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  1. kfools said: If your vaccine works so well why do you care if other people don't take it? ^^^^another republiKlan Fucking IDIOT
  2. trump LOVED his redneck rallys....the ONLY place people gathered that were as dumb as he was
  3. The orange asshole is still pissed -off that the Nationals fans booed his fat ass out of the park a few years back so he doesn't like MLB now
  4. Trump called on his supporters to boycott Major League Baseball games, but so far it's looking like the latest in his long list of failed boycott campaigns. "With close games, exciting star performances & 2 no-hitters to begin the season, MLB.TV registered the most-watched 18-day period in its 20-season history, including the 7 most-watched days ever," the league announced in a tweet. "Fans have already watched over 1.34 billion minutes of live games." Similar calls to boycott companies such as Delta and Coca Cola have been similarly unsuccessful so far, as both companies' share prices hav
  5. Abrams spoke with 18 current and former OAN staffers, 16 of whom said the network airs reports that are “misleading, inaccurate or untrue.” Golingan told Abrams he at first thought OAN was “scrappy” when he joined it, but that opinion changed as time went by. “The majority of people did not believe the voter fraud claims being run on the air,” he told Abrams talking about his coworkers. Golingan said he was taken aback when he saw a picture of the Jan. 6 insurrection showing a flag with the OAN logo on it; “I was like, OK, that’s not good. That’s what happens when people listen
  6. One America News has fired Marty Golingan, who told us most staffers don't think many of OAN's stories are true. “I’ve given up my journalistic integrity already, and to be fired, that would make me feel good,” he had told me. “I would wear it like a badge of honor.”
  7. Anyone with half a brain (that's you Foxaganda Idiots & Qanon nutcases) knows that trump & his campaign colluded with Putin & Russia. Collusion is such a non-treasonous sounding word for treason
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