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  1. Supply/Demand have you rednecks EVER taken an Economic Course? Oh that's right...you HATE Education....never mind
  2. And another one.... GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry charged with lying to FBI about campaign contributions The nine-term Republican from Nebraska said in a YouTube video Monday evening that he expected to be indicted and proclaimed his innocence. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/gop-rep-jeff-fortenberry-charged-lying-fbi-about-campaign-contributions-n1281927
  3. The party of the trumpVIRUS, Russian HACKING, Russian "Deals", Watergate, Silverado Savings & Loan, Arming Iraq, Arming Iran, Lying to Congress and Arming the Contras, Allowing 9-11 by doing nothing despite all the LOUD WARNINGS, Creating the Taliban, Creating Al-Qaeda, Lying America and its Allies into Iraq and Creating ISIS, Outing a CIA Agent, Haliburton, Katrina, 13 Benghazis, Kenny Boy/Enron Trickle Down, Tax Cuts for the Top 1%, Recessions, Depressions, Foxaganda, Hate Radio, Southern Strategy, Racism.....talk about lies & crimes..
  4. America isn't running out of everything just because of a supply-chain crisis. America is running out of everything because Americans are buying so much stuff. https://www.yahoo.com/news/america-isnt-running-everything-just-205900297.html
  5. Overcrowding in recent weeks has prompted park officials to launch online reservation systems at places like Maine's Acadia National Park, Montana's Glacier National Park, Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park and Zion Natural Park in Utah. In locations without reservation systems, parkgoers say they've discovering few to no parking spaces, along with 4-hour wait times to enter. CBS News
  6. both of them are Lying sacks of shit....that shouldn't have been within 1000 miles of the WH WTF were you rednecks thinking???????????????
  7. Prez Moron commenting on his Jan 6th Mob he instigated.... "why do they all look like such Low Lifes?"
  8. Multiple colleagues mentioned Hale-Cusanelli's "Hitler mustache" to investigators. "Among them was a supervisor, who said Hale-Cusanelli was admonished because of it," the newspaper reported. "One sailor told investigators that he heard Hale-Cusanelli say that if he were a Nazi, 'he would kill all the Jews and eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and he wouldn't need to season them because the salt from their tears would make it flavorful enough,' according to the court filing."
  9. The U.S. Army demoted reservist Timothy Hale-Cusanelli from sergeant to private and gave him an other-than-honorable discharge after a dozen years of service, The Washington Post reported Wednesday. "An Army reservist charged in the Justice Department's sweeping investigation of the U.S. Capitol riot was quietly demoted and discharged earlier this year, becoming the first known service member to be forced out of the military after officials learned of an alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection," the newspaper reported, citing personnel records reviewed and the former soldier's lawyer. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2021/10/20/capitol-riot-timothy-hale-cusanelli/
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