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  1. The OP was specific regarding the "tracker", try to keep up. Must get tiring moving those goalposts!
  2. It most definitely was NOT yesterday. Perhaps it is back, yes I see it now. It is definitely not on the website home page.
  3. Did you see it on the TV broadcast or the Home page? Are you that obtuse to not understand the point. So now it is buried in the website whereas for the past 7 months it has been front and center on TV and online. Just be intellectually honest.
  4. Nice try (not really). You had to drill down to get to that. I was referring to the TV broadcast not literally showing the ticker constantly AND having it top of the HOME PAGE. But you knew that, didn't you?
  5. Coincidence? LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly as expected and predicted by anone with common sense.
  6. The story has too many holes to pass the sniff test of reputable news outlets. Deal with it Yeah but Trump called soldiers "losers and suckers" right? No "holes" in that story right? Here we have physical evidence, first hand eyewitness with contemporaneous corroborating evidence but that has "too many holes"? Yes perhaps there are some "holes". Real journalists would attempt to "fill" those "holes". Come on, can't you be intellectually honest on an anonymous forum?
  7. ...and I am certain that you lapped up the Atlantic story regarding Trump calling soldiers "losers and suckers". Who are you going to believe, the MSM or your lying eyes. Cognitive dissonance is not becoming young lady.
  8. Amazing. A democrat donor, Naval officer and business partner of Biden goes on the record with corroborating physical evidence and FIRST HAND eyewitness accounts and we get a total blackout. Frankly we shouldn't be surprised, unfortunately.
  9. But one example of many. How about the "Trump called our soldiers losers and suckers" story sourced anonymously while at the same time having a couple of dozen named eyewitnesses on the record contradicting. Despite all of that, the "losers and suckers" story continues to be told by Biden, Harris et al as if it were established fact.
  10. So what does that mean as a policy matter? How will the policies be different. What, specifically, would be done differently? We keep hearing about this "plan" that Biden has, what is it?
  11. What about on-the-record first hand eyewitness with corroborating evidence? Does that matter?
  12. There is a first-hand eyewitness that has met with Biden and has gone on the record. This is someone named in the emails, someone that was hired by the Bidens. Yet, the MSM will go with an anonymously sourced story about Trump calling our soldiers losers etc. at the same time having dozens of people on the record contradicting the anonymous sources. This story is now thrown around as established "fact". Yet a story with names, dates, emails and on-the-record witnesses with corroborating evidence is treated as "nothing to see here". Can a single liberal be ho
  13. Remember back in February, March and April when the prominent democrats were making contemporaneous suggestions as to Covid control? Neither do I. Do they really think no one would have died if Biden was POTUS?
  14. Hunter DID work for Burisma. Even Joe Biden acknowledges that. Joe Biden was in charge of US policy toward Ukraine, this we also know for a fact. These two things will not change. At best, this is an appearancwe of impropriety,
  15. I assume this is a rhetorical question. Of course they are biased and the bias only goes in one direction. Has there been a single presidential debate where the moderators were not biased against Trump or the Republicans? I say no moderators.
  16. Yes it is their site. At least it appears that there is a general acknowledgement of what they are doing.
  17. Scalia was unanimously confirmed. Times change. Garland. Sow the wind...reap the whirlwind. The "breeze" is blowing with the 3rd SCOTUS appointment by President Trump, Amy Coney Barret. I love this type of "payback". Give us more! Can you be honest and acknowledge that a democrat president and senate would do the EXACT SAME THING that is happening now? If, God forbid, the democrats won the senate, would they give a Trump nominee a hearing? Don't think so.
  18. post Garland theft.... a whole new ballgame. stand by for some serious reprecussions. Remember when Republicans tried to stop Sotomayor and Kagan? Neither do I.
  19. Kennedy was nominated more than 11 months before the 1988 election... and, the Senate confirmed Kennedy unanimously - even though the senate was held by democrats. Joe Biden was the chair of the judiciary committee who gave a REPUBLICAN president a SCOTUS justice in the last year of his presidency. Sad that Mitch couldn't be as gracious to Obama as Biden was to Reagan. Payback is a bitch. Interesting how you only cite one example. Secondly, payback is indeed a bitch. Can you say "Bork"? What "payback" is happening now?
  20. history does not bear that out..... and, beyond that... the numbers of SCOTUS justices who have been OVERWHELMINGLY confirmed by HUGE majorities of both parties does not bear that out. Really? Amazing how quickly SOME of these appointments were confirmed. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/10/12/fact-check-supreme-court-nomination-during-voting/5880544002/ " 1988: President Ronald Reagan nominated Justice Anthony Kennedy on Nov. 30, 1987. The Senate confirmed Kennedy on Feb. 3, 1988. 1940: President Franklin Roosevelt nominated Justice Fra
  21. Yet Twitter doesn't ban anonymously sourced stories, that have named sources contradicting those claims. The whole "military are kisers and suckers" nonsense. Hmmmm....
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