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  1. The prosecuters are not finished. Don’t you know? Bill
  2. Democrats and liberals do not behave the way the cultist true believers in the cult of personality behave. BS has a dedicated cadre of lunatic followers on this forum who troll liberal Democrats and help Trump. It is bizzaro world, for sure. These folks are toxic and their methods are regressive. It all starts with the very sick dude at the top of their cult. Loons. Bill
  3. Bludog, the socialist, bans communists. He doesn’t allow for criticism of BS coming from the (even further) left. One needs to toe the BS cult party-line in there. Almost no liberals and no Democrats post in that room. It is a cultic echo chamber. Bill
  4. Not actually true. The so-called LO room is populated by leftwing trolls who attack liberal Democracts as part of a far-right/far-left alliance. Virtually no liberals in that room by design of the sub forum Mod. Bill
  5. 7.5 years for Trump's campaign chairman, thus far. Many cases pending. The Trump's are awfully nervous. You've backed a crime family. Bill
  6. Are you kidding? Major Trumpists imprisoned and Donny clearly guilty of obstruction of justice with a dozen cases referred for prosecution. You are insane. Bill
  7. Trump is killing the GOP. All moral, sane, and ethical people still remaining will flee from the Republican Party. Trumpism will prove to be a Pyrrhic victory. Democrats will restore our nation from the wreckage of Republican misrule, yet again. Bill
  8. Says a Johnny-come-lately with 21,000 posts. What a maroon. Bill
  9. ^^^ The real Russian troll. Nancy Pelosi is a great Democratic leader. You, on the other hand, suck rocks. Go away! Bill
  10. What a fairy tale. This website is own by a conservative and "administered" (when he's not out on a bender) by a conservative. Having a so-called "Liberals Only" room where liberal Democrats are attacked full time by the sub-forum moderator (a guy who is happy to abuse his authority) and his minions and where rancor, division, and extremism is encouraged is a delight to the conservatives. The far-left loons across this country swung the election to Trump. This tiny website is only an infinitesimally small part of the far-right/far-left alliance's troll farm, but it is a part. The BS cult is a gift to the GOP and to Donald J Trump in particular. Idiots. Not liberals. Loons. Bill
  11. “Trolled.” LOL. As I said, your definition of “trolling” is defending liberal Democrats from attacks from the far- left. You are hysterical. Again you repeat the tired and pathetic attempts to link with with a right winger when it is you and your idiotic revolution that enabled fascists to take power. Shame on you! Bill
  12. Sure it is. Our Revolution hides the sources of its funding. No transparency. It is the very definition of a dark money organization and the money is used nefariously. Why are you such hypocrites? Bill
  13. This is your tired old game of equating me with right wingers, when you know full well that it is a lie. You can’t defend what you actually did, so you defect. And you BS cultists wonder why you are so despised by liberals. You did it to yourself. Your movement is dying because of it. Karma is playing out. Bill
  14. LOL. You call defending liberal Democrats from untruthful attacks from far-leftists “ trolling.” Too funny, Comrade. We all know what America would look like if fell into the hands of you socialist loons. “Party Line Only.” Your idiotic “revolution” is dying. Your only “achievement” was to help elect Trump. Some legacy. You lie constantly. I never attacked anyone in the LO room. You have never been able to substantiate your lies. Not once. One would think you’d need evidence, but that’s not the way socialists swing. We get it. Your authoritarian/totalitarian impulses are not much different than those of the far-right that your movement enables. No liberals are welcome in LO. It is an echo chamber for disgruntled far-leftists who hate liberalism more than they despise Trumpism. Shame on you and your idiotic fringe movement. You really screwed this country over. Bill
  15. Again, there are virtually NO LIBERALS in the so called LO room. What you hear from them are the anti-liberal positions of the populist far-left. Not liberals. Not even close to being liberals. The BS cult is dying, so no surprise the LO adjunct is dying as well. Bill
  16. LOL. There are no thoughtful posts in the very inaply named LO room. Instead it’s a much of mindless drivel that simply regurgitates the talking points of the most shallow political leader to emerge in recent decades. Pure fluff that can stand up to scrutiny. You know that. BS is an airhead. His disciples suffer from the same condition. Critical thinking isn’t compatible with being in a cult. Bill
  17. It is dead. The reason it is dead is that liberal voices are snuffed out. So all that’s left is a bunch of deadenders from the BS cult/Our Revolution who will attack Democrats again and help Trump again. It is a sick situation. Bill
  18. Our Revolution is a dark money organization that attacks Democrats and illegally acts as a proxy for the BS cult. Man, you are an idiot. How many tens of thousands have they got out of you and your wife at this point? Bill
  19. BS in not on the “ Democratic ticket.” LOL. He is running “as a Democrat” for the nomination ( that he will never get) but that’s just additional proof of his total lack of ethics. We will never run this swine as our nominee. Seek mental help now, so you’ll be able to deal with the reality that BS is finished. Bill
  20. BS isn’t going to “give” anyone anything. You are deluded if you belive otherwise. You’ve been intranced by a Pied Piper. Wake up! BS is a con man who has no real plans to advance progress. He is nothing but rancor and hot air. His vindictive nature has set back progress. Clue in. Democrats have delivered progress on all the issues you claim to care about, but you stab the real progressives in the back. Your cult sucks! Bill
  21. We are all aware that you are signed up to make automatic “love offerings” directly to your cult leader, plus donations to affiliated dark money organizations that are dedicated to undermining the Democratic Party and ending liberal democracy and free market capitalism in the United States. You are a fanatic who puts his money where his mouth is. BS will not “transform” a party of which he is not a member. He offerers liberals no positions of substance and his vile action and those of his supporters have set back progress in this country immeasurably. BS will go down in history as the villain that he is. You’ve been conned. Bill