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  1. you and f'n raygun...what are you...a raygun historian from Foxaganda???? the senile sob was as cluless as bush and tramp
  2. the damage Tramp and the gop will do will be = to that of bush/cheney these AHs that stayed home or didn't vote for Hillary is who I blame The most Important thing we can do IS KEEP THE GOP OUT OF POWER
  3. "Trump has a roaring economy" No....he doesn't....He's handing the Corporations Trillions, and its being reflected in the Dow and you'll be paying for it
  4. "Someone like Trump was supposed to be stopped, and wasn't" because Bernies 1st time voters weren't going to get everything for free, so stayed home and we got this POS
  5. at least with ObamaCare 20 Million Americans got Health Coverage....gop tax cuts 98% of the Country gets F'd
  6. Make sure you stay home on Election Night!! Lets put this POS in the WH again Dumbass!!
  7. HORSLEY: Reagan famously did cut taxes, sharply, in his first year in office. But as former Senator Alan Simpson, who co-chaired the fiscal commission, was quick to remind Norquist, that's only half the story. (R)ALAN SIMPSON: Ronald Reagan raised taxes 11 times in his administration. I was here. I was here. I knew him. Better than anybody in this room. He was a dear friend and a total realist as to politics. HORSLEY: Simpson's recollection is spot on, says historian Douglas Brinkley, the editor of Reagan's diaries. DOUGLAS BRINKLEY: Ronald Reagan was never afraid to raise taxes. He knew that it was necessary at times. And so there's a false mythology out there about Reagan as this conservative president who came in and just cut taxes and trimmed federal spending in a dramatic way. It didn't happen that way. It's false.
  8. Moore...what a swell guy LMAO the PERECT republiKlan....and from the perfect state