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  1. We're talking about Trump and Michael Cohen in this thread. If you'd like to obsess about Obama, please start another thread.
  2. Because that never happened. Please see a doctor for your chronic whataboutism.
  3. That will just expedite his exit. Trump is an embarrassment and a danger to democracy everywhere. He can't be gone soon enough.
  4. You're starting to bore the shit out of me. Perhaps you should go fuck yourself?
  5. Every president we've had, without exception, has been better than this orange fucktard currently in the White House. Worst. President. Ever. No one else is even close.
  6. No, it was directed at Mike Pompeo. Do you have any documentation of him detaining white people at the border? I certainly don't. He's detaining brown people. Again, can you show me where he said during the campaign that he was going to ban all Jews from coming into the country? Or all Jehovah's witnesses? Or all Buddhists? Nope. He did say he wanted to issue a ban on all Muslims, though. Only the constitution kept him from doing that.
  7. I'm quite in tune to what's going on in my state. Incorrect. Republican policies hurt the poor (and help the wealthy). I help the poor on a daily basis. Obama's no longer president. You don't need to obsess over him anymore. We've now got a raging pro-Russia fascist in the White House. You should be keeping an eye on him (at least while he's still there...). I donate directly to individuals, thanks.
  8. My state's not going to go broke or lose jobs. It's a tourist mecca. I don't eat Snickers bars. Zero fucks given. If it means citizens will finally have access to quality healthcare and affordable education, I'll happily pay more in taxes. Bring it on! Americans are far more likely to be rapists than immigrants. The majority of immigrants are good, hard-working people. Don't believe what your orange fuhrer is telling you (he LIES).
  9. You'd have to check with others, but I'm nowhere near the "point of madness." I'm just determined to do everything in my power to make sure Trump is gone as soon as possible. There's nothing more I can do, so I don't let if affect me. My state just went from blue to deep blue, so I'm good. America, as a whole, needs to rise up and encourage Congress to impeach this orange fool or, if that fails, vote him out in 2020. What other alternative is there?
  10. With me, it's both. I couldn't cite one policy decision he's made that I approve of. Not a single one. That said, the fact that he's a hateful, self-absorbed, selfish, void of compassion, semi-literate douchebag is what makes me really despise him. Trump doesn't care about American citizens. He cares about himself, that's it.
  11. Spare us the faux outrage, Z. If it wasn't directed at a right winger, you wouldn't care. Trump has said similar crap and you adore him for it.
  12. No, that MSNBC host insulted Mike Pompeo. That wasn't directed at the gay community. Please get a grip.
  13. Not at all, but believe what you want. I dislike Trump because he's a dreadful, selfish, uncaring human being. It's got little to do with politics.