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  1. Sure. Kids can bring bibles. Teachers can bring bibles. They can use this Google thing and find every religious text out there.
  2. At this point, It's safe to assume it's fiction because a lack of proof.
  3. What about the 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust? What about the Muslims being slaughtered in China now?
  4. It already is in world history. Salem Witch Trials, The Spanish Inquisition, The Holocaust. etc...
  5. Don't see that being on any ciriculum. No more than teaching kids that their mother is property of the husband.
  6. This, I agree with. Just don't single out any religion and stick to the facts. As an atheist, I concede the NAZI movement was quasi-secular.
  7. Is NOT against the Constitution. Teaching about religion is allowed under the 1st Amendment. Using as a recruiting station isn't. Once again, You're lecturing liberals about the 1st Amendment. Might as well be lecturing the NRA about the 2nd Amendment while you're at it.
  8. Should teach this too. White cop, white victim and Black Lives Matter activists who cry, 'Enough!' | Opinion
  9. Again, I ask how of any of this changing the Constitution? Keep in mind that you're lecturing about the 1st Amendment to actual liberals.
  10. Since I've not seen the actual quote, I will believe you for now.
  11. So now this is about BLM. And BLM has nothing to do with black folks being tired of watching their George Floyds being brutalized?
  12. Slavery ownership wasn't an Islamic quaiity. It was a practice in all of the old world. Even the Incas has slaves.
  13. It failed because Trump ignored the groundwork already laid down by 16 years of administration.
  14. And the Bible teaches that women should keep their mouths shut. Don't see either principle being taught in schools, Churches or Mosques in America.
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