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  1. I only condemn those in that video. I don't know all members of ANTIFA, nor have I witnessed all members doing anything wrong. I judge people on an INDIVIDUAL basis, not as a group. There are good and bad in every group.
  2. You're incredibly confused. Don't let anyone tell you differently.
  3. You're confused. The OP asked if "liberals" condemn an entire group of people based on the actions of the few in that video. Please try to keep up. I know you're pig ignorant, but you can at least try to fake that you're not a complete fucking moron, can't you?
  4. So everyone who disagrees with you is, in your opinion, "stupid?" Thanks for making sure I don't read another of your posts. On ignore you go.
  5. "Run restriction" laws? Wtf are you talking about, you idiotic stalker?
  6. Yes, they do. They'd arm toddlers if they thought they could get away with it.
  7. Incorrect. I was "thinking" back when you were still an itch in your daddy's drawers, son. Now go punch yourself in the face.
  8. Incorrect. Some people didn't want either candidate.
  9. The thread is about ANTIFA. Please try to focus.
  10. "These people?" Do you have any evidence that every single member of the organization was in on this? Or was it just the punks seen in the video?
  11. RollingRock


    Even if you believe (which I do not) that an early term fetus is a person, it's not that simple. The fetus is developing inside the body of another person. No born human being has a right to feed off the bodily resources of another against their will. Why should a fetus have that "right?" Question for you: Do you believe that the courts should be allowed to force a person to donate an organ to a terminally ill relative who is a familial match to that person? Yes or no? If your answer is no, then how can you advocate forcing a woman to gestate a fetus (which feeds off her bodily resources, putting her health at risk of developing a number of pregnancy-related complications, some of which are literally life-threatening)? You use the term "shrouded" as if the woman involved here is insignificant. That is not the case. Precedent has shown over and over again that we all have the right to bodily autonomy. We have a right to refuse medical treatment (even if that treatment would potentially save our life). We have a right to refuse to donate organs even if donating would potentially save another's life. The reason for this is we own our own bodies. We have 100% say (and should have 100% say) over what happens with our body. For Every Woman Who Dies in Childbirth in the US, 70 more come close: https://www.npr.org/2018/05/10/607782992/for-every-woman-who-dies-in-childbirth-in-the-u-s-70-more-come-close Fact Check: Yes, Pregnancy Can Kill No, a woman's right of choice isn't "shrouded" in anything. A woman's right of choice is paramount in this debate. If you truly believe an early term, non-sentient fetus is a person.....then you need to find another place for the fetus to gestate. Women own their bodies.
  12. You just parrot his mindless drivel?
  13. BeachOozer doesn't just watch Hannity. He worships Hannity.
  14. Based on the evidence that would have been found, had the FBI done a thorough and in-depth investigation. Unfortunately, there was a biased kangaroo court instead, which led to no answers and a lot more questions. Going forward, we now have a Supreme Court with a justice who has been accused multiple times of sexual assault. That fact will remain.
  15. She didn't lie. That's because it was a sham investigation. No one was allowed to truly investigate.