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  1. The Putin/Sanders/Trump troll (Untitled) is cranking up The Big Lie for round 2. Rusian trolls discovered their best tactic to help Trump win was to convince the dead-enders among the BS supporters that "Bernie wuz robbed." Of course, that's a lie, but trolls don't care a bit about the truth. His other screen name is so tainted that Untitled is now using this SOK. But the same old BS. Bill
  2. You are confusing Yitzhak Rabin with Yitzhak Shamir. Yitzhak Shamir was most certainly a dick. Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a right-wing Israeli settler. You seem to believe in a lot of conspiracy theories, professor. Bill
  3. When Untitled starts agreeing with you, you should know you're in trouble. As to the rest, asked and answered. Bush's approach to diplomacy, which worked with Russian and China, failed with Saddam. There is room for critism over the meetings prior to the invasion and the lack of a clear message that one would be met with force. Stretching the facts to make a case that Bush wanted Iraq to invade Kuwait is crazy talk. Bill
  4. Like I said, you are veering into BAC territory. Not a good look. GHWB is open to legitimate criticism for not making it plain to Saddam that invasion would bring a counter-attack from the US and our allies. Part of his success in foreign affairs was that he behaved diplomatically. While this diplomatic approach served us well at times (as in the collapse of the Soviet Union), in Saddam's case it did not. That said, Saddam seemed hell-bent on an invasion of Kuwait. His bet was a post-Vietnam mentality had made the US into a paper tiger that we would not act. Not sure a threat would have worked. Threats clearly didn't work with Saddam when we again faced a conflict under GWB. Suggesting Bush wanted Iraq to invade Kuwait is crazy talk. Bill
  5. You are buying into conspiracy thinking. That's dangerous as your cognitive functioning wanes with age. You don't want to end up like BAC. The de-bunking of slant drilling has been widely reported on. Bill
  6. Bernie Sanders supporters should also watch the video. BS is a demagogic cult leader every bit as much as Donald J Trump. Populism is toxic. Bill
  7. It was the first major act of aggression of the post-Cold War period. Having an international coalition that reversed the invasion and annexation of a sovereign state made for a much better situation than allowing such an aggression to stand. Under either screen name, you are just as fundamentally ill-informed. Bill
  8. Not a bit. By stopping GHWB showed he was a foreign policy president. Bush was aware of the problems he'd unleash, and particularly Sunni-Shia violence and the likelihood that a Shia led popular majority would align with Iran. He saw the issues that his son failed to understand. Bill
  9. That's too extreme a position IMO. I do think there is warranted criticism over GHWB not making it absolutely clear to Saddam that he'd better not invade Kuwait. That was a mistake. I'm not sure that making such a threat would have stopped Saddam. Saddam's claims about slant-drilling have been soundly rejected. There was no need for slant-drilling when the pool of oil that extended across both borders was accessible by drilling down directly from Kuwait. Bush's actions in building an international coalition and ejecting Saddam's forces from Iraq were the correct moves. Bill
  10. ^^^ the username "Untitled" is so toxic that he's now posting as "leftwinger." Still the same drugged-out toxic loser. Bill
  11. No, you are not logical. If I believe the earth is roughly spherical. And you believe it is flat. You are a "flat-earther" no matter whether I know you are wrong, or not. See how that works? The problem with racists is in their attitudes and in themselves. Bill
  12. Kfools, your fears make you embrace racist assumptions. But those are false assumptions for the most part. Making Donald J Trump the president shows how utterly corrupted the GOP has become. Will he even be allowed at GHWBs funeral? You sold your souls. Bill
  13. Not “their own show” you lying drunk. You’ve got a anti liberal leftist in charge of LO. You are doing a great job keeping this site ruined. Bill
  14. Sure. Run the IP. Obvious troll. Bill
  15. ^^^obvious right-wing troll Bill