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  1. I don't see anyone in the Main Democrat party advocating molestation of kids.
  2. Trump admits he made a mistake. https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-coronavirus-disappear-he-will-be-right-eventually-2020-7 As for another forum I was at, I'm not giving any info because you're a creep.
  3. I'm not the one who followed a young girl around pestering her about her age. That is documented.
  4. I'm making a point. Rog tried to equate Democrats with NAMBLA so I equated NRA with mass shootings.
  5. I never blamed Trump for the Virus. I do blame Trump for dismissing it.
  6. Your hatred is useless and accomplishes nothing.
  7. I remember you getting suspended for chasing Zaro around. Pestering her about her age. You're a creep.
  8. Trump Says Executive Order Will Drop the Price of Insulin Down to Pennies a Day (CNSNews.com) – President Donald Trump signed four executive orders on Friday aimed at lowering the cost of prescription drugs, the first of which, he says, will lead to the cost of insulin dropping to “just pennies a day.”“The four orders I’m signing today will be on the prescription drug market in terms of pricing and everything else to make these medications affordable and accessible for all Americans. The first order will require federal community health centers to pass the giant discounts they recei
  9. ;What is accomplished by blaming China for Covid-19? Did it create a vaccine?
  10. Two points to make here. Biden never stated that he groped children. Women generally do not want their pussy grabbed.
  11. No, Just used to women volunteering what Trump had to grab.
  12. I have no doubt you're going to vote for Trump. And I betcha even got the bumpersticker on your car.
  13. Don't see how grabbing a pussy could be considered consensual.
  14. Pretty sure he was right on the money. You're an embarrassment to the Republican party.
  15. Reagan and Nixon were good friends and both shared their closeted racism. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/07/ronald-reagans-racist-conversation-richard-nixon/595102/
  16. Well, He did reject the racist conservatives like yourself. He called you right wing nutjobs. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-2002-06-09-0206080271-story.html
  17. Ok, So it's a real quote. But its nothing compared to Trump's pussy grabbing comment.
  18. Just like how the Conservatives ignored the how Iraq was a haven for Middle Eastern Christians until we invaded?
  19. if that's an actual quote, It appears to be taken out of context.
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