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  1. A biden/booker ticket would not be bad but it would still have the fundamental issues that the democratic party has been facing for sometime now, we need real fundamental change, and with biden at the helm this would not take place and I do truely believe that the same thing will happen that did in 2016 with dis affectionate democrats voting for third party or even for the opposite side because again they feel betrayed by the Establishment wing of the party.
  2. I believe what makes a liberal is someone who wants the common good for all people and not just the people at the top and the most successful corporations. Also I believe liberals unlike conservatives aren't fueled by constant fear for themselves. I mean if you look at the facts conservatives are always in constant fear from immigration to the constant war on gays and the war on terrorism they are just so scared for themselves that they look to blame all of america's problems on anyone except themselves. Also I believe that Liberals have the sense of decency towards things unlike the other for example (trump, alex jones, rush limbaugh) and many others. Those 3 listed always have an issue with other groups of people based on the simple fact that they are different than us. So in conclusion what makes a liberal is someone with the common decency for all people not just for your own self interests.
  3. this right here is why we need fundamental change because all the corporate democrats care about is their donors and not real issues facing the average american. he also is going to face-plant in my opinion in the debates when people will have the chance to call him out on working towards a middle ground, people do not want another centrist corporate establishment democrat and that is what we are going to get if Joe Biden wins the election. There is way too many progressive candidates that have a lot of good ideas compared to this corporate shill that will do the same thing as previous administrations and greatly benefit the rich and corporations and not the average american.
  4. Yes this what I mean the whole problem with Biden is that everyone knows him because of his name recognition and that is it when people actually dig into his past and his stances on issues they will be disgusted. The Perfect ticket in my opinion would be a bernie/beto ticket since this would eliminate the problem with bernie's age and have a young progressive ready if something was to go wrong.
  5. Yeah because if the DCCC decides to nominate someone like a Hillary again it will alienate the progressive wing of the democratic party and will cause the same thing to happen that did in 2016. Low voter turnout, people voting third party and people writing in candidates.
  6. You don't you are paying for the screening of cancer for women, std testing, birth control and many other countless things.
  7. Your one to call someone ignorant, i mean do you even hear yourself talking. You are being discriminatory to a whole group of people because of your outstanding hate for gay people. I mean come on man grow up.
  8. The difference being it would fund a private policing force to police a private school compared to those of public universities that are being funded the same way this would be funded through public funding, why do I have to fund a private policing force that would only benefit the churchgoers
  9. You again are just fear mongering the fact that someone that is different from you is living a different lifestyle and to call it disgusting is just another reason that you are ignorant. Just because of someone's lifestyle choices does that mean that they are a bad person or what I mean from your comments I guess you believe that. Please explain to me how someone that Is not heterosexual is "effecting your privacy"?
  10. Yeah why do you care so much about other peoples lifestyles so much I mean we live in america..... People have the right to express and live their own lives at peace
  11. See I don't have a problem with people protecting themselves I have a problem with people believing that they need a special police force for the church and school on the property alone. When the current police force is probably fully capable of protecting the worshipers and students completely fine And for you to say I don't know jack about the constitution is just making yourself sound more ignorant and nowhere 1st amendment does it say that we have the right to establish a special police force I mean come on man please think before you speak...
  12. LOL your just triggered by the facts and have to resort to saying that I'm going to go kill Christians at churches, I believe in a little thing Called the CONSTITUTION with our freedom of religion. maybe you should read it... But as usual you and your conservative buddies are going to go cry in a corner and stink up the place with your fear mongering BS....
  13. this is so ignorant that you really believe that Democrats are doing this even though many stats show that Extremist Christians commit the most domestic terrorism out of all groups within the United States... As your god and savior Ben Shapiro would say FACTS DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS
  14. Biden is doing everything wrong from him wanting the "middle ground" on climate change to bragging about working with segregationists he is going to fail this time just like every other time when running for the democratic nominee.
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