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  1. You're a major loser. My god, have some dignity.
  2. He's rubbing your nose in shit, you pathetic loser.
  3. you're a serious idiot. I mean, clinically.
  4. bluedog , you have to be the biggest pussy I've every seen have some dignity, you fucking loser
  5. Please keep attacking liberals on your website called, "www.liberalforum.org." You're hilarious
  6. I know. Why the forum is devolving fast. Good. Just you right wingers.
  7. Just change the website so it does not say, "liberalforum.org."
  8. This forum is about -456 in popularity. And dropping.
  9. Wrong stupid. I never tried to post there.
  10. Hey stupid. I never once used the "liberals only" forum. My god, I really don't miss the utter stupidity of you morons
  11. kfools is good at sinking his own ship
  12. Forum imploding exactly as I expected.
  13. Basic marketing principle. If you advertise a product which not fit the actual product, people will stop buying it. If you call your website "www.liberalforum.org" and attack all the liberals, people will see the fraud and leave.
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