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  1. Your really are ignorant aren't you under your so well planned out ACA people can do this already.... All they have to say is that they have a hard time sleeping or back pain to get a card for medical marijuana, its not that hard already. So please get off your high horse and realize that we are in the 21st century people can smoke as much dope as they want why do you care so much
  2. yeah the democratic field needs to shrink not grow any bigger... But I do like the idea of hearing another voice in the debate
  3. Haha your funny what franklin is arguing for is legalizing marijuana across the board to try and help fund MFA Below is the table for the amount of revenue that legal pot has made in Colorado alone so can you imagine if all 50 states legalized it it would raise a crapload of money So please get out of the 1950s and allow pot to be legalized and regulated so that the government can take in the money to be able to fund certain programs. Total Revenue Since Feb 2014 2014 (Feb - Dec) $67,594,323 $67,597,323 2015 $130,411,173 $198,005,496 2016 $193,604,810 $391,610,306 2017 $247,368,473 $638,978,779 2018 $266,529,637 $905,508,416 2019 (Jan - Sep) $223,333,734 $1,128,872,150 Updated October 2019
  4. Kasich is a thousand times better than the DON He actually can be respectful and presidential unlike the fool in there now. He even veto the heartbeat bill in Ohio causing uproar around the country from conservatives, he is a typically good guy, but I do not agree with his policies like other republicans but I can at least respect them. If he tries to Shut down congress or the SCOTUS then he should be forcibly removed from office immediately and get someone else in there that actually has a brain and some common decency for the american people.
  5. Yeah these are scary times that we are living in indeed, I mean we have to worry about if foreign countries are going to mess with our election or influence our leaders and we have the most corrupt person in the history of politics running the show as we speak. So yeah I am concerned about the democracy in this nation, because we have a buffoon calling the shots and talking to people that he shouldn't be.
  6. Yeah the LBJ inauguration was staged as well JFK is alive and well with Ameila Earhart and Elvis on a secret island.
  7. He is going to throw the whole administration under the bus when the inquiry starts!!
  8. Yeah but the country didn't want him 8 years ago when he ran against Obama why do think that he would be able to win the electorate back over after trump and pence went down?? I can see where your coming from but if the current administration goes down then we are looking at a whole new type of republican party because they are going to move away from the Trump-ism side of the party towards the more conservative and traditional side of the party.
  9. Haha yeah that are ranking I believe on the popularity and non- bias opinion he might have been financially responsible but he had a lot of crises under his belt. BUT TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DOES NOT WORK IT NEVER DID AND NEVER WILL
  10. To honest yeah I agree with you ever since the Goldwater era of the Republican Party they have turned to radical and conservative for me, before then Dems and them were so hard to tell apart everyone worked together back then. There was not even close to the same amount of gridlock and such because of this fact.
  11. Yeah the Midwest ain't going to vote for this clown again He has lied to working class of people... People in Michigan know this he has done nothing for the auto industry and hasn't penalized GM for moving thousands of jobs to mexico I though he said that he was going to be the people's president
  12. The mainstream media ever since the introduction of Bernie into the main spotlight have made a priority in making him out to be this evil guy. This is because of the Simple facts: 1. He doesn't respect Huge Corporations and Wealthy People because of the Harm they have done to the middle class Well these people sign the "Reporters and Political Contributors" Pay Check They like the Republican Economic Plan for "Trickling Down" They are Afraid of a Sanders Administration. 2. They handpick the Candidate they Want to Run It Was HRC in 2016, with this all they did was smear Bernie and said he didn't have a chance Now it is Biden, which all they do now is shocker, smear him to be a full blown Socialist 3. The DNC colludes with the Media, I think this because of the Simple fact that they report the stories that will most help the Standard Corporate Democrats and hurt the Progressive wing of the Party, just like in 2016 the Washington Post in one day published and ran 16 Negative Stories a day before a Debate was being held in Flint Michigan.
  13. Romney I think would be a laughable option for some of the Republican electorate, since he has the 2012 loss under his belt and plus he is not a big fan of Trump, and he has made this very public which could indeed hurt his chances quite considerably because of the Die-Hard Trump supporters that have his back through anything he does or did. Kasich would bring sense back to Republican Party he is more of moderate Republican that be able to bring balance back from the Fascist like tendencies of the Trump Administration, he would be the one in my mind to put the Republicans back on course with their true values and stray away from the Trumpism in the Republican Party. The republicans are running on little minority the only reason they were so successful in the 2016 election is because of the un-electable nature of HRC, and yes I agree Pence would be one of the Only Options because if Trump does get removed from office than the RNC will be taking a Hands off approach to the situation and start preparing for 2024 because of the embarrassment that Trump has made the party into. The Supreme Court needs to make gerrymandering a priority but as most people see the court has a right wing imbalance, which makes the issues of suppression and gerrymandering a least looked at topic when it needs to be at the top of the Court's list. But I also agree that when gerrymandering is finally solved than Republicans are going to have to think of a new strategy in winning voters since they will not be able to just win the seats unfairly anymore.
  14. If the insurance and drug companies weren't all about making money and maybe doing what they were intended to do then maybe we wouldn't have such a problem with these things in America. If you give the government the right to negotiate drug prices then patients might be able to afford these live saving drugs, but if we continue with the current system then we will still be forcing our citizens to pay the highest prices in world for the same drugs that people in Canada can buy for a fraction because the government can actually say you know what I want to help my people by making drugs cheaper. But this is unlikely to happen because of the current state of our politics as a whole. People in Congress who make the bills are so corrupt to point that they don't even run on the people's interest anymore they run because of the money that they can make when in office. With the Insurance and Pharmaceutical playing a big role in funding people on both sides of the aisle. So you have to root out the problem from the beginning and not the end of situation.
  15. Yes drugs need to be regulated just like electricity by the government, because of the simple fact that some of the companies are charging 300x more for them in the U.S then our neighbors to the north. The government should be able to negoitate drug prices with the companies and not limit the innovation being made by these companies.
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