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  1. Someone has an agenda to rationalize their racism. Kind of pointless to argue but I do it anyway.
  2. Sorry, You're full of it. You brag about being on a farm but clearly know nothing about the hard work and the harvest times.
  3. The Taliban had no love for the USA. They were glad to hide the Al-Queda.
  4. Feel free to vote as you want. I'd rather have Warren, but at least I know that Biden wouldn't spend every single moment worrying about himself and his precious ego.
  5. But to argue that there was no collusion between the Al-Queada and Taliban.
  6. Actually, Afghanistan was the birthplace of Al-Queda. We were instrumental in creating the Mujahideen. the fact that we invaded Iraq in the early 90s and offered considerable support to Israel only fed the fires.
  7. We had an option of providing aid in the Afghan region but abandoned them after we were done with the conflict. Thus, one of the reasons of 9/11.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omnibus_Counterterrorism_Act_of_1995
  9. If we have a good pullout strategy, I'm all for Trump doing that. But its not that easy.
  10. Good or bad, It went into the Patriot act. Hart-Rudman report was sumarily dismissed by congress. Bill Clinton wanted all sorts of anti-terrorism laws passed but was also dismissed. Even the chemical tags in explosives was considered a threat to America's freedom.
  11. It does make the frail more likely to die. But its also killing athletes and generally healthy younger people.
  12. That's false. His efforts and the efforts of others ended up in the Patriot act signed off by Bush.
  13. What are you reaching here for? He died of respiratory failure tied to a profound Covid-19 infection. most of us did bedrest. A few were intubated.
  14. I saw unrelenting attacks against Bill Clinton. Said he was waving the dog. Was still able to put together a comprehensive plan of anti-terrorism that was mostly ignored until the Oklahoma City bombing.
  15. I'm lazy because I can't prove your claim. Good morning and good luck with that wishful thinking.
  16. Which did exactly zero for the Covid-19 infection raging through America.
  17. I saw the link about New Yorkers blaming Cuomo, But I skimmed and didn't see anything about housing people in nursing homes.
  18. My apologies. I worked on a farm as a kid. A lot of planning and coordination around the calendar is involved.
  19. But Trump has opportunities to educate the public and convince people to take measures. He also had an opportunity to unite people in saving lives. But he chose to blame China which accomplishes exactly zero.
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