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  1. Unless you're native American, you don't belong here either. Gtfo. Go back to whatever hellhole you came from. We should welcome immigrants who want to come here, work hard, and live the American dream. That's what our country was built on. Why do you hate America anyway?
  2. For the 984th time, I don't "run away." I have absolutely no interest in any interaction with you beyond telling you what a nasty, pig ignorant, closed-minded piece of nazi trash you are. Beyond from an occasion insult to entertain myself, you do not exist. Conversing with you is a waste of time. Like you'd know, you brain dead imbecile. Your wife said you have a small dick and enjoy wearing her panties. You might want to focus on your own 'shortcomings.'
  3. Wrong. Educate yourself. Communist, socialist, and democratic socialist have multiple and distinct differences. Sorry, dipshit. I'm not a "communist." I'm a democratic socialist which involves implementing a few socialistic policies within an otherwise capitalistic system. These few policies help prevent corporate oligarchy and provide the working poor with opportunity and the ability to thrive. These are policies that many of the voters want and support. The policies I support are single payer healthcare, free/low-cost college, and a pragmatic solution to the ever-growing wage inequality in this country. These policies have a massive amount of support and are NOT "communism."
  4. It is. It's disgusting. As this point, my hope is each time he does this that dozens more people turn away from the national nightmare that is Cheeto.
  5. Democratic socialist wasn't an option. Calm down. As to the rest of your screed: Go fuck yourself.
  6. If you believe racism to be ignorant, why did you refer to her as a "hyphenated American?" She's an American. End of.
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