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  1. I don't know who I am going to vote for, but I know who I am not going to vote for and that is your Bad wording crap head god trump. End of story
  2. Why must we combat Iranian terrorism in Israel? Why can't they do it themselves? Oh! I forgot they want us to fight their battles
  3. " In 1972, the Democratic Party changed its scheduling, and Iowa became the first state to hold its caucus. The resulting attention for the Democrats was great enough that the Republican Party also made Iowa first in the 1976 election, and since then, Iowa's importance has grown each election cycle." Makes no difference to me since I am not a member of any party
  4. I will bet that you would be proud to get your MAGA prayer mat out and kow-tow towards Trump 6 times a day.
  5. Wrong!. Cons hate free speech and the constitution. Good example is your god trump who hates free speech.
  6. Say that in front of an Aussie and you might be picking your teeth off the floor
  7. 27.7K people are talking about this like most of trumps supporters, they are brain dead
  8. Trump wants a war to help him get elected. In 2011 Trump said Obama would start a war to get elected (he didn't start a war). Now Trump is doing it. He wants a war. he wants to get people killed. Guess it would make him feel good.
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