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    Russiandisinformation would be my guess.
  2. "...and The Horse You Rode In On"

    This group of Antifa is especially dumb. Are we that desperate for members that we need our standards to be that low?
  3. How Hillary screwed over DNC - rigged against Bernie from day 1.

    Good one Benson. Is that why I can type in complete sentences and you still use abbreviated shorthand suitable for texting at a community rabble-rouser event.
  4. I was assualted by Trump supporters

    I am a right winger so I doubt you will care what I have to say, but believe me when I say that Libbychan is not worth your time. People like that are a blight on democracy no matter what party they are from.
  5. I already took the real stats and did the math in another thread. So straight forward a lib can understand it. Total fed revenue divided by population. Blue states don't pay their fair share the feds.
  6. Assaulted by Antifa

    He came at me with all his might but went down like a bitch. True story.
  7. So you are saying Clinton did fund the Dossier.
  8. Bullshit. You take your state deduction to screw what you pay out to the feds. Per person blue states are the worst. So tell us another one like Trump 32%.
  9. None of us right wingers care. If you lefties get violent we put you down like dogs.
  10. I was assualted by Trump supporters

    You are just mad because Antifa thinks you are sheeple.
  11. I was assualted by Trump supporters

    Pennsylvania is part of the U.S. Then again we knew you were anti-American. Might need another committee on "UnAmerican" activities to investigate you.
  12. I was assualted by Trump supporters

    Good one. So original. Now what party had members who supported a transition to Russian communism in the 1970s? Better call me a Nazi Russian agent again. That will show me.
  13. I was assualted by Trump supporters

    I love how they call a each other Nazi or fascist. Its true you know. Mussolini was a socialist and so was Hitler. Musolinni was so socialist his dad even named him after 3 socialists! Lefties like to pretend otherwise because the regime in Italy was less statest about their economy. (They considered that part of the necessary evil and transition necessary for socialist transformation.)
  14. I was assualted by Trump supporters

    Looks like libbychan has called you out Demo. Are you going to take that?
  15. I was assualted by Trump supporters

    I know right?