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  1. If a candidate was in Hitler Youth 50 years ago, would it matter to YOU? Bill
  2. I accidentally neglected to post the link to the CNN story earlier. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/14/politics/kfile-bernie-nationalization/index.html Bill
  3. I'd like that to be true, but he's up to no good once again. He is a menace to liberal democracy and needs to be stopped. Not that there is much doubt about that. Bill
  4. Bernie Sander is way too dumb to understand post-modern literary criticism. Bill
  5. Sanders is a collectivist. The free college and free healthcare issues are simply poll-tested proposals that are "stalking horse" issues that conceal his real goal. Which is to nationalise the economy and turn the US into a Socialist state. Time to go away, Bernie! Bill
  6. Not true. YOU are a complete fool. Did you see the CNN report of Sanders' calls to nationalize the economy that show up your lies? LOL. I'm sure YOU will lie, excuse, and evade. Bill
  7. Exactly. He tries very hard to obfuscate his true ideology, but who is he kidding? Bill
  8. YOU opposed him by not voting? LOL. YOU are an enabler. Bill
  9. No, we would not have, but YOU did. Asswipe. Bill
  10. SpyCar

    Left wing rock star

    As I keep saying, it works for tiny Uruguay by depriving its neighbors of corporate taxes. Odd that a communist is praising corporate giveaways. Bill
  11. SpyCar

    Left wing rock star

    Good for them, bad for their neighbors. Good for corporations who avoid taxes. Bill
  12. He's talking about editing other people's words in quote boxes. It is a practice of some of the forum's biggest scumbags. Bill
  13. Yes. I dislike like him intensely. I think he is a very evil little f*cker who has serious resentment issues and anger issues and has turned into freeloading radical con-man who is only out for himself. Too much like Trump. Bill
  14. "Public service?" One of the least accomplished legislators ever. No real work experience at a real job. The guy is a yuge f*ck up. He's been incompetent in every aspect of his life. Bill
  15. HRC and her husband actually worked for their livings. Unlike like the Bum whose childhood traumas lead him to fear the frightening prospect of employment. A millionaire freeloader. Who'd have thunk? Bill
  16. Plenty of lawn at the Burlington house.
  17. Why are you lying? He owns the building. It isn't a "complex." Bill
  18. Sen. Bernard Sanders' (I-Vt) townhouse in Washington Dc isn't part of a "complex." He may be a socialist, but he not that much of a "socialist."
  19. Small lawn? LOL. You lied, right? Admit it. The DC townhouse also has a garden in front. Nice to be a plutocrat. You've been played for a sucker. Your cult-leader is enjoying the good life. Bill
  20. Here is the lakefront home owned by Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-Vt).
  21. A cranky old socialist with three lawns to chose from. And some serious racial insensitivity issues to deal with. Bill
  22. Socialism's Archie Bunker.