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  1. Anyone that happens to will have double digit millions after the patient's malpractice suit is adjudicated.
  2. Not if it's an emergency. They get them in right away in if it's urgent. I've forgotten more facts on this issue than most people will ever know. The health of our nation should NOT be a "for profit" business. EVERYONE should be able to see a doctor without the fear of financial burden, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or general harassment from collection agencies. Healthcare should be a RIGHT.
  3. If a doctor amputates the wrong leg because he's been working for 20 hours, the patient SHOULD be able to sue for $40-$50 million. I'm OK with quashing frivolous lawsuits, but malpractice is NOT "frivolous." Every single person, from Bill Gates to the homeless guy sleeping in the park, should be able to see a doctor if they need to without a financial burden being placed on them.
  4. Preaching to the choir. I've been fighting insurance companies for three decades now. That's PRECISELY why we need to phase out insurance companies. They are entirely unnecessary. We need a healthcare system much like Canada's where our taxes pay for our healthcare.
  5. Anyone who knows and cares about this issue knows that big insurance and big pharma are waging war on the poor and the sick. As I've said many times, they have a vested interest in making sure that healthcare is NEVER 'affordable.' https://www.opensecrets.org/news/2019/03/big-pharma-insurers-hospitals-team-up-to-kill-medicare-for-all/ They care about their money, not Americans' healthcare.
  6. That's true, too. Another right wing hysteria thread, it seems.
  7. Totally unsurprising. They can't deal with the fact that their orange leader is going to be impeached, so they make up shit to calm themselves down. BeachOozer is famous for fake news and right wing hysteria blogs.
  8. I have no idea what his deal is. I do know that if Adam Schiff is supposed to be somewhere regarding these hearings, he will be there.
  9. Where's he supposed to be and who said he was supposed to be there?
  10. Probably distraught that his orange fuhrer is being impeached.
  11. If I had access to this forum's control panel, I'd be happy to oblige. You could always self-ban by logging out and never coming back.
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