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  1. 53 minutes ago, Redoctober said:

    That was in his response, he didn't dismiss it. Nice job at trying to twist the argument. 


    Lots of people were wrong about the virus in the beginning. Look at Cuomo. He was very much wrong and lots of people paid the ultimate price but you lefties don't care about that. What was also wrong was shutting down the economy for a virus that is barely more lethal than the flu. 

    He ignored the evidence from WHO, China, Italy, And various other sources.  He dismissed it.  

  2. 51 minutes ago, BeAChooser said:


    I love tribute threads to me because they invariably backfire on the poster.


    What you claim is an OUTRIGHT LIE, SM.   I was NOT suspended for doing what you claim AND YOU DAMN WELL KNOW IT.  


    I'll repeat a portion of what I posted to you yesterday (and last December when you pulled this same crap) so readers can see what a UTTER CREEP you are, ScottMon. 





    Here is also a link proving that I told you the same material back in December: https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/324218-richard-nixon-was-a-total-idiot-he-opened-china-started-the-epa-and-the-vietnam-war/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-1062062884 .  More evidence that you're a LYING CREEP.


    Now I warned you that if you persisted in this smear I might start *recalling* additional posts showing even more of your dishonesty on topic after topic after topic.   Like the death of Vince Foster and Ron Brown, the Fabian Society, Iraq, the bogus rape allegations against Trump, AGW, FDR being socialist, you claiming you're a Republican, the rape allegations against Clinton, McCarthy and HUAC, the number of people who died of starvation in the Great Depression, Mark Clemmons, the Clinton Foundation, Chinagate, the ACLU, the 2000 election, you claiming Teddy Roosevelt wasn't a socialist, and I could go on and on.   Shall I do that, CREEP?  Shall I turn this thread in to a ScottMon THE CREEP tribute thread?

    I'm so glad you showed up.  You proven my case about you better than I ever could.  Ladies and gentlemen, BAC the creep.  DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY PERSONAL INFO!!!

  3. 33 minutes ago, Mirabeau said:

    A "free society?"




    If you want a FREE SOCIETY, then you AGREE with Mirabeau with respect to the following:


    1.  Parents should be FREE to choose the public schools their children attend.


    2.  Citizens should be FREE to own automatic pistols and rifles.


    3.  Business owners should be FREE to prohibit whomever they want from entering their businesses or conducting business with them.


    4.  Businesses should be FREE to remain open during the exaggerated Covid-19 "panic."


    5.  Owners of businesses should be FREE to protect those businesses by using LETHAL FORCE against those who are attempting to vandalize or destroy those businesses during a riot.


    There are many, many more, of course, but Mirabeau suspects he will find you to be a LIAR, because you will not agree with the above FREEDOM LIST.

    People should be free to disagree with you but you're too fascist to accept it.

  4. 1 minute ago, Imgreatagain said:

    I’ve spent a lot of time at the hospital lately. No one is wearing masks. No covid patients . No socAil distancing. This thing is passing us by. 

    Not my experience.  Nor is New York sharing that experience.  It may not have hit your area like it did ours.

  5. 13 minutes ago, EltonJohnson said:



    Ahhh...   ok.    so you are  not seeing   these people   IRL,  just hearing about it   on the   news.     That is  fine,   just  not   first hand


    the   virus  count  will always  go up and the  fatality  % rate will go  down

    Actually, It did hit our company. We had dozens of workers test positive.  2 of them died.  Granted they were both in their 50s.  

  6. 24 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

    So, what is the answer to fixing problems? There is very little illegal immigration now, because of Covid an the lack of jobs. Trump's poor handling of the Covid crisis has ended illegal immigration problems more than any of the lamebrained proposals that he actually accomplished. His incompetence has poisoned our economy.


     And why was that? So he could a-golfing go six weeks before he could have actually taken useful measures.

    I don't know.  But I do know that Trump isn't thinking the problems through like we need him to.

