about Trumps perspective cabinet,There are quite a few fringe people there? It is also disconcerting he used fear and hate to divide and conquer, I saw it alot when I lived In WI and thats partly how I feel bush 2 got reelected. It does seem a lot worse since citizens united though... Anyways I try to stay away from the bigger picture of things because it makes the average middle class person like myself feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things, unfortunately it seems like average middle class people feel the negative effect of a lot of policies.
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