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  1. Trump is a gangster criminal that you and your fellow idiots helped put in power. Who gives a fuck if your panties are in a twist or not? Let it to the adults to handle this. You can go to hell. Bill
  2. Do you figure that repeating your tiresome lies will convince people? Hitler/Goebbles/Putin seem to be your role models. Fuck off with this BS. Bill
  3. Baloney. Joe Biden has led an exemplary life that's free of scandal and self-enrichment. These are Putin fabrications from the usual source. LOL. Bill
  4. No, thanks for proving my point. You are an illiterate dumbass. Bill
  5. The material about "move-in day" at UCLA? Bill
  6. You are NOT A LIBERAL. You are a fascist-enabling asshole. No liberals will ever forget what you and yours did to help elect Trump. Fuck off you fraud! Bill
  7. You always seem awfully broken up that Qadhafi was killed by the Libyans who rose up against their oppressive tyrant. Good riddance! Bill
  8. LOL. I didn't attack any Democrats. You are a Trump-enabler. Your cult leader is not a Democrat. You are scum. Bill
  9. We know that you have great affection for the terrorist-tyrant Qadhafi. I don't share your feelings. Bill
  10. In your mind we should have nominated the candidate who lost the primaries by 4 million votes. LOL. Bill
  11. You and your idiotic fellow "revolutionaries" in the cult of BS who stayed home (voted Green, or wrote in Bernie) tipped the election to Trump. No one will every forget your perfidy asshole. You are the most vile sort of scumbag. Bill
  12. Correction. Mueller concluded that under current DOJ policies that all acts of obstruction of justice (and other crimes) are not grounds to indict a sitting president. Current DOJ policy is just "policy." It is not in the Constitution and has not been settled in the Supreme Court. This week Trump claims it is un-Constitutional to even investigate a sitting president. We need to re-establish the principle that no person is above the law before we lose our Republic to fascists. Bill
  13. What the hell are you talking about? Trump lies about everything. He betrays everyone from his wives to the nation at large. You back the worst scumbag to hold the office in modern history. Bill
  14. Yes, you heard about NK and now Iran. Trump can't manage foreign affairs competently. He places us in grave danger unnecessarily. He can't make a deal. He's made no progress anywhere. He was about to sell out all the sacrifices made to secure Afghanistan by turning the country over to the Taliban (and inviting terrorists to Camp David). The guy is a loon. Adding to the debt can make sense when an economy is contracting or when it is is a terrible recession. Adding to the debt when the economy is humming along is irresponsible. Obama got it right. Trump got it wrong. Unfortunately, it looks like Trump's mismanagement has us heading back into recession. China has been stealing American intellectual property. Unfortunately, Trump has not chosen a path that's lead to progress on that front. He's just made matters worse. He's a terrible deal maker--despite his vainglorious lies to the contrary. You make excuses for incompetence. You also make excuses for Trump's domestic policies (of which there are next to none). Where is his healthcare plan? LOL. When is Mexico going to pay for his wall? Trump is a con-man and you swallow every lie. A deal could be had with Democrats on infrastructure--it is something my party favors. Instead Trump demands immunity from investigations into his criminal activities. He puts himself over country. You are correct that I hope we do not have a recession. However, my hopes don't jibe with the current economic data or with the forecasts by most respected economists. It looks like a recession is looming. It's what happens when we put the country in the hands of a man who bankrupted his enterprises time and again. Not a surprise. Trump is incompetent. Bill
  15. All our alliances are broken. The economy is signaling recession after the long Obama prosperity. So the Fed is dropping interest rates and pumping money into the repo market. We've added unnecessary debt, which will likely deepen a recession. Trump's trade wars are doing nothing positive and are hurting American farmers and consumers. Trump has managed to make no deals with our enemies (or with our friends) and has an unsuccessful domestic agenda. And we keep sputtering on the brink of war. Some record. Bill
  16. I'm more worried about Trump's sniffing. Is he on cocaine? And his pussy-grabbing. I'm not only not worried about Joe Biden, I'm positively convinced that he's the person of the hour to lead America out of darkness. Bill
  17. Trump would not be the present today but for idiots like you Merrill. Fuck off!!! Bill
  18. I told you my choice: Joe Biden. I think he will restore sanity to a nation deeply in need of sound leadership. He alone can almost immediately repair our (now badly damaged) relationships with our allies. Aren't you tired of the clown show? Bill
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