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  1. Or like your hero terrorist wanna be Kathy griffin holding an image of the presidents severed head
  2. Wrong!! It's not about the right politicians...., let the private sector find a cheaper source to sell and everyone will want it. We will eventually find greener energy sources but govt intervention should be minimal at most. We need the private sector to do it so we can replace all those lost coal jobs gradually. Society's don't thrive when govt forces themselves upon the masses
  3. So leomon do you use electricity? Are you completely off the grid with wind generators and solar panels? I you are then kudos to you I wish I was but if you use electricity on the grid then you support coal power. Our coal plants in America are fitted with scrubbers to collect carbon emissions. Not 100% but we keep burning coal cleaner as technology permits it and until we find a better source it's gonna be coal and if you don't want to support it turn the power off and live in the dark Tax deductions and subsidies are different by the way
  4. I'm sorry but there are not coal power plants in that picture. The cause of that image is too many liberal rats huddled together in one little area DRIVING CARS!!! Moron
  5. How did you get so stupid? Please explain how we are living off of the blue states. Did it occur to you people in the red states are patriotic. Unlike you..you selfrightous ignorant traitor. Don't tell me your an educated person not at you must live under a rock.
  6. You can burn it. but you shouldn't. Why do people who live here hate the greatest nation that ever existed. Ofcourse we can always improve but are the most tolerant of other people,races,religions we fight for freedom and fair treatment of people who don't live here. We change our ways continuously as we evolve. Why do people hate what this flag represents. Every nation has blemishes on its resume but we hate ourselves for making great strides in equity and creating a safe place for freedom to live. It's all stupid, liberals are stupid, our college kids are the stupidest people ever made. And
  7. The far left liberal extreme has leeched on to the democrat party dragging it under just like it would to the whole country. If they could cut out the liberal cancer dems would be much better off.
  8. The west coast libys will just protest it anyway so.....
  9. He couldn't nor wouldn't ever do that. He doesn't speak PC. He speaks how most Americans feel. I would agree with him in a sense that it's disgusting and only pieces of shit burn American flags. But I would never vote for a law that prevents it. I personally think a good old fashioned ass whooping would be better justice
  10. The tragedy here is when it's over the out of state people will leave and go home leaving the blame for all the damage they caused on the tribe. It's us here that have to repair this relationship. It's sad that and I hope it doesn't leave any long lasting tension between the people here.
  11. Your absolutely right the standing rock tribe and the company need to sit down at the table and hash it out. But the out of state anarchists need to go. They should offer them a water treatment facility and some money for the school and city updates. Believe me they need it there not much money on that Rez kinda run down
  12. Standing rock wouldn't even come to the table until it was too late that's why it turned into this mess they waited till long after the decision was made and the pipline was to the river then they pitched a fit. They had turned down multiple attempts by the corp to sit down with the standing rock tribe to get they're input about the pipeline. They met with land owners and over many other tribes but standing rock blew it off. If they are worried about the water I think the oil company should offer to install a water treatment facility capable of detecting any anomalies in the drinking water bef
  13. Read my earlier post the protesters were making homade bombs and it blew up that's why her arm got blown off. The police were not using any percussion grenades at that time nor could a percussion grenade cause that severe damage It doesn't cross the Rez. There are peaceful methods to settle this. But these protesters are more intent on stopping oil period! Not protecting the water
  14. Yes! A protester opened fire on cops she missed every shot and they arrested her instead of killing her. The police are actually treading very lightly here to prevent a major incident. They are only pushing back against the violent ones. Homemade bombs, rocks, and other thing being hurled at police that's what provoked a response of force back from police.
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