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  1. Totally true. Trump is clearly losing his mind. Don't worry. He'll be out soon. Bill
  2. No. Joe is truth telling. You support a vile con man. So you make shit up. Bill
  3. Trump wasn't freed of any question of guilt. LOL. And YOU call ME stupid? Bwaaahaaahaaaaa! Moron. Bill
  4. LOL. He wasn't "exonerated." LOL. That's a figment of your imagination. Meanwhile, Trump is a failed businessman who cheated on his taxes and as president continues to lie about Covid. Always a total failure. The perfect candidate for losers like you. LOL. Your return is well timed and so sweet. Bill
  5. Typical lying Trumpist. You are around the bend, Jimbo. So is Trump. Bill
  6. This is political theater between non-belligerents. Nothing about this PR event moves the Israelis and the Palestinians one inch closer to a just peace. Bill
  7. He was impeached. LOL. His loans are ALL from Deutsche Bank. No other bank on the globe would lend him money. They loaned him money AFTER Trump sued them for them asking him for repayment on a loan. LOL. What bank behaves this way? A bank that is a money laundering front for the Russian Mob, that's who. Are you daft? Rhetorical question. Bill
  8. You can't read. The article said the docums showed no new Russian involvements beyond those previously reported. LOL. The connections between Trump and Deutsche Bank and between Deutsche Band and money laundering for the Russian Mob is well established. The documents provided no further details on the arrangement. Learn to read. Bill
  9. His debt excesses his assets <--most of which are highly leveraged. Trump's major (claimed) asset is his own "name," (LOL) which is now utterly tarnished. Bill
  10. Looks like a potential $100 million tax-liability for taking a fraudulent write-off on his failed casinos is going to bite him, in addition to illegally writing off his children (his employees) as consultants. Ouch! Hard to pay the IRS $100 million (plus) when one is broke and one's businesses are failing. Bill
  11. Yeah, being up to one's eyeballs in debt to Russian oligarchs/Russian mob is very compromising. Especially when one has no ability to repay the loans. I hear Trump's newest nickname is "Broke-a-hontas." LOL. Bill
  12. He only did it so he could claim that he paid Federal income taxes for those two years. What's $1,500 given his massive levels of debt? Bill
  13. Calling it a "liquidity problem" is putting it mildly. KPPC is my local affiliate. What a treasure! Bill
  14. Oh man, too funny. You are failing to adjust to reality. You were conned. Bill
  15. He's a failure and a cheat. Both. He's claimed massive deductions on massive losses that are illegal under IRS code. He's underwater. And drowning. Bill
  16. Trump is broke. And in deeply in debt to Deutsche Bank (the money laundering front for the Russian mob). He could not pay his loans pre-Covid and now almost all his businesses are hemorrhaging money. Trump is a failed businessman. Broke. You Trumpists got conned. With the Russian mob breathing down his neck, all Trump cared about was keeping a little cash flow coming in. So he ignored science and all reasonable measures that could have slowed this virus--purely out of self-interest. His greed and his fear drove him and it drove the spread of Covi
  17. He (a Russian troll) post threats and YOU post threats. YOU ARE BOTH part of the nuttery that's ripping this country apart. But you are a citizen and he's not. Pull your head out of your ass. You are being manipulated. Bill
  18. It isn't funny that Trump is a tax cheat, and he's NOT wealthy. He's broke. Now, THAT'S funny!!! LOL. Bill
  19. Uh no. Trump commited ongoing tax fraud on top of his massive business failures. He is a total loser. Your whole death-cult is comprised of losers. Sucker! Bill
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