  7. 2 minutes ago, AnotherJim said:

    When the smoke clears, it all boils down to money. Gotta be a way to cut corners. Hold on. The mainstream media, predictably, started lamenting on how the price of avocados for American consumers may potentially increase a few cents, and completely ignored the $200 billion American taxpayers pay each year in illegal immigration costs. Not to mention the cost of illegal drugs on our youth, and the cost to education and health care on American taxpayers.

    Yeah, I'm not seeing that as so much I see our government wasting money on corporation bailouts.

  8. 1 minute ago, EltonJohnson said:


    its more  contagious , but  has a  0.26% fatality  rate


    do you want to  shut down  the world?   For how long?



    technically   the  body count can  never go  down


    the   numbers are likely  over inflated  for CV-19  in  the  USA and  undercounted  in  Europe  and of course  China is lying

    I genuinely wish you were correct.  But I'm seeing a lot of people dying that would've survived the 'flu.'

  9. 3 minutes ago, AnotherJim said:

    Our Liberals ordered the media to avoid Trump. Internal memo read: For God's sake, do not cover any Trump press conferences or rallies; we already elected him once, with millions of dollars worth of free publicity.

    CNN covers Trump constantly.  It's actually terrible.  If Trump farted on TV, CNN would do an hour long special on how he cropdusted his own Secret Service.

  10. 3 minutes ago, EltonJohnson said:



     so it is   just like the   flu.  which does the  same  every  year

    Except it's a great deal more contagious and none of us have any built in immunity to this virus.  We're heading into the second peak.  Hopefully, The body count will continue to drop.

  11. 1 minute ago, NeoConvict said:

    I see several organizations dedicated to the giving children the freedom of sexual expression. The UN council on children for one. I know of many progressive groups, predominantly gay rights organizations, that are fighting to lower the age of consent arguing that statutory rape laws disproportionately target homosexuals. You are correct, groups wanting to legalize child rape are exceedingly rare. Groups that want to change the definition of "kid" are legion. 

    Got to be honest.  I'm old school and think of 18 as the age of consent.   

  12. On 7/11/2020 at 2:59 PM, Mirabeau said:

    Mirabeau knows from experience the kind of things a community must do to CLEANSE it of Dumbocrats.  Dumbocrats will LEAVE if things that attract and support Dumbocrats are not maintained.


    Mirabeau and his fellow PATRIOTS have done the following, and the results are that Dumbocrats are now an ENDANGERED SPECIES in Mirabeau's corner of the world.


    01.  Prohibit your school district from offering free or reduced-price meals for students.  The Dumbocrats will choose to move to some other area that offers free food.


    02.  Build a LARGE, WELL-STOCKED library.  Dumbocrats HATE libraries and the knowledge contained inside the walls of them.


    03.  Use zoning and other ordinances to eliminate tattoo parlors.


    04.  Use zoning and other ordinances to eliminate "rent-to-own" stores.


    05.  Use zoning and other ordinances to eliminate "free clinics."


    06.  Have merchants pipe classical music onto the sidewalks outside their stores.  Dumbocrats hate ANYTHING that reminds them of the superiority of Western culture.


    07.  Prohibit liquor and beverage stores from selling "Mad Dog 20/20" and other cheap wines and liquors.


    08.  Use zoning and other ordinances to prevent "title loan" businesses.


    09.  Force your local groceries to stop accepting EBT cards and to stop participating in the WIC program.


    10.  Prohibit fishing from bridges.


    11.  Force merchants to not provide goods or services to ANYONE who does not speak English.


    12.  Use zoning and other ordinances to prohibit Goodwill stores.


    The above are some of the most successful means by which you can drive Dumbocrats out of  your corner of the world.


    Mirabeau and his fellow PATRIOTS have been hugely successful in putting these methods to use.




    Your facism is showing like a big ole swastika flag.

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