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  1. None of the top tier countries are socialist. All have advanced capitalist economies. Bill
  2. SpyCar

    benson = NewsHounds

    FOX "News"
  3. Between fascists and socialists, choose neither. Bill
  4. He promised fascism. He's delivering. Just like Hitler did. Bill
  5. Trump is a wannabe dictator. Everyone is right to worry about this reprehensible piece of human excrement. Impeach now! Bill
  6. Her parties are the Democratic Socialist of America and the so-called "Justice Democrats." She is an infiltrator and fifth columnist in the Democratic Party, a party she actively seeks to harm. I hope a Democrat runs against her next time and re-captures the seat. Bill
  7. Trump is being faithless in declaring a fake emergency in order to grab emergency powers. This is a patent abuse of power. Bill Bill
  8. Conservatives are betraying their supposed support for limits on Executive power. Once again they prove to have no principles. The GOP has gone fascist. Shame. Bill
  9. Trump said just today that it isn't an emergency. That he doesn't have to do this. The Republican Senate and House prior to this year didn't think this was an emergency and did not appropriate funds. In our Republic, the Congress has the power of the purse. This is a very serious overreach. Conservatives have clearly betrayed their own supposed principles to excuse a Trumpist power grab. Conservates look like total fakes today by lining up with a dictator. Have you no shame? Bill
  10. Wrong. He was elected to defend the Constitution. Instead, he has subverted it. You are fascist scumbags. Bill
  11. I used to wonder as a child how Hitler could have come to power in a culturally advanced country like German. Now I know. Bill
  12. The was elected president, not the dictator. You disgrace our nation. Scum! Bill
  13. It is a dictatorial power grab. This outrageous act will define Trump's presidency. Your embrace of tyranny is shameful, Trumpist. Bill
  14. Turning fascist and subverting the Constitution is no joke. It is a sad day in American history when a dictator tries to usurp power and undermine the Republic. Shame on you for supporting this treason. Bill
  15. I hope a great liberal Democrat primaries this loon the next cycle and returns the seat to our party. Bill
  16. LOL. Sure pal. This isn't "defense of the national border." You have exposed yourself as an enemy of the Republic and of our Constitution. No surprises there. Bill
  17. Good god, you are such a sniveling traitor. This is an unprecedented unconstitutional power by a wanna-be dictator. Shame on you enemies of the Republic. We read you correctly. Bill
  18. Time to impeach the dictator. Patriots need to stand against the attempted unconstitutional usurpation of power by Donald J Trump. The tyrant shows his true face (beneath the spray tan) and shows he has no respect for the Constitution. Impeach now! Stand with the Republic! Bill
  19. Trump has perpetrated an illegitimate and unconstitutional usurpation of power. The border wall issue doesn not meet any reasonable standard of a national emergency. This is the naked act of a dictator. He has shown himself to be what we all knew that he is. Dictator. Impeach now! Bill
  20. Tyrant. It is time to impeach him if he does this. America is a still republic not a dictatorship. Time for the Trumpist menace to go. Bill