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  1. The only "president" who demands his staffers sign NDA's is the same one who demands transparency? Sure, makes a LOT of sense there mr tramp!!.
  2. Tramp says his WH the most transparent IN HISTORY!!!!!!! right...Transparency... Tax returns?.... Helsinki Summit?....., Kim Meet?..... And on and on and on and on.....
  3. as Crazy as his redneck voters
  4. "Wasn't the first picture like 2 hours before? The second was at the beginning of the ceremony?" the left is the POS's Inaug....the right is President Obamas
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    reminds me of this one...
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    Xav The NYT is NOT FAILING. It is making money and it is the generally recognized Newspaper of record for the US all over the plane and thats why the republiKlans hate it
  7. I just wanna see that Fat Lying F**K shamed out of the White House....the way raygun and bush should have been
  8. Trump declares White House 'most transparent in history' and the rednecks will say it is....
  9. just saw it on Yahoo....LMFAO!!!
  10. the rats running off the sinking ship...I love it!!