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  1. LOL. Another bald-faced lie. Mueller turned over at least 10 indictable offenses to prosecutors (on top of what they already had). There are cases ready (with sealed indictments) filed by the SDNY, the NY AG's office, and with the NYC DA's office against Trump. Keep sticking your head in the sand, forum bitch. Trump knows what's coming. He guy is a hood. Always has been. You've been conned. LOL. Moron. Bill
  2. Hardly. Trump was (and is) snubbed by polite society in NYC. Destroying the artworks was one of many actions that makes him persona non grata in the city. Bill
  3. You tell me. Trump has been a criminal his whole life. Why he's not behind bars is beyond me. Bill
  4. LOL. Trump took millions of dollars in subsidies when he built Trump Tower. He is the socialist here. An socialist, a criminal, and a cultural vandal. A failed businessman. A cheat. A lair. An incompetent. And a guy with blood on his hands. You sure know how to pick 'em. LOL. Bill
  5. Dude, every development of this scale is subject to negotiations and compliance with local laws. That's not "communism." That's the rule of law. Trump is a fascist and a criminal. And you applaud his criminality and his destruction of culture, the economy, and American lives. Shame on you! Bill
  6. No. NYC has historic preservation laws that are designed to prevent illegal destruction of art treasures. Trump is a criminal, a vulgarian, and a tasteless asshole. They were not "his" to destroy. No any more than America is his to destroy. We patriotic Americans will get our country back. And we have a big mess to clean up. And lives needlessly lost to mourn. Bill
  7. They have commercial breaks. Moron. You are a desperate liar. Sucks to be you (the forum's bitch). LOL. Welcome back, laughing stock. Bill
  8. He had significant art-deco reliefs destroyed in the dead of night. Trump is a vandal and a tiny-fingered vulgarian. No class. And no money. Loser. Bill
  9. It's a process. Moron. You are as stupid as shit. The IRS has Trump on the hook for $100 million in fraudulent write-offs in the failed casino case. Not Trump's only problem. God, you are dumb. Bill
  10. Illegal Polish workers? True. Destroyed Art Treasures? True. Mob contracts? Also true. Trump is a swine. You know it. How do you live with your complicity with evil? Bill
  11. The real story is that the "Joe Biden" who is coming tonight is actually an amazing holographic image who is being controlled by his puppet masters offstage. LOL. You Trumpists are dopes. The transparent excuses show your desperation. Fail. Bill
  12. Wanna make a bet on whether Trump wins a Nobel Prize? LOL. You must think people are rubes. Bill
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