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  1. I think I will send him a not so nice card addressed to Moscow Mitch
  2. He is that stupid. There is no "if" about it
  3. Unfortunately too many stayed home and thus we got Trump
  4. There is no proof of that. Drug addicts are composed of all political, religious, social groups
  5. Venice flooding at historic levels, spurred by climate change https://www.usatoday.com › story › news › world › 2018/10/31 › italy-flood... Oct 31, 2018 - Venice's location on Italy's northeastern coast has already left it vulnerable to the effects of sea-level rise from climate change. The average water height in Venice has increased nine inches since 1897.
  6. That will probably only slow them down for a short while. Others will take over the leadership of al-Qaida. It will be very hard to eliminate them completely.
  7. The small dick cons can only wish they had big dicks
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