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  1. 1. Considering that literacy rates have skyrocketed since the last 2 centuries... 2. We haven't directly. 3. We've got outreach programs that provide food and shelter. 4. That's a tough question. 5. Libertarian Liberals pretty much invented free trade. 6. Liberalism ended slavery, segregation and Jim Crow laws. 7. Freedom of speech and Religion. 8. Fair, That's not possible. but Social Security keeps the elderly from starving.
  2. I looked up poor old Vince Foster. When I saw the link to Wnd.com I knew that the allegations of Foster's murder were highly dubious.
  3. I often see folks trash picking for food in my neighborhood. Capitalism didn't fix that in America.
  4. I wish we had better candidates. They all suck for different reasons.
  5. I agree completely. He's gone way beyond being an obstructionist.
  6. I used to post here a very long time ago before David_R took over.
  7. The new forecast from the NOAA is very disconcerting. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/05/25/noaa-climate-outlook-hot-summer-for-most-of-us.html Hottest summer in recent history?
  8. Shame, I was really looking forward for that debate. The more I read about Bernie, the more I like him.
  9. Just thought I'd re-introduce myself. My political stands are: gun control is pointless. Abortion should be legal. Gay marriage is fine. Small government is good. Religion is good as long as the government doesn't require it. Any questions?
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