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  1. """Adapt or die....""" says the party that wants Profits over the Earth's well being
  2. you Ignorant rednecks don't know anything about Iran I think you hate them because they don't have redneck sh*t music, all-star wrestling, and nascar
  3. I remember so many of the Companies/Corp's leaving America during senile rayguns years....my hometown almost shutdown because of that Idiot and he's your Invented "God"
  4. someone OTHER than this POS should tackle this dilema....everyone hates this Ignorant AZZHOLE
  5. ^^^^whatever thats supposed to mean.......???
  6. """ just recommission a ww2 battleship """ another Brilliant move by senile raygun...."The Father Of Our National Debt" Why America's Battleships Will Never Make a Comeback | The ... nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/why-americas... It cost the U.S. Navy $1.7 billion in 1988 dollars to put four battlewagons back in service during the Reagan naval buildup. That comes to about $878 million per hull in 2017 dollars . Donald Trump : Bring Back the Battleships !!! - Page 3 ... www.tapatalk.com/groups/warships1discussion... Reagan famously recommissioned the World War II-era Iowa-class battleships to try and meet his 600-ship Navy goal. “The difference between the ships in the fleet and the ships in mothballs is the technology is two or three generations removed from what’s in use today,” Clark said.
  7. what a wonderful life you must lead as an Uneducated redneck republiKlan Racist from Hell
  8. ^^^^^^the Perfect republiKLAN...1 of those "Real Americans" as Foxaganda for Idiots calls their Flock of DUMB bigsky remember when they had Obama on the cover of that magazine.....it was in the outhouse and after I wiped my ass with it it didn't look any different..... filthy ni66ers... bigsky when Obama was in there he kept it in ghetto shape.....roaches and sh it....chicken bones under the sofas.......chitlin grease in the ducts......despicable.....we cant ever allow filth like that to inhabit the white house again bigsky Obama left the white house in fu cking disrepair.....he infested it with roaches and the grease buildup in the kitchen ducting was atrocious....he is a filthy person to want to live in conditions like that and an ass hole for disrespecting the peoples house like that...and yes, there were chicken bones under the sofa......so what again did I say that was racist? the truth? fu ck you dip sh it
  9. bigTURD....tell us all you know about Iran...lets see if it takes you more than 2 lines to do it
  10. How bout everyone with the exception of the Fake 'journalists' over at Foxaganda for redneck Idiots
  11. one of your POS's Biggest Fans....dick "the snake" cheney does that tell you anything? He has another redneck rally coming up Tues....its going to be Hilarious!!!
  12. sounds like 1 of his redneck rallys.....It's just another day and more of Twitler's greatest hits. Fake news witch hunt no obstruction no collusion. The old tired lounge act is really getting Bad wording exhausting....He's a broken record. This Moron just lives to pizz and moan. Drop dead already azzhole