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  1. Socialist programs are "programs paid for by tax dollars, that no one owns, that benefit everyone". Here is just a small list of socialist programs in the US: 1. Police 2. Fire 3. US Postal System 4. Interstate Highway System 5. Public Museums 6. Pell Grants 7. SOCIAL Security 8. Medicare 9. The EPA 10. Public Street Lighting 11. Prisons and Jails 12. Fema 13. National Weather Service 14. The VA 15. Public Beaches
  2. If you worry more about paying people 2 dollars more per hour on minimum wage, but don't mind CEO's get paid $20-$100 million per year, you are part of the problem. If you think minimum wage workers earn too much quoting "you should be paid what you are worth" , but don't mind that football players and TV actors make millions, you are part of the problem. If you complain about people on welfare, but don't mind that corporations and big AG get much more welfare from uncle sam, you are part of the problem. If you still think that oil should be drilled and extracted from the earth,
  3. Actually during the time of the native americans, whites were the illegals. Then they took over and push all the indians into one little spot and said "fuck you" with guns and small pox. Then they despise anyone else coming into the country unless they are white. It's about the most hypocritical bunch of bullshit I've ever heard.
  4. He started to tremble, then shake, then he exploded. 63% of his body went back to Sweden, 25% of it went back to Ireland, 10% of it went back to England, and 2% of it went back to Asia.
  5. Actually there is some truth to it, if you are born to a rich family and mommy and daddy pay for your university, you are going to be much better off. Most rich people are born to rich families.
  6. Gun's don't people, people kill people. OK, but how do you stop idiot people from killing people? Without infringing the 2A?
  7. I didn't contradict myself. I think your batteries are going dead. If some mysterious industry popped up overnight and hired 1 million people to work for over $10/hr. Who will fill the now empty positions of 1 million people who were earning less than that?
  8. On the bright side, these idiots killing themselves because they can't even properly hold a gun, are thinning out the stupid gene.
  9. You obviously didn't read my post front to back. Let's say some super industry came to America and employed 1 million people in a matter of 6 months. Who is now going to take those 1 million Walmart less than 10 dollar an hour jobs?
  10. So you have 3 groups in the US: 1. People who think all guns and gun ownership should be banned outright. 2. People who think not everyone should be allowed to own a gun. 3. People who think everyone should be allowed a gun, per the 2nd amendment. ..and they all want their choice to be THE choice. But we run into a little problem... 1. War veterans with PTSD and other mental issues have been shown they can't all be allowed a gun. 2. Other people with mental issues have been shown they can't all be allowed a gun. 3. Somehow despite numerous warning labels and a giant
  11. This is a very "tired" argument I hear a lot from the right, and I'm going to prove how it's wrong. There are only a certain number of jobs to go around, and they just cannot be created out of thin air. So let's use some math. Let's say you have 100 people, who are all able bodied, employed US citizens. Every one of those 100 work for someone. Now, this article is a bit old, but some of the most recent data I could find: http://money.cnn.com/2015/02/23/news/economy/15-million-american-workers-earn-10-dollars-or-less-an-hour/ Now, from the latest numbers I could fi
  12. He had to take off his shoes and socks to count that high.
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