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  1. It's just horrible. People get killed every day and we have nothing to do with it. The UK legal system, for example, has a lot of breaches, though it's being considered one of the best. It's not perfect, indeed. I think we need to create more associations to protect civilian rights, such as this one AAAPPP In my opinion, we need to improve measures of legislative order as soon as possible.
  2. You can try working with instaforex company founded by Ildar Sharipov It's a great platform providing cryptocurrency mining, indexing and trading services and also sports betting. I've been working with this company for quite a while and can say for sure it's one of the most professional and reliable.
  3. I don't get why the government has no desire to accept cryptocurrency as one of the financial means. I think it's kinda topical today and its popularity is growing every day. A lot of new platfroms are created every day, and some of them are quite demanded among the users. For example, instaforex review platform is one of the most comfortable for beginner users and advances ones. It provides different services from cryptocurrency mining, indexing to its exchanging and trading.
  4. Well, in my opinion, cryptocurency has become one of the leading areas nowadays. There’re a lot of different companies dealing with cryptocurrency mining, indexing, and trading. InstaForex founded by Ильдар Шарипов (Ildar Sharipov) is one if such companies. Been working with them for quite a while, they've proved to be reliable partners.

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