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  1. The U.N. allows co-operation of good nations to stop bad things from happening all around the world, we have it for a reason.
  2. I never said they were all psychos. I'm just scared what could happen if people just take too much and there's nothing to stop them.
  3. Having a hard time following you. It doesn't seem logical for me to just let people get really drunk and then abuse or kill people because of it.
  4. How are we headed in the wrong direction? Care to elaborate? I think we're doing very good
  5. I just saw this and I thought it was really funny! I love these videos, this one was especially good.
  6. No? What's your opinion on these issues? Should the consumption of alcohol not be regulated?
  7. That's good I have to say we've made a lot of progress in little time. TBH it's an okay time to be American. Though I know LGBT people still go through a lot of hell. I hope we elect a Democrat in 2016, just so we can keep progressing. It's a problem when you get somewhere and then it's reversed.
  8. Good news probably.. I don't do marijuana or any drugs but I do not mind people that do, if it makes them feel happy. As long as it doesn't make them crazy. I hope it's not like alcohol. My dad would drink a lot of alcohol and go crazy when I was younger, it was very bad. I'm not saying we should outlaw alcohol but maybe we should regulate intake, or something of the sort. I guess I'm just a proponent of the nanny-state
  9. I don't see a problem with that? Women get things done right. Male politicians have screwed us a lot.
  10. Trump is much more dangerous than Cruz, because he can't be bought, and could run wild with power..Cruz is on a leash, he's owned by Goldman Sachs and has to do what they say. In the end, Cruz would be a Bush 2.0 and would get us into another war, and probably do nothing about the border. It is in the interest of Goldman Sachs that we have open borders, because cheap labor. I don't mind that, though, I'm just saying. Trump would probably actually go through with the crazy things he says, and it's why he has to be stopped. If I absolutely had to, I'd vote for Cruz over Trump. But Cruz is insane. Hillary is my choice in 2016. Of course I'd vote for Bernie if he got the nomination. TBH I don't see too much a difference between Hillary and Bernie, Bernie's plan for ISIS is not very good, and I think Hillary would do a better job of protecting the country, but other than that there's not much a difference. Bernie wants more social programs. I'm not sure where I stand on this, too much government intervention probably is not a good thing.
  11. I'm not sure, I've heard of people who took LSD and went on murderious rampages because they didn't know better (thought they were killing monsters that they were hallucinating because of the drug). I'm skeptical of legalizing all drugs, but I am open to it, let's put it that way. Liberal means flexible in the first place.
  12. Honestly don't even really know who she is lol, a comedian, right? I've seen her on commercials though, that's it. She sounds like an awesome person though.
  13. I think Obama was a good president, and a lot of good things happened while he was president.
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