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  1. The Mueller Report shows that the Russian Internet Research Agency actively supported the campaigns of Trump and Sanders exclusively. You stop lying. Having an isolationist like BS in the White House would be a dream for a dictator like Putin who has expansionist dreams. Every dictator in the world would be thrilled for a Sanders presidency. BS has never met a dictator who he hasn't either actively supported or coddled. He be disaster for those who support liberal democracy. Tyrannies would go on the march. Clearly you didn't read the Mueller Report and Mueller's indictments. All in for Trump/Sanders. It is the far-right/far-left alliance. FU! Bill
  2. BS is accusing Trump of trying to win by playing to the country's racial, economic and political divisions. Which is clearly true. What the Democratic Socialist populist demagogue leaves out of his critique is that he is using exactly the same tactics as Trump. He just aims for deepening the divides along different fault lines. This is what populists do. They foment anger, division, and political extremism that they exploit in their own drive for political power. Neither of these a-holes is fit to be president. Say no to Putin's #1 and #2 choices for the presidency of the United States. Populism is a pox on humanity. Bill
  3. Contemporary Americans have long wondered how one of the most cultured and most advanced societies on earth fell under the control of the NAZIs in Germany in the 1930s. Now we know. Bill
  4. The Center of Public Integrity is "nonsense." Boy, are you a clown. Just when I thought I could not disrespect you less. Bill ETA: Here is a NY Times article explaining how 8 senior staffers quit Our Revolution precisely because it was set up as a dark money organization. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/25/us/politics/bernie-sanders-our-revolution-group.html Bill
  5. You ask for proof. I provide one of the most respected sources to verify what I said. Our Revolution is a dark money organization. You say, "that's not proof," when it is and then lie. When called out on your lies you engage in post editing. You really are a scumbag. Bill
  6. They DO NOT list all their donors. Why do you lie? Our Revolution and The Sanders Institute (which had to shut down under pressure for also acting as a dark money organization) are under scrutiny for campaign finance violations. Many Our Revolution staff resigned over this issue. But you spew lies in the face of the facts. You are the perfect example of why people should never trust socialists. You are deranged. Bill
  7. Our Revolution is MOST CERTAINLY an arm of the BS campaign. Their activities are illegal. They are set up as a social service charity. Instead, they are a dark money PAC. YOU and they have willingly evaded campaign finance rules. You are a criminal. Big surprise! Our Revolution DOES NOT list all their donors unless you consider "Anonymous Anonymous" a "name." Punch your own damn self in the face, a-hole. Unethical goon. Bill
  8. Bwahahaa. Why am I not surprised one bit? As has been established, Our Revolution lists *some* names, not all. They are under no requirement to do so and don't. I presume you could have asked to be "Anonymous Anonymous" as well. Referring to the earlier linked article: Our Revolution states that it will not accept donations of more than $5,000 during one year “unless approved by a majority vote of the board of directors.” But the group disclosed accepting five contributions of more than $5,000 in 2017, including one for $100,000, according to its tax return. (It did not identify the donors.) Overall during 2017, Our Revolution spent $335,464 on “political campaign activity,” the disclosure states. See, you got busted again. Knowing you you'll makes excuses and compound the lies instead of dealing with the reality that Our Revolution is a darl money organization that is abusing tax and election laws. You suck! Bill
  9. How about proof from perhaps the most respected watchdog group in the United States? The Center for Public Integrity [emphais added] https://publicintegrity.org/federal-politics/elections/presidential-profiles-2020/9-things-to-know-about-bernie-sanders/ In August 2016, shortly after he ended his 2016 presidential bid, Sanders launched Our Revolution, a 501(c)(4) “social welfare” nonprofit organization that says it aims to “revitalize American democracy, empower progressive leaders and elevate the political consciousness.” [Note: Our Revolution is supposed to be a "social welfare" organization under tax laws. That is the basis of its tax-exempt status and the lack of disclosure requirements that are required, unlike political organizations. This is a cheat. Pure and simple. A way to evade election and tax laws. Our Revolution is overtly political — it’s been openly advocating for Sanders himself to again seek the presidency — and isn’t fully transparent about who funds it. For example, Our Revolution lists the first and last names of its contributors who give $250 or more per year — but that’s it, even for donors who give six figures. It’s difficult to accurately identify donors with only this information. [Note: Especially difficult when some donors name's are listed as "Anonymous Anonymous." They are hiding the names of major donors, just like I said. You lie again. Busted. Among Our Revolution’s name-only donors: “Ben Wilson,” “Sarah Brown,” “John Allen” and “Anonymous Anonymous.” Sanders himself has long run his political campaigns on a platform of political transparency. [Note: "Transparency for Sanders is that he's fine to hide is sources as "Anonymous Anonymous" and to us a %)!c4 illegally as a political PAC when that;s against the law. Busted! “We actually provide more information on our donors than is legally required,” Our Revolution spokeswoman Diane May told the Center for Public Integrity. “Out of respect for our donors, we do not share the exact contributions and some people do ask to remain anonymous.” [Note: Typical "re-framing" by the BS campaign. The truth is they DO NOT need to list any names under the rules of 501c4s, which is why they set up Our Revolution as a dark money org. That's how they want it. But OR isn't a social welfare charity, it is a political wing of the BS campaign. They hide donors under Anonymous Anonymous." The whole thing stinks to high heaven. One more in a long string of crooked deals by Commandante Sanders in pursuit of his socialist revolution with himself as maximum leader. You are so busted. Again. Why do you lie so much? Bill
  10. If you have to ask, then you are a Trumpist. The guy is vile and seems hellbent on destroying the great economy he inherited. Bill
  11. Millions of Americans who are sickened by Trumpism will cross over and vote for Joe. We will rid the nation of this disgrace. Bill
  12. The polls predicted HRC would beat Trump by about 3 million votes, which was accurate. Freak losses thanks to the subversive a-holes in Our Revolution/BS cult in 3 states was a shocker. Biden runs much stronger in the Electoral College. Americans with principles are disgusted with Donald J Trump and his circus. Bill
  13. LOL. He was elected Vice President twice in one of the greatest presidencies of a lifetime. He will restore this country from the shame of this dreadful period of Trumpism. Bill
  14. Biden is going to kick this guys ass so hard. No person better suited to the job. Bill
  15. Getting a-holes like you not to vote. You are a Trump/Putin/Sander stooge. FU! Bill
  16. I'm telling the truth. You always lie. Do you think you are fooling anyone (other than yourself)? Bill
  17. You are the one lying. 501c4s are not legally required to disclose donors, and Our Revolution is not transparent about many big donors. That's the fact. It is supposed to be a "social welfare" non-profit charity and not the political wing of the Bernie Sanders campaign (which it is). Its actions are illegal by design in the full knowledge of your cult leader. Hearing BS cultists complaining about dark money in political campaigns is too rich! Your movement is built on lies. Bill
  18. Point of fact: Our Revolution *is* a dark money organization. They publish *some* of their (especially lower level) donors but DO NOT publish the source of many of their major donors. It is dark money. That's why they set up a 501c4. To evade disclosures. Which they do when it suits them. Only 501c4s are not supposed to act as PACS nor as extensions of a particular political candidate in the first place. BS/Our Revolution are breaking campaign finance laws by using dark money from a 501c4 from Our Revolution to act as a proxy for his campaign. It is an abuse of the law. Bill
  19. You are the plutocrat who throws cash around to fund a dark money political organization. Got your Joe Stalin T-shirt? Russia Today? Bill
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