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  1. Trump thinks Saudi Arabia is an important ally. You disagree?
  2. Why keep posting when you don't believe it's worth discussing the topic?
  3. Quit whining like a fukking sissy. Start your own thread instead of crying like a little baby.
  4. Khashoggi was a legal resident. Not a full citizen but due protection nonetheless. Where it happened is not the issue. The fact President Trump has been reluctant to condemn it is the issue.
  5. trivial. find something important to discuss and I may respond
  6. No, just not affected by FOX hysteria.
  7. Couldn't care less. Like I said, just some FOX nonsense making people hysterical.
  8. Saying no one cares about FOX.
  9. If FOX didn't tell you guys to get hysterical about antifayou wouldn't even know about it.
  10. CIA Director is going there to help the Saudi's cover up the murder.