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  1. Shocker, Nazi stories not hurting Trump.

    Nobody would believe that because Obama is a pussy. He likes Manchelle cock.
  2. Shocker, Nazi stories not hurting Trump.

    My point is made, you said the same thing a month ago and the month before that. No effect. What a loser.
  3. Leftists are even more hated. 24% and falling. I heard you got shot in the balls by rubber bullets yesterday Benson. I was surprised you toppled ovet but maybe it was just the momentum of the rubber.
  4. We conservatives hate McConnell and McCain. We know they are in bed with leftist and globalists interests. McConnell is going the way of Eric Cantor and McCain the way of Ted Kennedy.
  5. Yep. No serious change in polls. Right now Trump is sitting where he supposedly was before beating Hillary. On the plus side, these protests have been funny to watch. Did anybody see the militant leftist go down to rubber bullets. Pretty funny. Real rebels deal with real bullets.
  6. Breitbart TV

    Seriously read the terrorism story. It is pretty funny. The guy drank some high explosive trying to pretend his tubes of liquid explosive were a sports drink or something. He had to spit it out. Its so funny I can't make it up. I would laugh if it was a right winger, you should be able to laugh about one of your antifa fags.
  7. ACLU CAVES, now does NOT support Freedom of Speech !!

    Internet freedom? Bahahahaah.... The internet is very much regulated right now Dontlooknow. For starters you can't find certain topics if you google search and many ISPs now block a lot of content so you can't even get it f you want. The underground web is still alive and well but its harder than it used to be. I am happy about the alternative search engines like 4search but we are moving towards a society in which news that disagrees with the elite agenda will be stripped from the net by machine learning bots which have enough "intelligence" to screen the web and remove certain content. Of course I am sure you guys will be ok with that because anything you don't agree with is "hate speech." Just hope you never run afoul of your party peon.
  8. Breitbart TV

    Speaking of terrorism, I heard you Antifa fags tried to blow up a confederate statue in Houston today. http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/HPD-HFD-FBI-on-scene-overnight-at-Rice-11946918.php
  9. ACLU CAVES, now does NOT support Freedom of Speech !!

    I was shocked the ACLU even helped the Klan the first time. They are a bunch of leftist hacks.
  10. Hahaha... Red neck lib tries to blow up confederate statue.

    Here is the link. http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/HPD-HFD-FBI-on-scene-overnight-at-Rice-11946918.php
  11. Hahaha... Red neck lib tries to blow up confederate statue.

    I will have to post the link when I am not on my phone. Apparently when he was being stopped by police the guy tried to drink the liquid explosive before spitting it out. What a dumb ass. Thank God lefties are so stupid.
  12. Breitbart TV

    Yeah the GOP in 600AD. Next.
  13. You lefties are so st00pid. Some pansy liberal tried to bomb a statue in Houston. He brought a bunch of boxes and wires and tubes to a statue in a crowded park. There is a link on drudge. We are lucky the terrorist left is made up of retards.
  14. Conservative search engine.

    I do a lot of google searches but at this point their content is not only biased, but the search results are actually inferior to what they had a decade ago. I hear they plan to implement machine learning to further control internet content but why help those assholes get marketing information? I figure at some point somebody is going to realize that most of the source code for the original good google can be ripped and applied on new better servers. A dedicated server in 2020 will probably be able to at least somewhat compete with what was a server farm in 2008. In the meantime I just learned about this tool which is a search engine optimized for conservatives. I haven't played with it a lot yet, but for some subjects it is far superior to google. http://www.4conservative.com/ Google is still a necessary evil but we are getting to an age we can move away from a monopoly controlled by an elite few.