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  1. No, I'm out of here. Now there's no place to post (except the shit-flinging forum), so I'm done. What a waste....
  2. I'm just trying to find out if the Liberal Council still exists......? Or if @kfools is going in a different direction here. Does anyone know? @bludog ???
  3. It sounds like we got hacked. I'd wait and see, Lion. I don't think this is real.....
  4. I'd like to think that wasn't a marketing strategy. I've got almost 30,000 posts here, many of which I put a lot of time into.
  5. I don't have the foggiest idea, Pengwin. From all I'm hearing, we were hacked and kfools username was probably hacked as well.
  6. I hear you. This is the first forum I've had more than 25 posts in, ever - the only site I've posted at regularly for more than a couple of weeks. It's new to me, too.
  7. That would be me. And I guess there's no place for that here....
  8. Not in that free-for-all setting, no. I've had my fill of hurling invective, cussing, and calling people names. It gets old.
  9. Except that's not what that space is. I'm not afraid of the posters in NHB; I simply have no interest in interacting with them in that free-for-all format. To each his own... Thanks for the condescension, though. Nothing's changed here, I see.
  10. I don't "hide." I'm not "afraid" of anyone. I have no interest in debate. I just want to discuss the issues with other left-of-center posters. I wish there was an area for that.
  11. I'm just disappointed because this place is the first and only forum I've ever participated in. I've been here a long time and make every effort to not make things more difficult for the forum owner.
  12. It is his site and I respect that. I'm just disappointed in that I was hoping to fill the Liberals Only area with more activity. Bottom line, I just want a place to talk politics with other left-of-center posters.
  13. Do you prefer an NHB-style forum (minus the racists and angry trolls) or something more civil/moderated? Just curious.....
  14. OK, we're different then. I get that. Myself, I'm older and have no interest in fighting with people who typically don't listen or compromise. In fact, I wouldn't care if I ever interacted with a conservative on this site again. So what about the Clean Debate area? That area has conservatives, but trolls and morons are supposed to be kept out. Does that area work?
  15. As I see it, I can't change this entire forum. I don't own it. However I CAN change this LO subforum and, with any luck, turn it into a place where all left-of-center people can come post. In Liberals Only you will not be subject to racists, right wing trolls, or any other of the antisocial nonsense that goes on in NHB.
  16. If I owned this website, they'd be gone in an instant. However this site is owned by a conservative, so we have to work with him here. We're also working at making the rest of the side better. I invite you to stop by LO.
  17. Also, idiots like Big Tex and Ducky are only allowed in NHB.
  18. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/06/trump-plays-politics-with-the-protests The levels of both ignorance and narcissism are off the charts here. No, Cheeto, the governors aren't allowing people to protest just to mess with you. This is about systematic racism and the murder of our black citizens at the hands of the police. Americans are demanding change. As usual, Trump is utterly clueless and self-focused.
  19. Last Democrat to win Texas was Carter in '76. I think Biden has a shot to take Texas (for the first time in 44 years). That would be sweet.
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