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  1. In other words, Everyone is a hypocrite to a degree.
  2. Do you know who the president of the Virgin Island is?
  3. Trump says he met with the 'president of the Virgin Islands'
  4. Trump will be untouchable until the next election. Unless the DNC fucks up again, He'll be out and will spend the rest of his days bitterly tweeting about it.
  5. So when you volunteer to have a uterus implanted to raise an unwanted baby, It would barely affect you?
  6. So the problem is the fluidic nature of language. This I can agree with.
  7. Pretty sure those opposing desegregation weren't liberal. Not very libertarian. And LBJ was a asshat who never cared about Leftwing or Rightwing.
  8. I'm having to call BS on this. Those hawkish on war and defense are right wing.
  9. I noticed you have NO PROBLEM generalizing others.

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