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  1. Actually Harry....it reminds me of Nixon getting all Environmental after he knew he was caught..quite the turnaround from him
  2. Everyone knows the ConMan said it... and WAS TRYING TO COVER HIS FAT AZZ...a day or two LATE
  3. and the rednecks fall for all their Criminals partys BS again and again.... ""WHAT CAN I SAY....STUPID PEOPLE LOVE ME""
  4. You've chosen to ignore content by 123urout You've chosen to ignore content by 123urout You've chosen to ignore content by 123urout
  5. ""EVERYONE WAS IN ON THE DEAL"" The headline is that Gordon Sondland, one of the three amigos, perhaps the one who had the most direct contact with Donald Trump, says in his opening statement, ‘Was there a quid pro quo with regard to the requested White House call and White House meeting? The answer is yes.'” “After further recounting Sondland’s testimony, Wallace declared that “there seems to be no doubt whatsoever among the people who are closest, and I thought Sondland made a very powerful argument — it wasn’t just the three amigos, it was Secretary of State Pompeo, it was Vice President Pence … Mick Mulvaney, John Bolton, that they were all on the same page and they all understood that the President wanted this announcement of these investigations before he was going to agree, at the very least to a meeting, and there’s also the question of the military aid. He couldn’t have been more clear about that,” Wallace continued.
  6. ques....are you rednecks watching the same testimony everyone else is????
  7. I think Chris Wallace is trying to pull a Shep....or maybe he's getting a message from his Dad...."Be Honest"
  8. “I want nothing, I want nothing, I want no quid pro quo.” ... You're supposed to say this BEFORE you get caught, otherwise it doesn't mean shiit..
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