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  1. https://www.businessinsider.com/who-supports-impeachment-major-democrats-2020-candidates-want-impeach-trump-2019-5 https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/trump-impeachment-inquiry/full-list-house-members-who-favor-starting-trump-impeachment-inquiry-n1011981 He has abused his office for personal/political gain, repeatedly. He has obstructed justice, repeatedly. Trump needs to go, asap.
  2. Some did. Others did not. It took the Ukraine call to bring the numbers to the point where Democrats had the votes. Some have. Not all, though. I see no reason to allow him to remain in office. He's unfit.
  3. I believe healthcare should be a basic human right. In the wealthiest country on earth, no person should die because they are financially unable to go see a doctor or pay for their medical care.
  4. So you think that people who don't take good care of themselves should receive no help? And those who can't afford their own care should just go die? I firmly disagree. I think we should help others as we are able.
  5. Nah, I haven't smoked the stuff in well over 30 years. I support it's legality, though.
  6. It's a nice thought. Actually, I don't support making commercial insurance illegal. I support making it obsolete through MFA or some other single payer system that pays all medically necessary services. What those who criticize Sanders, Warren, and others who support healthcare as a human right is that people are more important than profits. Whether one receives care for their illnesses and conditions shouldn't be contingent on how much money they have.
  7. Good plan. I hear the doctors out there in Cali give certifications to everyone. Give your doc a call.
  8. Actually, it is. I prefer Cali, thanks. Not if we craft the laws correctly. The people who benefit from medical cannabis aren't a "few cases." It sounds like they're selling it to everyone with a bong out there in Cali. You should do something about that.
  9. "Cali" is short for California. Does that upset you? Maybe you should write your congresscritter. Here in Maine, there are plenty of guidelines. Incorrect. Medical cannabis helps people with a number of different conditions. So they allow kids to buy it in Cali? Here in Maine you have to be 21. It certainly couldn't hurt.
  10. Incorrect. That might be how they do things in Cali, but here in Maine it's more involved than that. Why does your state give out cannabis certifications like candy? Are they trying to drug the next generation? It's far from "free," skippy. Last I heard, it's quite expensive. My friend (who has M/S) pays about $240-$250 an ounce. I'm not in a "cult," shit-for-brains. Unlike you, I tend to think for myself and for my own opinions. You, on the other hand, spew whatever the DNC tells you to.
  11. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/10/trump-tlaib-despicable-suggests-detaining-defy-subpoenas.html Why does Cheeto find the rule of law to be "despicable?" If I am given a subpoena to appear in court, I must appear. It's not optional. Failure to appear would result in my arrest and, quite likely, incarceration. Why should these people be any different?
  12. Medicare doesn't cover all prescription meds. Many others are conditional (i.e. "we won't pay for [medication] until you've tried [insert other less expensive meds] first). Coverage is FAR from automatic.
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