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  1. Bloomberg is a joke as well man... He has spent a quarter of a billion dollars already on this race to get to a measly 8% in the polls... good job bravo!
  2. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/joe-biden-rolls-back-stance-on-marijuana-being-a-gateway-drug-2019-11-26/ He seriously needs to get lost out of this primary. He is a big joke. LOL he switches more opinions than Trump just for the votes.
  3. He is the most electable candidate by far... People need to realize that Joe Biden is a waste of time. The only reason that Obama picked him as his VP is because he needed to win white voters over. Joe Biden is a waste of time, he is Hillary 2.0 people are slowly figuring that out.
  4. He is the best shot that the Democrats have to win, He will dismantle Trump on the debate stage.
  5. The Campaign is going to get Dirtier, Liz started this and Bernie is going to finish it. Plain and Simple People are going to criticize Bernie for this but there is a Primary for a reason and that is to find the best candidate possible for the Party and Nation. Bernie is that Candidate fair and square. He is going to revolutionize the Nation with his policies and people are just not ready for the kind of change that he is going to bring forth. People want the Status Quo and people are going to soon realize that Nation wants good plausible change and the only candidate for that is Bernie Sanders. So yes I am going to Waste my vote on Bernie Sanders, thank you very much!
  6. YES MICROSOFT!!! If Bill Gates can do this, maybe he can get his other friends that run corporations to follow him in suit.
  7. Yes I agree with you on all of these points. He would be a Democratic Socialist if in today terms.
  8. Yes he is going to helping Indian consumers but that is not the point I was getting at. The point that I am getting at is that he can invest money in other countries while failing his own at home. When a mega-corporation like amazon pays zero in taxes that is just absurd for anyone. Say I didn't pay my taxes to the government, All of my assets would be frozen by the IRS and everything in my life would seized from me. Meanwhile a corporation is blindly robbing Americans in front of all of us.
  9. "For example, justice is held to be equality, and it is, but for equals and not for all; and inequality is held to be just and is indeed, but for unequal's and not for all; but they disregard this element of persons and judge badly." - Aristotle Chapter 9 Book 3 Politics I am currently in a Class in college breaking down and discussing the book Politics by Aristotle. He mentions this quote above if he understand this concept all the way back in 4th Century B.C, then why are people still so ignorant to this day. It really shows how we are built as a society. People need to understand that equality is one of the essential aspects of our society and if it is not fulfilled then we will all feel these effects as we currently are as a nation.
  10. He can bring jobs to another country, but refused to raise the wages of his workers to 15$ till Bernie pushed him to do so. Plus he still pays $0 dollars in taxes to the government, while our infrastructure is crumbling, 89 million don't have healthcare, etc. Come on Jeff, you could be so much better than this.
  11. His spin on free bird is the best I have heard since lynyrd skynyrd original. Give this one a listen to he is truly a musical talent.
  12. Go give this a listen this man is incredible.... let me know what you think
  13. Biden is a joke up there man... I liked Warren though tonight she had some good points overall.
  14. I do not trust any polls if you want me to honest. 2016 polls showed Bernie down by 50 points to Hillary we all see how that worked. Or Hillary winning in 96% of polls versus Trump. We just need to wait for the people to get out and vote in the early primaries and caucuses to show us how the american people actually feel about the candidates.
  15. People don't seem to understand this man.... People are fighting for the status quo. Please tell me why people are fighting against people like us Will? People need to stop having the media shoved up there a$$
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