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  1. I like the idea of the two rooms. Who is going to be in charge of these say rooms when they are implemented?
  2. I Agree with this totally. I was only gone for a couple of days and so much has changed...
  3. I was not aware that he had access to our IP's what in the actual fu*k yeah I vote in favor of removing him from that position the only person that should have access to that kind of information is the site owner plain and simple.
  4. What are the other mods opinions? @bludog @RollingRock @impartialobserver @lucifershammer ?
  5. I am starting to lean towards the idea of scrapping the entire system if people can seriously not grow up and act like adults. They are using the downvote to scare new members away. And are using the Upvote to bloat there own score just for the satisfaction of a higher +whatever. I think that we should have a open poll to see what the members think about keeping the system or scrapping it. This would allow for transparency. Just my opinion.
  6. If this action does not make any positive change to how people us the voting system then I think that it should be scrapped all together. The people that are the aggressors in this situation go around and downvote just for the hell of it. Then you see that they have 6 "upvotes" on every single one of there posts come on now.... All this is boiling down to is a ego and popularity contest. If the changes that we are complementing right now go into effect and have no change on how things are currently doing, I agree with you Bill just to scrap the entire system as a whole.
  7. The notion on the right at the moment is just because we are self-proclaimed liberals that makes us Antifa loyalists and supporters. What a bunch of horseshit in my mind. I am all for peaceful protest but when people are losing there businesses and in some cases there lives because of the selfish political agenda by looters on both sides is disgusting. ANTIFA included. Peaceful Protesters are now going to be looked at differently because of the selfishness of a few. Plus it does not help when we have a President that is unwilling to do or say anything productive in any manner.
  8. I agree with this. Many people in Arizona are not very fond of Trump. Arizona is going to flip blue in the next few election cycles.
  9. I think a Warning would suffice. The only problem is finding out who downvoted the post. You can't currently tell who actually downvoted your posts. I agree with Bludog though we should limit all members to 5 downvotes per day to try and equal out the playing field when it comes to downvoting just to do it.
  10. I agree Tim Kaine brought nothing strategically or policy wise to that ticket. I sure hope the Democrats pick strategically this time around. I'm leaning more towards a pick that might have some influence within the Electoral College. Someone from a Swing State...
  11. Anything is possible in these very uncertain times. I believe in Joe though to make the right call to have the most powerful ticket.
  12. Whatever we can get even if its baby steps. I just wanted to share what this man has done. I am glad that he stood with people that are in agony right now. Just a Class act.
  13. This guy right here is a class act. If you have not already seen this video then please give this a watch. This is a officer from my home state of Michigan. What A Guy!!
  14. I know right. This lady is very resilient. She does deserve a cold one!
  15. Andrew Yang would be a fine candidate for Joe. But in Reality I agree those three above that you listed are all candidates that I could see Joe Biden picking.
  16. I was unaware that the author of this article was a staunch Trump Supporter. I know exactly what you mean, again I was unaware of the Author's political associations. I am not the threat in this situation. The real threat is another 4 years of Trump, we should put aside our differences and work together to elect Trump out of office.
  17. 36% of the population is all it takes if voter turnout is low. That is why we need to drive voter turnout up in this election for the Democrats to have a shot. Lower Voter Turnout means another 4 years of Trump. Republicans win very easily when there is low voter turnout. I firmly believe that voters are going to turn out in droves this election because of the pure insanity of the past 4 years, not to mention the past 4 months. The mishandling of this Pandemic by the Trump administration will help Democrats across the board.
  18. This was purely a Hypothetical what if. I was not trying to be divisive. I give Joe credit for reaching out to Bernie supporters far more than Hillary ever did in 2016. Joe on the current trajectory will defeat Trump and I sure hope he does. As I am sure everyone else on this sub-forum wants the same result.
  19. That would be the smartest thing to do If this happened. I do not see this happening though. I am not wishing for it either. I believe this would drive our party into the ground and cause a mass panic at the convention. We do not need this. The one and only thing we need to worrying about is defeating Trump.
  20. I am not trying to be divisive. All this was is to hear people's opinions on "If" this happened. I do not want this to happen it would drive our party into the ground. I am not wishing for this. Simply asking what if?
  21. There has been rumors that Joe might be replaced at the convention. Here is an article breaking it down: https://theweek.com/articles/911903/smokefilled-room-that-could-oust-joe-biden Who should be the nominee if this happens? Just interested in the responses from my fellow Liberals.
  22. As seen from above the majority of Sanders supporters have a favorable view of Joe. We need to work together and bridge the divide that was started in 2016. Without the cooperation and teamwork of all factions of the Democratic party this election will be way harder to win. We cannot stomach another 4 years of Trump.
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