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  1. Liberals are by prinicple, opposed to racism.
  2. Its very well documented that the Republican party was formed by liberal Christians and carpetbaggers.
  3. One can profit from race and not be a racist. Profiteers are like that.
  4. Odd twist of putting things. Racist have always been right wing. Even the Early years of the Republican party was pretty left wing.
  5. PRetty sure they were pretty damn serious.
  6. LBJ for all his warts was instrumental in ending the Jim Crow laws that kept black folks from voting or getting jobs.
  7. I have no trouble googling websites where racists openly denounce Democrats. Is that relevant to your interests?
  8. No proof of any of that. All you have are out of context quotes.
  9. Modern Democrats have nothing to do with the KKK.
  10. I've never seen any modern racist sign up as a Democrat. Plenty are proud Republicans.
  11. His policies saved millions of Americans from starving. It also gave us our modern freeway system and victory over Japan and Germany. He helped place banking regulations that worked solidly for decades until Republicans overturned them and gave us a mountain of toxic debts and housing crunch of 2008. http://www.loc.gov/teachers/classroommaterials/presentationsandactivities/presentations/timeline/depwwii/depress/
  12. I did say 16 years of administration. If my math is correct, that includes Bush.
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