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  1. And yet, No link. You couldn't bother to share a link you found. You have to realize how this appears to anyone.
  2. Do you think George Floyd was wrongfully murdered? Congrats, You've joined the BLM movement.
  3. Pretty sure y'll get pretty butthurt when BLM comes to town.
  4. I googled it too. Nothing. NADA. Zip. Zero. Null. If there was a kernel of truth to this, The right wing bloggers would be all over it.
  5. How is BLM hurting you? How is it doing you an injustice? Are you George Floyd?
  6. Evidently, you and others here care a great deal. No denying it.
  7. 2 for 2 who just don't get it. BLM HAS NEVER said other lives didn't matter. Period.
  8. I said it and meant it. You can't prove otherwise.
  9. The BLM movement doesn't say that other lives don't matter. Never has.
  10. There are documented ties between poverty and crime. And before any of you idiots ask for a link https://whyy.org/articles/breaking-poverty-crime-poverty-often-linked/
  11. I'm sure you believe that. But I'm not your intern and you have no hope of convincing me without proof.
  12. And Jews are allowed to have slaves. Don't see many Jewish slave owners lately.
  13. This is becoming tedious. Your righteous indignation is worth nothing to me.
  14. I'm very open minded. Present your evidence and I'll be convinced if its correct.
  15. Asking for proof for any allegation is just being smart. If you don't want this kind of scrutiny, You shouldn't present opinions as facts.
  16. Opinion without evidence is just an opinion. I assume you went to the library.
  17. I did do my own research and came up with nothing of the sort. Maybe some darkweb google tricks you could teach me?
  18. Pretty sure the approach is very different. Never had a teacher tell me that the path of glory is within accepting Jesus as my savior. Plenty of Church folks have used that very approach.
  19. Wow. You had it for a moment and abandoned it because it hurt too much. Schools shouldn't be used to recruit for religion but can teach about religion.
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