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  1. For someone with a fuzzy little critter as your avator...you sure are a hateful lil' bitch!......WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.....insurance companies don't decide which MDs they want. Doctors refuse to attempt this worthless insurance plan.
  2. We meet again!...."LIES"....Who said...."If you like your doctor...you can keep your doctor"....???
  3. Hanging is too easy....I say put them all in the same cell nude, no food and they can cannibalize each other.
  4. Today, Liz wants to forgive up to 50k in student loan debt......I don't know about you but I can't wait for DEMS debates. They will ALL be competing against each other about all the "free" stuff they promise and the sheep will follow.....MUST WATCH TV!!
  5. KMode

    Trump will go DOWN...

    True....I was speaking of Presidents in my lifetime so far.
  6. KMode

    Trump will go DOWN...

    Sir...be careful!, Obama is black and you may be labeled as a "racist"....just saying!....LOL!!
  7. I would hope you invested wisely over the 50 years you worked and are wealthy. From the sound of it, you did not and rely on SS. So, in your mind it's better to become a "slave" of the gov't.
  8. "Lizzy Warren took an ax and gave Bernie forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave herself forty-one".
  9. as the 2nd "GREATEST" President in US history. Obviously, the "GREAT" Ronald Reagan is #1.
  10. Where is Special Counsel to investigate??? Oh, that's right....Obama needs Hillary to win election so all the corruption over the last 8 years will not be exposed. All of these corrupt cocksuckers are going down.....Get'EM MR. BARR!!
  11. You missed the point as usual. Let me try and educate you unlike College Profs do today. In a Capitalist economy, the key is "supply and demand". If you provide a service/product that is in high demand and are willing to work hard, most likely you will be successful. Not all companies are successful or make a profit for varies reasons and fail. You are correct that it requires capital it start a business. For the individual business owner, they take all the risk. For a publicly traded company, the investors take the risk. Your comment about "wage slavery", I assume you don't work because you don't want to be a "slave"? WOW!...that's a sad way to look at hard working Americans that provide for themselves/family.
  12. Buy NOW!....prices will triple leading up to election, especially if DEM leading in Polls.....you can turn around and sell making great $$$....now, that's Capitalism!!
  13. Let me try and make this as simple as possible.......You are on the street giving head, your client bust a nut and hands you $20 dollar bill.....Bingo, you provided a service and was compensated for it.....that's Capitalism.
  14. It is also providing goods/service in exchange for form of compensation. Bernie is not in DC doing his job but still making his salary.....sounds like a great gig.