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  1. He ignored the evidence from WHO, China, Italy, And various other sources. He dismissed it.
  2. I'm so glad you showed up. You proven my case about you better than I ever could. Ladies and gentlemen, BAC the creep. DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY PERSONAL INFO!!!
  3. People should be free to disagree with you but you're too fascist to accept it.
  4. You insist but every post you make is lifted from the fascist playbook. You need to take ownership of your inability to accept a free society.
  5. You quack like a fascist, You walk like a fascist. You are a certified fascist.
  6. Not my experience. Nor is New York sharing that experience. It may not have hit your area like it did ours.
  7. You shouldn't anyway but this user will use it to suse you out on the Internet and creep on you. He/she has been suspended for it before. He/she chased a user named Zaro when BAC found out that Zaro was underage.
  8. Actually, It did hit our company. We had dozens of workers test positive. 2 of them died. Granted they were both in their 50s.
  9. I don't know. But I do know that Trump isn't thinking the problems through like we need him to.
  10. Not saying it isn't happening. I am saying that illegal aliens are less likely to commit crimes than your native born neighbors.
  11. It's in the news. Children, Athletes, etc...
  12. Yeah, I'm not seeing that as so much I see our government wasting money on corporation bailouts.
  13. I genuinely wish you were correct. But I'm seeing a lot of people dying that would've survived the 'flu.'
  14. CNN covers Trump constantly. It's actually terrible. If Trump farted on TV, CNN would do an hour long special on how he cropdusted his own Secret Service.
  15. Congress can't fix all our problems. It's gone farther than a R or D can handle.
  16. Except it's a great deal more contagious and none of us have any built in immunity to this virus. We're heading into the second peak. Hopefully, The body count will continue to drop.
  17. Got to be honest. I'm old school and think of 18 as the age of consent.
  18. Except it isn't. It's killing the feeble and knocking the healthy down for months.
  19. Already gave a link. BAC chases children. Look up his/her threads.
  20. You sound like an idiot. BeAChooser is a pervert and not in a good way.
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