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  1. Biden Currently has 30% of vote will Bernie has 22.5% so he might be leading but with the cancellation of all the primaries we are bound for a brokered convention. Which Bernie Supporters will not be happy if they don't get something out of this. Joe is too the right of Hillary and even Trump on some issues. This guy will get embarrassed in November, mark my words.
  2. I agree Biden is not the Democrat that is able to beat Trump. The establishment once again bungled the election in favor of the centrist we tried this in 2016 how far did that get us?? I swear people in Washington will never understand the real needs of Americans.
  3. Yes but he also loves his establishment Democrats and still to this day blames the lost of Hillary to Trump on Bernie Supporters. I think that its funny how people don't like to point out that 2x more Bernie Voters voted for Hillary compared to that of the 2008 Hillary supporters for Obama.
  4. Yeah the Democrats need to seriously think about who they are going to nominate for November. I agree with you bludog, once the Republicans have the chance they will not back down on this issue they will hammer and make it a focal point of the campaign. Biden gives Trump the white house for 4 more years.
  5. Yep I agree a small amount of the right wing is actually taking this epidemic with any seriousness.
  6. Yes but the same people that are saying this want to run Bernie into the ground at all cost necessary, this primary cycle is a exact copy of the one we experienced in 2016 Except we are likely to nominate someone that is farther to the right than Hillary even was.
  7. Yeah in this kind of epidemic that last thing someone needs is more bullets or guns. We all just need to stay inside and help with the spread of the virus plain and simple!
  8. I will answer your question, anyone that is accused of sexual assault should be tried in a court of law. No matter what Side of the aisle that person is on. Plain and simple.
  9. jeez the NRA really does have there panties in a bunch right now. I Still cannot understand why people are making this a partisan issue, this a public health crisis that we are the midst of. People need to understand that it is the right of the states to protect the health and well being of its citizens. I agree that the governor should hold strong and re-open gun stores until this crisis blows over.
  10. LOL if you are so sure of yourself go start one yourself!!!! I am just stating the facts that was in the bill. If you can't understand the concept of facts I don't know what to say🤷‍♂️
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