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  1. They need to wait until after the election to release the findings of Mueller's investigation. The GOP Congress isn't up for the task.
  2. Goofy's trying to argue points that were debunked decades ago. Hey, Golftard! The sky is blue! (cue Golftard: No, it isn't blue. Prove it!!! <multithread leg-humping ensues>).
  3. #metoo lady a ho!

    You're missing the point.
  4. #metoo lady a ho!

    No, it doesn't. No means no. It's clear as a bell.
  5. #metoo lady a ho!

    So? She could have been giving everyone a lap dance. At the point a woman says, "NO," everything after that is rape.
  6. Poor Goofy. He's in perpetual denial. His fuhrer is going down; it's only a matter of time.
  7. Hillary Was the Most Qualified

  8. The NRA will fight this and probably push for legislation that gives kindergartners gun rights instead. I mean, what could go wrong?
  9. Great, so you're another clown who sees everyone who disagrees with him as a "moron." I read your proposed steps. Interestingly, not one of them involved limiting (or outlawing) access to weapons like the AR-15 in any way. Why is that? The problem here is that mentally unstable people are routinely allowed to purchase guns like the AR-15. Whether it's in schools, movie theaters, malls, or nightclubs....we need to put legislation in place that prevents weapons like the AR-15 getting into the hands of mentally unstable people. We can accomplish that without limiting gun rights for sane, law-abiding citizens.
  10. So, for you, it's entirely and 100% the fault of the FBI (and nobody else)? That makes no sense. I was pretty clear when I said it is the fault of EVERYONE who knew this kid was a threat to himself and others, then looked the other way. EVERYONE. They are ALL to blame. The only thing that can be done now is take every step possible to make sure it never happens again. Of course that won't happen because the NRA and other self-serving entities won't allow it. The next mass shooting is just around the corner.
  11. ^^^^ We have a winner! The reading comprehension among those on the right is fascinating.
  12. Brevity is not his thing, apparently.
  13. He's always been at Faux News (you know, the ones who LIE)?
  14. I pick the latter. I have ZERO faith that the GOP-led Congress will address this president's behavior. I think we need to wait until after the mid terms.