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  1. Also remember the CHIP program was passed in 1997 when both the House and Senate were in Republican hands. She is well-respected by Republican legislators, although they may (or may not) admit it publically.
  2. She does. We should work to turn the Senate Democratic, and make inroads in the House.
  3. Maybe you don't want us Jews either? Reading this thread is disappointing. I feel some of you have wandered from the moral path.
  4. I've often wondered how in a country of great culture like Germany how a man like Adolf Hitler came to power. While I don't believe Trump is the same sort of monster, exactly, I do think we are seeing how a dangerous demagogue can rise in a democracy. And how many Trumpist seem just like "good Germans" in excusing every outrageous thing this man has to say. I'm happy, at least, in seeing he will fail.
  5. She helped get the Children's Health Insurance Program passed in 1997 against overwhelming odds, and that program as helped more than 8 million children have health insurance coverage and care. I'm convinced sh will accomplish much good. She is smart, compassionate, and hard working.
  6. Of course, this is a fraud that has been exposed repeatedly by many, including snopes: http://www.snopes.com/margaret-sanger-weeds/
  7. It will be important to beat this guy badly, so they never do this again.
  8. Maybe they should also help people who are still fighting the Civil War to grow up? On second thought...lost causes are lost causes.
  9. I hope this letter resonates with responsible Republicans. I grew up in a Democratic home, but we always had Republican friends who were people with principles. Today's Republican party, and Trump especially, is very worrisome to me. Something is very wrong.
  10. Yes, most of the doctors I've know (a lot) have been really fine people. A few schmucks, but they've been the aberration. For my dad, his medical practice has always been infused very consciously with the spirit of tikkun olam.
  11. A good brush will keep both you and the lab much happier. Cooler for her, less shed hair for you to deal with inside the house.
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