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  1. In other words, Everyone is a hypocrite to a degree.
  2. Do you know who the president of the Virgin Island is?
  3. Trump says he met with the 'president of the Virgin Islands'
  4. That's literally impossible because it violates the 1st law of Thermodynamics.
  5. Prove that pollution has zero impact on climate, Dumbass.
  6. Frankly, You can't prove zero change by pollution. And then you get mad at me because you can't prove me wrong. You're pathetic.
  7. fair enough but there is the problem that we just don't know. To say that nothing has happened is clearly false.
  8. I figured you guys that say its not happening already had all the hard numbers. All you have is a graph you lifted from a website.
  9. I'm still waiting for anyone to provide the actual numbers of how much change has occurred to the planet because of pollution.
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