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  1. So why is the coward disavowing his own actions? ? Ask him. Perhaps he is disavowing the total mis-characterisation of his votes. Do you agree that is totally legal to challenge the electors?
  2. Bottom line is, the filibuster still remains intact. Not like any promise from Schumer would mean anything anyways.
  3. Was not the election "official" until Jan 6th? Can't "overturn" something that has not yet been formally established. People need to get over themselves with this. So he objected to the electors in a certain state? Big deal. This is how a democratic republic works. There are challenges, debates etc. What are you so scared of? Also, remember all of the pearl-clutching by the press when democrats openly and brazenly challenged the electors in 2000, 2004 and 2016? Neither do I. People are also (intentionally) missing his point. His claim is not that
  4. no one complains about artificially distorting the market with the oil depletion allowance Not sure what that is, specifically, but in general I am 100% against SUBSIDIES to petroleum companies. It seems that you are against subsidies to oil companies, is this true? Are you also against subsidies to wind, solar etc. as well?
  5. if you have a high crime of misdemeanor you think Barack Obama committed, don't keep it to yourself. You must not have read the part when I stated "I do not believe it to be legitimate. So I do not think Obama could be impeached." Yes, despite his myriad malfeasance. First step (removal from office) comes before the second (not able to hold office in the future). Therefore, if there is no first step, there is no second.
  6. Just asking to see if you were consistent. Frankly, I do not believe it to be legitimate. So I do not think Obama could be impeached. Especially since he tells us that his administration was ...ahem "scandal free". Really...LOL!
  7. They are so transparent. Many predicted it, not that it was hard to predict. Anyone with an ounce of intellectual honesty would admit that Covid-19 was used as a cudgel against Trump since the beginning. Now Biden sets a goal of "100 million vaccinations in 100 days" when he inherited a process that was ALREADY vaccinating nearly 1 million per day. Then on the other side of their mouth, "unnamed sources" are claiming they were left with no plan and had to start from scratch... yada yada yada....
  8. What is rarely mentioned is the cost (economically and environmentally) of the manufacture and disposal of batteries. Does quite a bit to offset the supposed "benefits" of electric vehicles. What about natural gas for fleet vehicles around the US and the rest of the world. Clean, efficient and safe with plenty of supply.
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