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  1. If this legislation creates enough friction to save one precious human life the struggle will have been worth it. Come on man! You can do better than that. As noted above that "logic" is a non-starter. Using your argument would your mind be changed if a proposal SAVED one life?
  2. Not that it matters, but has there been a rash of crime committed using guns with silencers? @drvoke That would at least be an attempt to make the case.
  3. also from the guardian article you cited... "Under Georgia procedures, registered voters who have not cast ballots for three years are sent a notice asking them to confirm they still live at their address. If they don’t return it, they are marked inactive. If they don’t vote for two more general elections after that, they are removed from the rolls." The fact that people still lived at the address is not proof that they should not be purged under Georgia law apparently. Perhaps these laws can or should be adjusted, but should there not be a process for purgi
  4. 17 days early and saturdays and sundays (optional) is not enough for a single person to make time? I disagree, if a person cannot make time to vote under those parameters it would seem they do not care about it that much. Where are you getting this from and what does it have to do with the laws that have passed? Why would this primarily affect democrats? Which is why there is 17 days including some weekends AND NO REASON absentee voting. How much easier could it get?
  5. If something is not broken, and GA's election rules in 2020 were not broken, there is NO REASON to change them. Obviously, the GOP took all they data they had and changed the rules to favor them. WHY NOT leave the election in the hands of an elected Sec of State? if I lived in GA< I would NEVER VOTE for any schmuck that proposed or voted for this new attempt at Jim Crow again. I am sorry professor but you are insufferable. How is EXPANDING early voting to 17 DAYS including saturdays and sundays "Jim Crow"? Putting NO REASON ABSENTEE voting into law is "Jim Crow"? Come
  6. No, I do not. There was NO REASON to change the voting laws whatever. The goal of the GOP legislature was very clearly to PREVENT Democrats from voting. No? how is having 17 DAYS of early voting including 2 saturdays and optional sundays IN ADDITION TO NO REASON ABSENTEE voting NOT EXTREMELY EASY. You are in a rhetorical corner professor. Just admit that the above prevents NO LEGALLY ABLE VOTER from voting. Come on man! Be intellectually honest.
  7. I think voting should be extremely easy and convenient for everyone who is legally able to vote. ...and that is the crux of the debate. Determining WHO is LEGALLY able to vote. \ As far as convenience...I think in a state like Georgia, having 17 DAYS of early voting including 2 saturdays and optional sundays IN ADDITION TO NO REASON ABSENTEE voting makes voting EXTREMELY EASY. Do you agree?
  8. From the link in the OP apparently at least 50% are. " Among all adults, 45 percent said they "will" get vaccinated and 22 percent said they already have; 30 percent said they would not get vaccinated. 47 percent of those who said they voted for Republican former President Donald Trump in November said they would not be vaccinated. Republican men were the most likely to say they'd refuse: 49 percent of them said they will not get vaccinated, compared to only 30 percent who said they would and 20 percent who said they already had. " I know of another mos
  9. Juan Williams? You could at least quote an opinion piece from a conservative. a hard core leftist democrat opinion of the republican party means little to nothing. Closer to nothing. Especially since most of it is fallacious nonsense.
  10. Biden claimed that "the only industry in America -- a billion-dollar industry -- that can't be sued -- has exempt from being sued -- are gun manufacturers." Facts First: This is false. Gun manufacturers are not entirely exempt from being sued, nor are they only industry with some liability protections. Details matter. Leaving out crucial details clouds the actual truth, therefore is a lie. Why choose to omit such crucial details in describing an issue? (rhetorical question, we know why they leave out crucial details) This is not "quibbling with details",
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