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  1. NewDealDem

    Capitalism Fails

    Yeah, well, I'm anything but a Republican.
  2. I ran from a debate? More likely someone spammed it off my radar or I didn't give enough of a crap to respond to your citations from authority with even more counter citations. I know I won't change your opinion. I'm not going to bother refuting every wrongheaded assertion you make. Other things to do.
  3. Ahhh....the great canard. Military spending is not government spending. Conservative BS at its finest. Talk about stupid.
  4. NewDealDem

    Capitalism Fails

    Greed is both why capitalism works and why it fails. Greed is good. Too much greed is horrific. Why everything flows to the top 1% is very much related to that. Unrestrained greed forgets the demand side of the equation and things fall apart.
  5. NewDealDem

    Capitalism Fails

    Captialism doesn't fail. It's a wonderful system. The greatest economic system ever designed. Blind faith in an unrestrained free market fails every time as predicted by the father of capitalism Adam Smith. Capitalism requires government intervention to correct for monopolies, rent seeking, short termism, information inbalances, and other practices against the public good (child labor, predatory wages, ect.). Capitalism as properly understood and regulated is a great. Capitalism as espoused in the Victiorian Age, by libertarians, and many modern day Republicans is not so great.
  6. On mobile so I'm not going to answer you in full tonight. I'll get to it tomorrow should I remember between NCAA tournament games. But, are you actually citing downturns before industrialization? Are you actually saying that a global war ended the Great Depression? Guess what happened during the war? The government spent massive amounts of money. The government built factories for private businesses to produce arms. Those factories were used after the war to produce consumer goods, whcih helped lead to unprecedented economic growth. Abracadabra: Keynesian economics!
  7. What increase in illegals? Immigration is down.
  8. OK. I can appreciate that. All I'm saying is that I don't need to see the same copied image over and over again. I don't need to see the same entire article (in violation of copyright law) over and over again. I don't need to see the same Youtube video over and over again. 'Tis pointless and makes scrolling to anything of actual substance tedious. I came here because it said "liberal" in the title. I have no desire to see the same unoriginal right-wing stuff copy pastad over and over again. Don't really need to see liberal copy pasta over and over again either for that matter. Please, make it stop. Discussion is good. Copy Pasta is not discussion. Not discussion is not good. Therefore, copy pasta is bad.
  9. OK, so I'm new here. But, can you please just make the rule or whatever about freaking making the exact same post in multiple threads over and over again. I don't care who does it. I don't care what "side" they are on. It's obnoxious. It makes this site difficult to read. If I suddenly disappear in favor of other haunts, it will be the reason why and this will happen soon without a rule. Very soon. Believe me, to quote The Donald. It adds nothing to any discussion. Why allow it?
  10. NewDealDem

    Trump is Hillary's kryptonite.

    How's the weather in La-La Land?
  11. "percentage of deportations of those with criminal convictions has also increased under Obama." https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/12/16/the-numbers-ted-cruz-cited-on-past-deportations-during-the-cnn-debate-were-way-off/ Facts are funny things.
  12. So in this thread Blue Devil gets all uppity saying Obama allowed these tests. Then sides with Putin when he learns Putin thinks the tests are legal. Morons gonna moron.
  13. Trump's boy Putin's government is calling the tests legal. Obama's Secretary of State is saying they ccould be cause for further sanctions. Whose side are you on> Trump or Obama?
  14. JFC, you're a moron. Let me make this simple: 1) Obama has deported more people than any President in history. 2) You're own damn spammy says most of the people released were done so by an order of a court. Do you not understand how our Constitution works? You want Obama to violate court orders? 3) Do you think the President personally oversees every person ICE chooses to deport or release? Do you think he can? 4) Do you not understand that many people are released pending required administrative hearings over whether they should be deported or not?