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  1. The Scotus has ruled that all faiths can be taught as they they are inclusive. Nothing in the constitution prevents teachers from teaching about the Byzantine empire.
  2. 1 Timothy 2:12 ESV / I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.
  3. If you have the least ability to investigate, You'd know that you were wrong. Check my profile.
  4. yep, right after we were taught that it was ok to kill gays. You really need to read up on Henry the 8th.
  5. It's also safe to assume that there's a higher risk of domestic violence in the homes of Christians.
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, I conclude this argument with bow as our contestant has proven themselves unlikely to realize what they just said. heh...
  7. They taught us about Henry the 8th and his squabbling with religion. They taught us how protestants gathered up and traveled the sea to come to America. So your claim is outright false.
  8. So you are hung up on one tenent but choose to ignore the tenents of other religions. Cherry picking.
  9. The actions of 1 Muslim doesn't represent the whole. Otherwise, We'd be lining up all Christians for the acts of domestic abuse by a handfull.
  10. What part of the Constitution is violated by teaching the history of all faiths? You will never answer that.
  11. Standing up for yourself, fine. But your bigotry towards folks that don't share your ideology isn't tolerance.
  12. Last year, No American Muslims tossed gays off their roofs. You do realize that every major religion has extremist factions right?
  13. I can prove that Jews were allowed to own slaves as per the Torah. Do they own slaves now?
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