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  1. Drippy is claiming to be Christian? Hilarious.l
  2. They didn't. You're hallucinating again, sport. Put down the huffing towel and the airplane glue and go sleep it off. You're a mess.
  3. My hope is Bernie Sanders, but I'll be content with anyone currently in the running not named Trump. Any of those four can beat Trump in a general election. No doubt in my mind. Far more than the orange Putin puppet currently in office. Orange man a liar, a bully, a racist, a con man, an ethically void, morally bankrupt, compassionless douchebag. Tax breaks for the working class, higher taxes for big corporations and the wealthy. Affordable healthcare for all (i.e. every single American) as a right. Secure borders, a streamlined asylum process, a pathway to citizenship for those with no violent criminal history, and increased enforcement against the proportionate few who cross our borders as criminals. Your hallucinations aside, Trump has methodically turned most of America against him. He only won in 2016 because of Russia's assistance and the fact that his Democratic opponent was nearly as unlikable as he was. Cheeto's going to be 'one and done.' If he makes it that far.
  4. The Russians supported anyone and everyone who ran against Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders included.
  5. RollingRock


    Roflol!! Stop yer whining.. This is his website, sport. He can move your posts if he chooses.
  6. Biden's an upgrade from your Goldwater girl, but call him what he is: a moderate.
  7. RollingRock

    Ann Coulter: I’m voting Democrat in 2020

    Yeah, Coulter is pretty hideous. She's definitely trying to manipulate Trump.
  8. RollingRock

    Music Puk You David Thread

    Awww.... Such extreme butthurt.
  9. Why does Rachel have a pic of Trump's buddy?
  10. RollingRock

    Ann Coulter: I’m voting Democrat in 2020

    Lol! She's feeling the Bern!
  11. People would be rioting in the streets. That's not going to happen. Trump needs to be cancelled in November of 2020.
  12. No way is America dumb or masochistic enough to re-elect that lying, racist, con man and bully.
  13. There was nothing but garbage on the ballot.