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  1. Exactly. He might not be found guilty on all 18 felony counts, but he'll be found guilty on enough of them to lock him up for quite some time.
  2. RollingRock

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    Incorrect. There have been no leaks whatsoever. The spokesman is there to say, "no comment"..... just in case there remains a few who haven't figured that out yet.
  3. Any kind of unique situation (such as weight or age) with the patient can add to the cost, potentially. Additional procedure codes, condition codes and/or procedure modifiers are often added to the claim to allow for additional payment (above the negotiated rate). That's why I Lol'd at Goofy stating they had to publish the price. There's no way to do that without posting dozens of 'prices' for every procedure. Many factors can change the pricing.
  4. RollingRock

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    The Mueller team doesn't leak, ever. You're confused.
  5. RollingRock

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    Probably the only way on Twitter to bump your own post.
  6. The wailing and gnashing of teeth around here is going to be epic the next few months.
  7. There are no "handlers." Most of us read news sources other than Faux News and Breitfarts. Outside conservaTARD sources, it's pretty obvious there's too much smoke for there not to be some fire.
  8. Well, you go with that then. My instincts say something different. And considering how freaked out Trump is these days, it would seem he doesn't believe "none of it will touch him" either.
  9. Do you seriously think that was the gist of everything McGahn had to offer? Mueller's team questioned McGahn for over 30 hours. I'll go out on a limb and say I believe they discussed a lot of things (most of which we won't know until Mueller is done investigating).
  10. They love war (because it's not their chickenhawk asses out there).
  11. What are you going to do, Ducky? Tap out an illiterate screed on your computer? You aren't going to do shit, coward.
  12. Procedures are much less costly to patient's who have insurance. Insured patients are billed by the payer's negotiated rate. Plus participating providers are not allowed to balance bill the difference between the billed amount and the negotiated rate. Private pay rates are typically much higher. Each insurance company has a different rate for any procedure. Because prices vary depending on the payer, there's no way a hospital can post any definitive rate. GolfTARD has no idea what he's talking about. He just listens to Trump and Faux News, then parrots whatever they say.