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  1. FOOL...."" I am busy "" doing what?....writing to all your TrailerTrashed republiKlan cousins telling them about the most important job you've ever had in your life???? this one
  2. ""If a low-IQ, jackass like you has anything to say about who stays or goes on this site, then it's not a site worth bothering with"" Love it Perse...you always say volumes in very few words....all the non rednecks are feeling this way
  3. hey FOOL....what happened to that other pic of you with 'your gun' ????...LMAO Love how you little rednecks love to play badass tough guy...bet you're 5'2" and weigh 300#.....with Zits
  4. F off will ya "mr important'....I got better things to do than go back & forth with you....you remind me of 123Child and FECES615
  5. I have you redneck F.....BUT.....I will refuse to if I see any of your Brainless rednecks that aren't...like today I could care less about your little room thats shrinking
  6. comply with what AZZWIPE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. the RoomFOOL ""Whatever his failure was"" a long List....but start here FOOL Former pandemic team leader details the damage Trump did by kneecapping our response capability And here’s what her former team would have worked on, had they been allowed to keep their jobs:
  8. what are you feeling like?.....your typical Uneducated AZZHOLE redneck republiKLAN self???
  9. "Are you even aware there are new NHB rules? Have you read them?" I sure did....ps...I can't wait to show you my new ""signature""....you're going to LOVE IT!!!!!
  10. and with less and less people coming in here, you're going to OWN NOTHING soon great investment....LMFAO!!!!!
  11. 1 more thing AZZWIPE.....its not spamming, you and your redneck buddies just don't like the truth and what I have to say about THE WORST PREZ EVER
  12. Fill me in JerkOFF.....where have I been spamming and where your Uneducated redneck friends haven't and tell me 1 more thing....How in the hell did YOU get job as a Moderator?????????????????????...its like President Moron being in charge
  13. TRILLIONS WASTED..again with the gops FAILED TRICKLE DOWN for the Corp's and Top 1% while the Middle Class pays for it
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