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  1. I totally agree. I still have faith that the checks and balances on our government will hold. If they do not, then we officially become a banana republic.
  2. No doubt in my mind. Junior, Kushner, and everyone else close to Trump is in the last round of indictments. That said, I don't think Trump would resign to save Junior. He would only resign to save himself. Trump is a true malignant narcissist. He'd throw anyone else under the bus to save himself.
  3. No, it's "over" when Mueller finishes (not one moment sooner).
  4. This is when the Mueller investigation will end: http://fortune.com/2018/05/21/robert-mueller-russia-investigation-end-date/ Not one minute sooner.
  5. BeachOozer only looks at their political affiliation to determine guilt or innocence.
  6. RollingRock

    Trump v. the Department of Justice

    The only thing Trump cares about is himself. He'd throw anyone, any family member, or our country as a whole under the bus to help himself. He wouldn't even flinch. In Trump's mind, it's all about Trump.
  7. Lol! That's awesome. Avenatti rocks.
  8. I haven't been a Democrat since the 90's, Maxipad. Please try and keep up.
  9. Yeah, that's great. Partisanship on steroids. Let's celebrate getting a torturer on board.
  10. So you're saying that Republicans don't care about the rule of law? And that Republicans are 100% party over country?
  11. Exposed for what? Exposed for wanting to see Trump removed from office? Rosenstein isn't going anywhere, Boris. He's one of the good guys in all this. Trump will eventually be shown the door. Then your work at the Russian troll farm will be done. You can always get a job at Walmart, I suppose.
  12. RollingRock

    Have I just been lucky?

    So if I wear a Bruins jersey, then I'm an NHL player? And if I wear a surfing t-shirt, then I'm a surfer? It's a fucking t-shirt, no more no less.