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  1. Tis true, always has been. But producing more in the US adds to the total supply, therefore affecting the price. The chart in the link below shows how that in Dec of 2016 we were at 8770 (in 1000s of barrels per day ), and in January of 2020 it was 12,900. It is now around 11,200. https://www.eia.gov/dnav/pet/hist/LeafHandler.ashx?n=PET&s=WCRFPUS2&f=W
  2. Here is a radical idea, unburden the regulations necessary to allow more oil to be produced in the USA. President Biden right at the beginning of his administration did a number of specific actions that resulted in less oil production domestically. For example... (although subsequent rulings have put the orders below in doubt) https://www.npr.org/sections/president-biden-takes-office/2021/01/27/960941799/biden-to-pause-oil-and-gas-leasing-on-public-lands-and-waters "Biden Hits 'Pause' On Oil And Gas Leasing On Public Lands And Waters January 27, 20219:02 AM ET In an effort to slow the nation's contribution to climate change, President Biden has signed an executive order to begin halting oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters. The much-anticipated move is one of several executive actions the president took on Wednesday to address the worsening climate crisis and the broader decline of the natural world, but it won't come without pushback." https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=Biden+federal+oil+leases
  3. Point taken, but this does not apply to all companies over 100 people as the proposed "rule". Still do not see this as a valid comparison. Most companies that employ drivers would be wise to adapt these sorts of rules for their employees. I can't disagree. There is a lot of this going around, unfortunately.
  4. Well done. As I have stated "A mile wide and an inch deep". And so it goes...
  5. I didn't know. Hence the question mark. Wow. That says a great deal. FYI, there is NO federal law mandating seatbelt use.
  6. I get some of what you are saying, but the FEDERAL government is not mandating (or threatening to mandate) that companies drug test all employees. That is the point I am trying to make. Apples vs. oranges. Also, most who believe that a cake decorator should be able to choose the cakes in which he wants to decorate would also say that a business could keep un-vaccinated people out of their business. Either of which could have financial implications on their respective businesses.
  7. Capitalism is NOT a system of government; it is a tool for gathering capital from several individuals that limits liability to the amount invested. It is the tool used by the PRC to grow the Chinese economy at a rate over 10% for many years. Note that the political system of the PRC at this time (1986 to present) is a one party dictatorship. I have not claimed that it is a "system of government". In fact I called it an "economic system" above. What is your point regarding China? Perhaps you could use China as an example to my question that you avoided and will ask again : "Is there more or less poverty in more capitalist systems or more socialist systems?"
  8. You are correct that it has not been put in place. Likely because there is no legal authority, nor precedent for this type of federal directive. I think it was more of a "threat" to companies, albeit apparently a veiled one. The "toothlessness" and the numbers are frankly irrelevant as to who has the authority in this regard.
  9. How does one get so misinformed? You must have had some help. Is there more or less poverty in more capitalist systems or more socialist systems? Capitalism is the most moral, fair system that man has known. Rational "greed" supplies needs. Capitalism is the worst economic system except for all of the others. Similar to what Churchill said about democracy.
  10. As they should. That bill is a threat to our republic. Keep blocking it!
  11. Yesterday I made the claim in another topic that @Pastafarian is "a mile wide and an inch deep". This back and forth yet again reinforces that statement. @XavierOnassis Challenged me to describe how I am "deeper" than pasta. I gave a thorough, accurate response and have yet to see a response.
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