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  1. The way that the corporations get away with this in America in 2018 is still mind-boggling to me, just pay a fair wage that will allow the employees a good enough life to make it by and not relying on the federal government
  2. Hello, David. I was wondering if you could add Justice Democrat or Progressive to the List of Parties that you can affiliate with. Thank you and Have a Nice day!

  3. Im taking a guess for that the Republicans are going to even think that he is crazy and he Will be Impeached and convicted on May 13th 2018.
  4. zkyllonen8

    So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    IMO I think we need to support either Bernie or Elizabeth Warren both are very viable and the most popular politicians in the country so I see no other options except for these too, they are both national known and even better they do not corporate money. Which Is a trend that needs to be picked up by all politicians in the Democratic party.
  5. If Bernie wins the primary tomorrow I believe that the Clinton campaign will be backed into a corner and they will have a very difficult time in California and the Bernie campaign will have a better chance at the contested Democratic Convention "Hillary Clinton needs to win 65.3 percent of the remaining pledged delegates to avoid a contested Democratic convention at which she and Bernie Sanders separately plead their cases to the Party’s 714 unpledged “super-delegates.”-.huffingtonpost This shows that the next few months will be hard for the Sanders and Clinton campaign and In general the Sanders camp will have A very better chance at the nomination.
  6. A open carry at the Republican convention would be just a very bad idea very much so if Donald Trump is not the nominee, and I believe that the Republican convention In general will be a very interesting event.
  7. zkyllonen8

    If Trump goes third Party

    If Trump goes third party that is a guaranteed win for the Democrats because the republican vote would be split in half and they would be screwed.
  8. zkyllonen8

    Income Inequality

    I couldn't agree anymore
  9. America now has more wealth and income inequality than any major developed country on earth, and the gap between the very rich and everyone else is wider than at any time since the 1920s. How is this Fair?
  10. I think that this will just blow over unless Bernie gets into office and takes care of this himself because non of the other candidates would even remotely care about this because they probably have money there that they don't the US government to tax. They just want to let this slip under the radar but if Bernie is president then this issue will be a whole different ballgame, but any other candidate then we can just forget about it.
  11. zkyllonen8

    I Disagree with Bernie Sanders…

    I have to agree with Bernie on this one the war in was one of the biggest wastes of money in the common era and we had a probable cause to stop terroism but I don't think that we had to launch a full out attack on where we think the terrorists are.
  12. Bernie Sanders has said on multiple occasions "I will build upon the progress of Obamacare" which in turn means switching to a single payer healthcare system which will save thousands of dollars for families each year. With this families will have a easier time receiving healthcare from the government. Here is the whole Plan of Bernie Sanders:
  13. ​I really like how your trying to undermine the consequences that citizens united put on the whole election process how is this beneficial at all for the american people it really in all truth just gives the rich even more power because they can just outright by the election if they really wanted to. "Political spending is a form of protected speech under the First Amendment, and the government may not keep corporations or unions from spending money to support or denounce individual candidates in elections" That's Good Huh???
  14. Yeah Bludog I completely agree with you with the way congress is split right now the republicans might say that Merrick Garland is a bad choice but in turn really he is a victory for him because if they don't accept his nomination, the Next president (hopefully Bernie) will make a very more liberal justice compared to Merrick Garland which in turn might overturn Citizens United but it really all does come down to the 2016 presidential and congress elections we need both the house and the senate to flip back blue and maybe are dreams of a more liberal justice might come true.
  15. I really like how you are calling me a trump supporter when you are talking to one of the most supportive Bernie supporters ever. You sir just need to just get through your thick skull that Hillary is the Most Corrupt Candidate by far: