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  1. We should be helping those in need without making them dependent on the church
  2. 2019 is not over 2017 2017 was before the plan not 2018 and that's why you won't compare 2019 to 2017
  3. Boy there's some idiots on tonight. They sound like Depression era Republicans arguing against deposit insurance calling it socialism
  4. If you want to donate the link is at the bottom of the forum page
  5. Revenue is supposed to increase over 50 Billion dollars a year at least. We saw revenue fall big in calendar 2018 the first full year of the plan
  6. They see that 2019 may not raise as much revenue as 2017 calendar year. If 2019 beats 2018 but not 2017 then someone uneducated like @Golfboy will brag because they forget that calendar 2017 is the last full year before the plan.
  7. All of the Republicans support private health insurance what's your point?
  8. We dumped tons of money on the wealthy and corporations only to see job growth fall and economic growth and wage growth not improve while the deficit exploded and the government has created tons of things that help average citizens like Medicare and Medicaid
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