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  1. Not from my experience. Nor does history play out that way. Conservatives fought tooth and nail against so many social reforms like same sex marriage. interracial marriage, desegregation, Equal Opportunity Employment, etc...
  2. But same sex marriage wasn't fully legal for decades after. I don't completely accept your argument.
  3. Lot of conservatives in American feel that way about gays. Do they act on it? Should we consider American Conservatives a hate group now?
  4. We teach them about the Inquistion. Why cherry pick the history instead of presenting it as a whole?
  5. Which doesn't stop public schools from teaching the history of any religion or culture. It does as per the SCOTUS, that no religion will be favored over any other.
  6. Public schools have a habit of blotting out the ugly parts of history. Alan Turing should be taught.
  7. Oddly enough, You must really hate American to re-elect someone who totally ignored the Pandemic foundation laid down by Bush and Obama only to create a national crisis.
  8. It's the truth. They deserve to know how gays were treated under many religions and governments. Let them talk about Alan Turing.
  9. As a culture, Sure. Teach them about the history of Jews, Christians and the Muslims. Throw in the history of the Sikh.
  10. I don't see it. It wasn't until June 26, 2015 that Same sex marriage became legal in all states.
  11. I've got my link up. You're up to bat snowflake. Where is your link proving your most prized delusion?
  12. No wait. Let our kids remain ignorant of a culture with a long history. That's a GREAT idea!
  13. I guess you're not going to click the link I provided, Thus proving to me that you're require all sorts of special handling.
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