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  1. No I do know shit - her name was Hillary Agreed - Let's give the guy a chance. It would be impossible for anyone else to be worse than Hillary, other than a Barack Hussein third term. You are mistaking swamp for a beautiful lake. Even the most beautiful of lakes can contain some algae and invasive species - Trump will get rid of that as needed.
  2. 50 years from now, the best players on the game show Jeopardy won't know who Hillary Clinton is.
  3. http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-transition-christie-pence-2016-11 Trump just shuffled his transition team Donald Trump is already displaying his superb skills as an administrator and judge of talent which enabled him to build a fantastic company, run a successful campaign, and he will do the same for our country. Trump used these skills to shuffle around or fire his campaign coordinators before settling on the right combination that helped him win the presidency. He is loyal to his staff only to the point of their competency and ability to get the job done. Otherwise they will b
  4. Bill Clinton seemed like the happiest person in the room, during Hillary's concession speech this morning. I'm sure, considering his age and condition, he had no interest in being his wife's lackey. So congratulations to Bill Clinton.
  5. Where are all the liberals tonight? My guess is busy burning all their "I Love Hillary" posters and signs.
  6. Thanks a lot, Now i can't get that damn song out of my head.
  7. Latest MSNBC news poll It's Wednesday and Hillary is up by 10 points.
  8. Old style liberals don't bother me, but too many of today's so-called liberals are actually leftists. Leftists do bother me.
  9. It was tough to give a fair chance to an America hating president with an America hating wife. Like him or not, we all know that Trump loves our country, and that's a good start.
  10. Trump will be the best thing that ever happened to the inner city poor. You wait and see. Within four years, a good number of them will be rising up to the middle class, and hopefully beyond that.
  11. Great speech. I hope liberals give President Trump a fair chance.
  12. Wow, we actually did it. It was great to see the majority of the American electorate realize that we needed a change, and that Donald Trump was the right person for the job of President of the United States. Trump gave an excellent victory speech. There is now a lot of opportunity available in our country for all Americans, and we each need to take advantage of it. We've got a winner in the White House and his name is Donald Trump. Trump has boundless energy and enthusiasm for our country. I have no doubt that he will put a great team together, delegate responsibility, and not only tak
  13. The Case for Donald Trump: His Businesses, His Character, and the Nuclear Button Article from stephen50right Donald Trump is one of those opportunities for leadership who comes around once in a lifetime, and we simply cannot pass him by. Hillary Clinton on the other hand is at best a dime a dozen type of politician, and frankly, she isn't even worth that. She is truly a pathetic, corrupt, leaderless type of person, who is totally unfit to be President of the United States by any reasonable standard. First of all, about the charge that Trump was a “stiff” with his bankruptcies. The
  14. There is airline ticket documentation, recently released, that Hillary joined Bill on these trips at least six times. That only means one thing, that they both fond of cavorting with underage girls. http://www.fury.news/2016/11/weiners-emails-expose-huge-pedophile-ring-washington-dc-hillary-prosecuted-pedophilia/
  15. The bottom line is that liberals would starve to death if it wasn't for conservatives and independents. They wouldn't know how to build anything or feed themselves. They need us to survive, we don't need them at all.
  16. The two favorite books of the new generation of liberals are The Communist Manifesto and Alice in Wonderland.
  17. If reading the RICO statutes, the Clintons could very possibly be charged for RICO type crimes under some of the guidelines.
  18. I'm just glad I never met Manson and mispronounced his last name. His pickaxe may have come out for me. BTW: Charley for years used to hang out with a quite a number of Hollywood liberals - they were his friends.
  19. What an original insult - good for you. Sorry, but I don't play the potty mouth insult game, especially with liberals, they are too skilled at it.
  20. Yes because Obama/Hillary style socialism worked so well for Venezuela. Actually it worked okay in Venezuela just as long as you don't mind being without some things such as food, toilet paper, money, etc.
  21. Cowardly Republicans in congress did not impeach Obama for one reason and one reason only - they feared black rioting in the inner cities. There will be no fear with impeaching Crooked Hillary Clinton. Perhaps those in Marion Prison will riot after seeing one of their own fellow criminals being impeached - LOL
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