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  1. They do not give a fukk about life. They only care about their ideology.
  2. I'm sick of these self righteous slobs. Wahhh wahhhh wahhhh abortion. No other ethical issue they care about. Fukk them.
  3. Why should every event of a guy jizzing in a girl produce a baby? Civilization means we are not victims of nature.
  4. Never heard that one. Care to cite a source for that claim? It's common, so should be easy.
  5. Of course they do not. It's all theoretical to them.
  6. I'm bored with you stupid people. Blabber all you want.
  7. you guys are stupid. you antiabortion obsessives don't give a fukk about ethics
  8. I never thought abortion was immoral. So, don't waste your time with that position with me.
  9. Ok. don't have an abortion. problem solved
  10. And drinkers did not think drinking was immoral during prohibition. What is your point?
  11. What does abortion have to do with slavery?
  12. No relation; arbitrary. There is the logical flaw.
  13. Sorry. What the fukk does slavery have to do with abortion?!
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