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  1. Lets check the op. First you claim it happened without providing a link. once you were shamed into providing a link, You were shamed by a claim that it was a BLM member. You need to tame your emotions before you make your claims.
  2. Under investigation. No proof he's part of BLM other than a fuzzy tattoo. You should learn to be skeptical of what you see on those blawgs.
  3. 1 minute clip of an ASL interpreter with funny music. Sorry, You've been sold an opinion piece by a website that wants your clicks.
  4. Why is it ok for you and Skans to make a claim and then expect others to prove it? Even funnier is the claims that it's my fault that you lied.
  5. The general consensus is that Trump's leadership has proven ineffectual. His disregard for the anti-pandemic efforts of Bush and Obama is evident.
  6. ICUs are filling up with people needing intubation. New York needs to rent freezer trucks for the dead bodies. It swept through our company and made several of us very sick. Killed one of us.
  7. If you have farming experience, You'd know that farming isn't easy or simple. The only bullshit you handled is in your posts.
  8. You have never spent a day on a farm, Otherwise, You'd know better than to say something that stupid.
  9. Well, I see that you are totally embedded in your role as troll. Good bye.
  10. What part of Native Americans saving the lives of the European arrivals do you not understand? Native Americans played crucial role in settlers' survival
  11. Under Obama, We got. ...OBL dead. ...Doughnut hole ended. ...Ended middle man explotation of student loans. ...Placed lending restrictions on signature loans. ...Cut Prescription costs for Medicare recipients. ...Provided travel expenses to families of fallen soldiers to be on hand when the body arrives at Dover AFB http://whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com/
  12. Not a lie. White cop, white victim and Black Lives Matter activists who cry, 'Enough!' | Opinion
  13. I've not seen BLM produce a single memo stating that their lives were more important.
  14. You're lumping the peaceful protesters with looters. Not a good look on you.
  15. Numerous protests. A nation wide discussion on police reform and brutality. That alone is revolutionary.
  16. I think you need to set aside your emotions and look at the the good work they've done.
  17. They think it is. I think it is. I've actually been to their website and read up on them.
  18. You've not been to the BLM website but consider yourself educated enough to know what they stand for.
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