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  1. When Trump took office he said he would surround himself with the best people. He did do that ----the best crooks.
  2. He will continue to spout his stupid comments. it will be interesting to see what is in the report, assuming the complete report is released and released do all Americans.
  3. True trump said that, but due to his history of laying, he would rather have it not
  4. You should apologize for being a lying sack of Bad word
  5. Where did I ever say that Answer the question
  6. Likewise if someone wearing a MAGA hat threatens me or my family I reserve the right to kill the MF
  7. The full report probably will not be released. I suspect the Attorney General will only release a summary which would eliminate certain aspects of the report which would be damaging to the administration. The full report should be released to the American citizenship.
  8. Should shoot the crap up trumps ass
  9. Expulsion is necessary and any school official who was part of the cheating scam should be terminated
  10. She is as deranged as her boss emperor trump
  11. The only sack of pig sh*it is you bitch
  12. That's laughable coming from trump Cons believe that is fake news--they don't believe it