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  1. RollingRock

    teacher this is bull pucky

    Awwww.....you poor thing.
  2. Sure, why not? If teacher isn't worried about it, neither am I.
  3. I think we need another 8 or 9 threads on this topic.
  4. Good jobs are always welcome ("good" being the operative word).
  5. Did you think no one noticed the first half dozen threads on this? What was Amazon thinking anyway? Putting their headquarters in New York City where your garden variety 1-bedroom apartment goes for close to $3,000 a month....wtf? I'm with AOC all the way on this. If they want to be in a big, expensive city then they need to crank up the wages.
  6. This will be contested in the courts for a long, long time. It's not over, not by longshot!
  7. This is addressed to Democrats. I'm not a Democrat. This is going to be fought out in the courts for a long-ass time. Plan on it.
  8. I'm on the side of the working class. Always.
  9. So many think that if someone's not a Republican, then they MUST be a Democrat. Silly...
  10. Some people (such as myself) are far more likely to become loyal consumers and customers if they're working with a company who treats their employees well. I have stopped doing business with companies who pay crap wages, slash benefits, and treat their workers like garbage. Jeff Bezos should absolutely make more money than any of his workers. He made the investment and he should make big bucks. However he shouldn't make so much that his workers are on food stamps or unable to see a doctor because they have to pay out-of-pocket until their $5000 deductible is met. Working conditions should be pristine and above reproach. Actually, I prefer an economy where unemployment is so low that employers have to up their game in order to obtain and retain good workers. Pay your people well and they will stay and work hard for you. Pay them as little as you can get away with, you'll be re-training new people every year or two.....a BIG waste of time and money. People voluntarily go to watch entertainers whether it be sports starts, actors, or musicians. Their talent is the draw that brings in the money. However a CEO's workers earn him millions. He doesn't do it himself and he shouldn't be taken 99.9% of the profits. Like I said, the CEO should make more than the others....but it should be a lot more proportionate than it currently is. ^^^ This line made me LMAO! So true....
  11. I don't have a "brand." I'm not blind at all. I believe that we need an economy that works for ALL citizens, not just the CEO's. I believe that a successful company should be paying their workers MORE than average, not as little as they can get away with. Have you read all the complaints out there about Amazon and their working conditions? It's pretty bad. Unacceptable, in fact. Amazon needs to step up their game. If Jeff Bezos can create a company that makes him the richest man on the planet, then his workers should be among the highest paid workers on the planet. Of course they shouldn't make what he does.....but they should make a LOT more than they are, with great benefits and outstanding working conditions.
  12. I would consider a job "crappy" if it paid low wages, had lousy benefits (which got cut each year), and had lousy and/or hostile working conditions. You would be guessing wrong on that. Most people, the left included, are more than willing to work for their money.
  13. Just crappy jobs with lousy working conditions. Good paying jobs with great benefits and safe working conditions are more than welcome, I assure you.