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  1. Here ya go, I won the chili cook-off at work with this one. Roasting the peppers gives them more depth of flavor and a bit less heat. Roasted Pepper and Garlic Chili 2lbs ground beef 2 medium onions diced small 1 Poblano pepper 1 Serrano pepper 2 Jalepeno pepper 1 Red Bell pepper 1 full head of Garlic 2 large cans (28oz) of tomato sauce 5 regular size cans of beans (Kidney (dark and light, black beans) 1 can beer 2 tablespoons Chili powder 2 teaspoons Cumin 1 tablespoon Garlic powder 1 teaspoon Onion powder 2 tablespoons Salt (to taste) 1 teaspoon Black Pepper (all dry spices are approximate add/remove to taste) Coat all peppers with olive oil and roast either under a broiler or on a gas grill until skin is black Set aside to cool Remove skin and seeds from peppers Puree all peppers Set aside mixture (can be done day before) Coat garlic with olive oil, set on aluminum foil and roast until browned under broiler After browned, seal aluminum foil and bake for another 30 minutes at around 250 degrees Allow to cool Slice garlic across the top of the bulb and squeeze out garlic Set aside mixture (can be done day before) Brown ground beef, drain fat and set aside Sweat onions over medium heat Return beef to pan with onions Add dry spices to meat Add roasted pepper and garlic mixtures Add beer and allow to reduce by ½ Add beans and tomato sauce Bring to boil, lower heat and simmer for at least 1 hour More/less roasted peppers can be added for desired heat
  2. It is, by the White House's own admission, only an edited summary transcript. Yes, but this is all we have. We have a transcript created by multiple people (career govt employees who took an oath to uphold the constitution) who were listening to the call. We don't want to denigrate THEM, do we? This is the ONLY first hand information needed. Somebody's interpretation or inferences gleaned from second hand information are not as credible. Does an actual word for word transcription exist? Not so far as anyone knows.
  3. hearsay... and uncorroborated.... unlike the second hand accounts of the whistleblower that were corroborated by the IC IG It seems that the transcript of the call does not corroborate everything in the "whistle blower" account. Isn't the transcript of the call more relevant than what a couple of government employees THOUGHT about the call?
  4. why would any company feel compelled to enlighten YOU as to what the factors they considered when hiring anyone? What fucking business is it of YOURS? Hunter Biden is a private citizen. He can go work for any fucking company in any fucking country that he cares to.... and if YOU don't like it, tough shit. Nerve struck. The company need not tell us. Perhaps Hunter Biden could if any curious journalists could find him and ask the question. No, he would not have to answer, I agree. Of course he can work for whomever he pleases, no one disagrees with that. The inferences are obvious due to the appearance of a conflict of interest with his father, the VPOTUS, being the point man with Ukraine/US relations. If this were Trump Jr. in an even vaguely similar circumstance I have a feeling we would see a bit more curiosity from the main stream journalists.
  5. I apparently have a higher regard for the men and women who serve in the Central Intelligence Agency than you do. Let's leave it at that. Bovine scat. Spare me. As long as they support democrats it would seem that you hold this regard. There needs to be some corroboration of said whistle blower information to be completely trusted. CIA men and women are still human after all.
  6. of course it has.... around the world for centuries, the offspring of famous and successful men have been hired.... for a whole host of totally legitimate reasons... George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush... JFK Jr..... Al Gore... Do you find it so hard to believe that Hunter Biden might have had the legal skills - AND connections - AND breeding - that Burisma found appealing? Where is this answer? No, I don't find it hard to believe that he might be qualified. Perhaps someone could enlighten us on the details. Being the son of the VPOTUS would obviously have some benefit, that doesn't make it right. It also does not erase the APPEARANCE of conflict when your father is the POINT man for Ukraine diplomatic relations at the same time. Perhaps not illegal but quite plausibly unethical.
  7. why would you think that a whistle blower would LIE? what's the motivation for THAT? Alls (sic) I am saying is that it cannot be assumed that everything claimed is "fact" o that the premises are true. Regarding a motivation to lie? Are you seriously asking this? The motivation in this case would (obviously) be to get the POTUS impeached. To be clear I am not saying that is the motivation, yet, but quite plausibly COULD be the motivation.
  8. UNQUALIFIED SON???? Why would you say that Hunter was unqualified. Do you think that the boards of energy companies consist solely of petroleum engineers? No, I do not think that only petroleum engineers are on the boards of energy companies (yet another straw man). The question regarding how/why Hunter Biden got the gig with the corrupt energy company Burisma has not been answered.
  9. A red-herring earlier, now a straw man? Regarding your question: Of course not. Duh. I have never even hinted at such a thing. What I stated was that you assumed that everything reported by the "whistleblower" was "fact".
  10. does his party affiliation change the facts that he reported? You seem to be assuming everything reported is a "fact".
  11. the Ukraine says that the investigation of Burisma was for activities that occurred BEFORE Hunter Biden joined their board. I fail to see this "conflict of interest". I see the APPEARANCE of a conflict of interest REGARDLESS of when (or even IF) there was an investigation. Biden being the VPOTUS and the designated POINT MAN for diplomatic relations with the Ukraine and his unqualified son being given a position on the board of a prominent energy company in Ukraine is, IMO, a conflict. Whether or not there was an investigation. The fact that this was a known corrupt company that was under investigation before Hunter Biden came on just adds another layer of possible conflict.
  12. More projection from the left. The democrats from 2016 Trump districts, and perhaps others, do NOT want to be on record regarding the impeachment. Which is why Pelosi will not hold a vote to see what the HOUSE (not 6 liberal committee chairmen) as a body wants. The House of Reps is supposed to represent ALL of the people.
  13. But no cite? Color me seven different shades of surprised at THAT opinion pawned off as a fact! There is no LAW regarding conflicts of interest. Having a "conflict of interest" is indeed somewhat subjective and not illegal (to my knowledge) necessarily. Even if one did not exist, as we debated yesterday, the APPEARANCE of conflict would cause an honorable person to recuse themselves from that particular circumstance. Asking to cite a broken law is a red-herring in this situation. As I stated multiple times, the circumstances surrounding the VPOTUS and his son in Ukraine and China at a minimum have the appearance of a conflict of interest. I thought yesterday that we might have some common ground on that particular observation, but alas we did not.
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