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  1. No, I'm anxious to return our government into one who fights for the working class (not themselves, big corporations, or wealthy lobbyists).
  2. I think Poppaduck is one of those separatist paramilitary loons who is stockpiling arms, preparing for the end times so he can take to the hills. Another Ted Kaczyinski, of sorts.
  3. SpyCar's not running for office. He's a stalker troll on this forum, nothing more. There's no fracture in regard to wanting to rid Washington of the stench of Donald Trump. Your orange fuhrer is toast in 2020.
  4. One who enthusiastically supports corrupt, unethical, party-over-country politics.
  5. There are a half dozen Dem candidates that could beat Trump. However, I'm not a Democrat; I'm currently an Independent. I'm all about ridding this country of the stench of Trump (as well as his brand of unethical, win-at-all costs politics). This guy is a national disgrace and a threat to our democracy.
  6. Hillary isn't running this time.
  7. He said he wouldn't call the FBI (which is what the law says he needs to do) and that he would listen to what they had to say. That translates to accepting assistance from a foreign nation.
  8. What's worse is his followers' eagerness to join him in lies, to cover up his lies, make excuses for his lies, and attack those who call him on his lies. To me, that's by far worse than having a corrupt, ethically bankrupt president. Mitch McConnell is nearly as evil as Trump in my book.
  9. You probably left it at the klan meeting, Adolph.
  10. My point is skin color is irrelevant except to racist scum such as yourself. Capiche?
  11. Most have a "I got mine, screw everyone else" mentality. Makes me sick.
  12. Hate to break it to you, sport, but I"m not a socialist. I'm a DEMOCRATIC socialist (which is much different). I want free healthcare and tuition free education (something that a majority of Americans want). It's an investment in our population. You don't have anywhere near enough kahonas to bully me. Go fuck yourself.
  13. Did you watch the posted video? That would be a "no," huh?
  14. RollingRock

    Why Pelosi is Wrong on Impeachment

    What part of "Trump is not exonerated" did you miss?
  15. RollingRock

    Why Pelosi is Wrong on Impeachment

    Can you point out the part where it says that Trump is innocent as a lamb and didn't do anything the least bit shady? I missed that part.