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  1. What you didn't mention is that he has had some mental problems. How convenient of you not to mention that.
  2. Sure we have a billionaire president and a billionaire fuck up
  3. You won't find a statue of Hitler in Germany. Even the house he was born in was destroyed by the Germans. What the cons do not want to admit is that these statues are not about honoring states rights or the confederate dead. Most of the statues were put up between 1890 and 1930 and were meant to blot out the sin of slavery and treason that the south created
  4. No one understands him, be them cons or libs Don't know about him being a Nazi, but incoherent babbler---YES
  5. That's bull shit from Trump. 20,000 + demonstrators pro strong Boston, anti fascist
  6. Breitbart TV

    You must have got it at trump university.LOL