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  1. Untitled/leftwinger didn't even vote. What an azzhole! Bill
  2. Trump knows he's going to prison. Bill
  3. BS is not a "nice guy." He is a spiteful megalomaniac who is in this for himself. He has a dreadful record on character, integrity, and honesty. The opposite of a "nice guy." Putin loves BS. Coulter loves his anti-immigration stance and the way BS throws minorities and women under the bus while favoring the white working class. Did you read Page 23 of the Mueller report? Bill
  4. SpyCar


    Annoying a guy on Pesach probably isn't a good move. Bill
  5. A liberal, which might seem moderate compared to a far-leftist/rightist populist loon like BS. Did you read Page 23 of the Mueller Report? Putin and the Russian Troll Farm was all-in on supporting Bernie Sanders. I like candidates who aren't extremists and demagogues chosen by Russian. BS was at a Stalinist indoctrination camp when the 17-year-old HRC supported Goldwater (having grown up in a Republican home). Your Stalin-boy is still loved by the Russians. They appreciate people who honeymoon in Moscow and call for the nationalization of private property without compensation. BS is a good little communist. Bill
  6. My experience with the BS cult is that they are more into big talk than they are into voting. Strategic thinking, like for a Democrat that has a good chance of winning, is beyond them. Sad to say. Bill
  7. BS isn't a Democrat. His supporters are not "liberals." Coulter loves the BS position on immigration which are about as rightwing as Trump's, sort of like BS's rightwing pro-gun, pro-Russia, anti-Identity Politics positions. What sort of "Democrat" comforts people who don't feel "comfortable" voting for a black man? There is a reason Putin's army of trolls supports BS. He is an anti-liberal who does harm to the Democratic Party. The BS cult will love Ann Coulter. She's as extremist as they are. Try to pay attention. Bill
  8. More threats of genocide against liberals BAC? Bill
  9. Untitled/leftwinger did not even bother to vote. What an azzhole! Bill
  10. Point proved if she's supporting BS. That's the dumbest choice ever (other than Jill Stein). Bill
  11. Joe Biden is great and he's going to kick Trump's ass. Biden is a real progressive not like the phony populist who is supported by Putin and the Russian-based "Internet Research Company (IRA)." We need a president who is not Russia's choice. Bill
  12. What Is Trump Going to Do about Russia? Whatever Putin tells him to do. Bill
  13. Ann Coulter seems like the type that would support BS. The far-right and the far-left are not that far apart. Bill
  14. LOL. One of the biggest Republican "dirty tricksters" is trying to get Democrats to nominate an unelectable candidate? Bwaaahaha. Pass. Bill
  15. SpyCar

    Trump Should Apologize To Mueller.

    Trump should apologize to Mueller, the nation, and the world. He is a shamefully dishonest disgrace to our country. Bill
  16. ^^^says the Trump-lover who stayed home. Are you enjoying what you did? Bill
  17. You said a "democratic election" and by that standard Trump lost. The EC is our system, but it is an anti-democratic scheme that favors small rural states at the expense of democracy. Bill
  18. I see you are still working for Team Putin. Why do you hate liberal democracy so much? Bill
  19. If we were going by a "democratic" election then HRC would be the president. Bill