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  1. Faux News wants us to "unite" behind an incompetent, ethically bankrupt, self-absorbed, malignant narcissist? No thanks. I'll take my chances with my local government and health officials. We will make it through this despite Trump.
  2. Thanks for posting those videos, Olivaw. All this information is extremely helpful! The more we know, the better armed we become against this virus.
  3. Spycar Bill is lumping all Bernie supporters into one category. I've explained to him many times that doing so is a mistake. Joe Biden is not Hillary Clinton. Not all Bernie supporters dislike Joe Biden - Joe just needs to bring Bernie supporters into the fold, when that time comes. As you know, I've supported Bernie Sanders since I lived in northern Vermont in the 80's. I know the demographics of Bernie's supporters quite well. It's my belief that most want to be rid of Trump; they despise Trump. What Biden needs to do is listen to and respond to Bernie supporters. This was Hillary's mistake; she did not reach out to Bernie supporters. The place to start, in my opinion, is with healthcare and climate change. Of course, Biden's platform is much different than Bernie's. However Joe does need to woo Bernie's supporters with something. I will be voting for the Democratic nominee. Many Bernie supporters will. I do not think that now is the time for a brokered convention (unless, of course, the two candidates are separated by only a few delegates). The last time I looked at the numbers, Biden was leading by a healthy margin (150+ delegates). We very much need to come together to get rid of Donald Trump. Another four years of Trump will destroy our nation.
  4. Yikes. From my home state: SUPPORT NRA-ILA Our Second Amendment rights are being threatened. Governor Mills needs to hear from you now! In response to COVID-19, Governor Mills issued an executive order that required all non-essential businesses to close their physical locations that allow “in-person” contact until April 8th. Today, Kittery Trading Post – a gun store – was shut down as a non-essential business! Please act now and call on Governor Mills to correct this egregious error and make firearm dealers essential businesses. It is extremely unfortunate that in these uncertain times, an elected official would limit the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise our inherent right to self-defense. Firearm dealers are essential to exercising this right! Please call Governor Janet Mills’ office at 207-287-3531 and request that firearm dealers are designated an essential business! LINK: https://www.nraila.org/articles/20200326/maine-gun-stores-being-shut-down Our Governor is holding firm. Buying additional guns and ammo at this time is not necessary.
  5. There seems to be no lows that this POS president won't sink to.
  6. I agree totally. I'd hate to have to take that step. Only if I felt that the situation was a matter of me (and my wife) or them.
  7. It's like they're living their own personal episode of "The Walking Dead." They're just scared and turning to what's familiar. They just have a different way of coping with that fear, I suppose. I have guns in my home, but never felt the need to stock up on ammunition.
  8. It's extremely scary. Hospitals are already at capacity and we are probably 2-3 weeks away from COVID-19 cases peaking here. Healthcare workers are getting the virus, too, reducing the number of available healthcare workers in professions where there is already a shortage of workers. My wife is a former ER nurse and retired EMT. She is considering helping out. She's also a mental health crisis clinician, so her skills are likely in demand. I love her for her never-ending compassion, but I'm also terrified for her safety. In scary times like these, people tend to turn to familiar things......in some cases, that's lots of guns and ammo. Unfortunately, having thousands of rounds of ammunition isn't going to make you any less susceptible to this virus.
  9. The biggest threat, it seems, is the deluge of sick patients all hitting the healthcare system at the same time. Even the hospitals here in my sparsely populated state are getting overloaded......and I don't believe we're anywhere close to peaking yet. Much more testing needs to be done. You're right, going to the store frequently does heighten the chance of exposure. My wife is one to stock up anyway - she always buys about a month's worth of non-perishable supplies and then we just buy perishables weekly. Some of the grocery stores here open up for anyone over 60 (or those with disabilities) early in the morning, before the crowds hit. I don't know what these clowns are thinking. Maybe they think that, with enough bullets, they can shoot down the virus.
  10. I'm worried as well. I'm concerned that this stimulus is going to become another cronyfest, used to hand corporations big gobs of money with limited oversight so the companies end up buying back their stocks, purchasing a new Bentley for the CEO, or some other asinine move that does nothing to help the corporation (and it's workers) weather this pandemic. I tend to believe the majority of the money needs to go to American workers, to small businesses, and especially to hospital/healthcare workers who are literally on the front lines putting their health and lives on the line. Hospitals need supplies, ventilators, and healthy workers. Mortgages, loan payments, and credit card payments (and any subsequent late fees) should be waived for all Americans. And I must say that Trump's aspirations to have "full churches on Easter" is totally absurd. Fourth of July is probably a more sensible goal. Once we flatten the curve, we should continue to shelter in place for at least another 15 days (preferably 30). This virus is dangerous - we need to wait until the spread of the virus slows down. To date, it's still accelerating.
  11. My wife went out and gathered up all we will need about a week and a half ago. You're right, stuff like that is really hard to find these days.
  12. I don't get that either. It's happening in my area as well: https://wgme.com/news/coronavirus/maine-shops-see-increased-sales-of-guns-ammunition It's gotten so bad, the gun shops are limiting people to only 150 rounds of ammunition. Face it, if "the man" is coming to get you, your 150 rounds of ammo isn't going to stop it from happening. Idiots.
  13. This is good stuff! Bernie is asking his supporters to not donate to him but, instead, donate to help those most affected by coronavirus. https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/21/not-done-yet-bernie-sanders-campaign-mobilizes-donors-coronavirus-relief-and-raises
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