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  1. That can't proven either way. BTW, You dodged the part where i showed where strict gun control did reduce mass shootings.
  2. Sweden, Israel, Australia. Strict Gun control. very few mass shootings.
  3. Thanks to the NRA, Crazy dangerous people have guns. Countries with strict gun control laws don't have nearly as many Vegas Shooting.
  4. Do you? Between NAMBLA and the NRA, they may get molested or gunned down.
  5. I don't like the NRA but I'll never stop them from protesting. Same with NAMBLA.
  6. At least he didn't brag about grabbing them by the Pussy.
  7. Now you're putting words in my mouth. For shame. 1st Amendment protects unpopular speech. NAMBLA, Like the NRA, has the right to assembly and protest.
  8. doesn't make it true either and frankly, I loathe Nambla but as a liberal, I recognize their right to exist and to express themselves.
  9. I'm skeptical of all claims without proof.
  10. We're done now. Thank you for proving me right.
  11. Not according to those history books. But you do what you want.
  12. I know that you want to take a cultural reference and rework it to suit your world view. Bottom line: conservatives hate change, Ergo Right Wing.
  13. I didn't see them fighting for Same sex marriage, anti-racism, or Atheist rights. I've got more if you need them.
  14. So false I can't even begin to say. Try the phrase consenting adults.
  15. wow, You must really hate history books. I think we're done here.
  16. Nothing liberal about the Republicans or Democrats now.
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