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  1. Wow this guy is getting to the bottom of something. I think statements like this is going to help our cause. We need to win this election in November, tweets like this help expose all of the things that have gone wrong under Trump's rule.
  2. Let's hope the Democrats make the right decision this time around. This election has too much at stake. We need to form a coalition of the entire democratic base from moderates to progressives. I think Warren would help deliver this feat, but at the same time I would be confident if Joe picked someone like Kamala.
  3. Agree completely with this point.
  4. Yes I agree that with those negatives but at the same time she could really help boost our chances. Her as a VP pick would signal a unity call between the more moderates of the party to the more progressive wing of the party. Which IMO would be the best strategy for beating Donald Trump. Building a coalition that is enthusiastic enough to beat down the MAGA heads and take back the white house. But I fully understand your opinion. I am still open to other candidates, but I feel the Warren is the best bet.
  5. Agreed we need Mitch out of there. He has done nothing but cozy up to big businesses and corporations for decades instead of working for the people of Kentucky. I don't understand why they keep reelecting him to term after term. The people of Kentucky deserve so much better.
  6. It's alright I know exactly how you are feeling right now. Last week I had to put my dog of 12 years down. I am still Heartbroken. It is totally okay to be sad and grieve. Regardless of what other people think, Animals are family members.
  7. I feel that now in 2020 there is less divisiveness between Democrats compared to 2016. I really feel the connection between Biden and Bernie is better than what it was between Hillary and Bernie. That is a huge step forward for everything. Let's hope that we can get a majority of the Bernie or Bust people on the right side so we are not faced with another 4 years of Trump. I am more confident during this cycle that this will happen and that we can win in November.
  8. I have to agree with your point about bringing out younger voters. If the Democrats can bring out fellow gen z and millennials out to the polls then we will win. I think Warren would be the best choice for his VP just because it would signal that the Biden team wants unity and would reach out to the more progressive wing of the party. Let's hope the Democrats do what is best for the best election result.
  9. Trump appeared in Michigan recently and the Attorney General here said Trump is not welcome again since he did not follow our state government's guidelines when it came to wearing a mask. The guy really thinks that he is above the law. I think that he finds wearing a mask makes him seem weak, but in all reality it makes him look like a bigger asshole.
  10. I can see where your friend is coming from as for the past 3 1/2 years Trump has gotten away with so much stuff it's not even funny. But your have to instill optimism within your friend as we do have somewhat of a chance in November. Trump has really put himself into a bad situation with his whole COVID-19 response. So if I had any advice I would say try to sway your friends opinion of the Democrats chances in November.
  11. I would not call you an extremist to resist there measures. It's your american right to do so. We don't live in Communist USSR or China. I think that it is sort of scary that some people will follow anything the Government or the leader says, I know people personally that I care for and anything Trump says no matter what it is they agree with him. Which is scary. Like you mentioned: "that they will comply will almost any directive, whether properly passed by the legislature or not, what can we possibly expect the government to do next, other than turn the screw?". We have something similar to this already with the people I mentioned above there are some people within the MAGA crowd which will do anything for Trump. Which could lead to something like you said in your statement, legislation not being passed but being instituted anyway. I agree that it is a little scary that the fantasy nightmares that we all have had, have unfortunately came true, we cannot allow for some of the things currently happening to be the norm. I agree I have talked countless time with my Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, etc... They have said that over there lifetimes many things; tragic and good have happened to this country we all just need to come together in these times as Americans not along partisan lines but together. Like you mentioned with 9/11, the country was united then for the first time in eons. Just like now we have a divide that runs deep through this country which needs to be healed someway or another and unfortunately it might take a Crisis like the one we are currently facing to fix this divide.
  12. I agree I believe that it is the job of congress and the president which we the people elected into office, should be doing there damn job and find a way to have a vote that does not endanger lives. People might call this a partisan issue, but it's not they are mistaken. This is an Human and Democratic Issue, if you are denying the people the right to vote, why did our forefathers and hundreds of other thousands of Americans fight for our great country just to be denied the right to vote. That is bullsh*t If he actually dismantles the USPS before November expect some really sketchy stuff to happen during the "election". And People still call the Republicans the party of the working man.... what a joke. They are willing to sacrifice people's lives just so they stay in power. What a disgrace.
  13. I Haven't heard this perspective on this issue but I have to agree. People are going to want to return to how things were before Covid struck but things are not going to be the same. I feel people are still going to be wearing masks for years to come, just like they have in Asia for years now. Also I think people are going to take hygiene way more seriously, because prior to this crisis there was no public outcry to wash your hands and sanitize. This world has changed already and still is changing. I'm excited to see what the future holds but worried at the same time.
  14. yeah he is going to become more and more power hungry, which is a scary thing to think about.
  15. This above is the original Tweet from the president which I don't understand how people continue to give this guy the credit that he does not deserve. If any other president would have done half of the stuff Trump has done they would have either resigned or been removed from office. He is threatening to withhold funding to us just because of who our governor is and what she stands for. I like how the SOS of Michigan responded: Like she points out other states have been already doing the exact same thing that Michigan is trying to do. The only reason Trump is attacking Michigan is because the State is ran by someone with a D behind her name. Trump is such an egotistical maniac that once someone calls him out he holds a grudge forever. This guy should not be our President we need to do everything we can to elect this man out of office. Our Democracy is crumbling around us because this clown is in Charge. This is just another Daily Reminder of how our voting has consequences.
  16. I seriously cannot believe that this is happening. He actually said that he would not give funding to my home state, just because our governor wants to ensure the health and safety of all voters. I'll say it again, this guy is a big joke.
  17. Wow I just saw this... And he got mad when Obama golfed.... What a joke, the guy lives in Florida not Washington.
  18. We agree on this duck. There was no probable cause to shoot someone that was unarmed. The blame is solely on the McMichaels
  19. It might be broken. But... Your still in the green my friend
  20. The whole process that is making a bill in Washington is one that is flawed and that needs to be changed. People spend countless hours and hours telling people what to put into a bill, and what they will get in return. It's sickening. We need a complete overhaul of how our government operates on a day to day basis. The people that we elect into office should be representing us not the people that can line their pockets the most.
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