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  1. MidnightMax said: Poor thing. Why can't anyone own up to the fact that guns have been here since the founding of our country and nobody went and shot up schools? It wasn't until our broken American culture stopped teaching the sanctity of life and respect for it? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We're 5% of the Worlds Population and have +50% of all the guns...what could possibly go wrong Thanks gop...and your Owners the nra
  2. doesn't matter to the gop and their Owners the nra what 80% of America wants.....its ALL ABOUT $$$$$ and Contributions
  3. The NRA won't like this

    well said!! 'Since our stupid paid-for Senators and Representatives won't do anything about this, we should do it ourselves. Re-write the 2nd Amendment so it's clearer. Get rid of the idiotic language about not infringing and specify more detail about the "well-regulated" part. We are never going to change this as long as our weapons industry is paying off our "representatives".'
  4. I'm STILL laughing.....LMFAO! Duck615 said: God - Family - Country in that order
  5. The NRA won't like this

    just words...his Uneducated redneck base would have a fit
  6. We are a violent society 2014-Japan 6 gun deaths....U.S. almost 34,000 the gop is OWNED by the nra
  7. Over 1/3 of his admin has had to quit in Disgrace..
  8. School Shootings have been Normalized in America..guns, guns guns... Florida Massacre: Hero Teacher Left Fiancée Funeral Instructions if he Died in a Shooting The teacher who was killed as he protected students in the Florida shooting last week left his fiancée specific funeral instructions if he were ever to die in a school shooting. Speaking at his funeral Sunday, Gwen Gossler said Scott Beigel, 35, once told her while they were watching news coverage of a previous school shooting that he wanted her to tell the truth about who he was if he died in the same way. “Promise me if this ever happens to me, you will tell them the truth—tell them what a jerk I am, don’t talk about the hero stuff,” Gossler said the New York Post reported. “OK, Scott, I did what you asked. Now I can tell the truth. You are an amazingly special person. You are my first love and my soulmate.’’ Scott Beigel was shot died while providing refuge to numerous students during the Florida shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday afternoon. Beigel, who was a geography teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, unlocked his classroom to let in students during the attack. He was then fatally shot by the alleged killer Nicolas Cruz as he tried to lock the door again to keep the students safe. Over 350 family members, friends, students and colleagues attended his funeral on Sunday at Temple Beth El in Boca Raton, Florida. The Long Island Native reportedly studied education at the University of Miami in Coral Gables and lived in South Florida after he graduated, according to his obituary in the Sun Sentinel. Last Wednesday afternoon, an assailant, later idtified as Cruz, stormed Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with an assault rifle, and fatally shot at least 17 people and injured 14 others. A picture is slowly forming of the suspected shooter, who was arrested shortly after the incident and taken to Broward Health North hospital in Pompano Beach briefly before being transferred to the Broward Sheriff’s headquarters. Broward Sheriff Scott Israel confirmed that Cruz was a former student at the school who was expelled last year for unknown "disciplinary reasons." According to Cruz’s attorneys, the teenager has been on suicide watch since his arrest and is reportedly “sad and remorseful.” One of the attorneys said Cruz had the mental state of a “child.” “What was relayed to me was ‘He is such a child,’” Gordon Weekes, a chief assistant for Broward County’s public defenders office, told the Sun Sentinel. “That’s the impression our attorneys are getting.” Authorities have not indicated a motive for the shooting. This article was first written by Newsweek More from Newsweek John Oliver Says ‘F**k Your Thoughts And Prayers’ After Florida Shooting Florida Kids Will March On Washington To Shame Adult Politicians A Florida Christian School Scrubs Plan to Give Away Rifles At A Fundraiser After Parkland Shooting
  9. ROTFLMFAO!....Now this is FUNNY!!!!....those "Real Americans" Duck615 said: God - Family - Country in that order
  10. the POS has attacked everyone BUT Russia his BFFs and Criminal buddies..
  11. "Sorry you don't want to protect yourself and your family" we don't live in Shiit Holes....we can afford not to, unlike you rightwing Hicks
  12. Google republiKlan "Wife Cheaters" and I wonder why they're always the Bigest Finger Pointers....kinda like all the gop Draft Dodgers LOVE their Wars.....as long as they or their Family Members don't have to fight in them