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  1. Perhaps we'd get more votes with Warren. A larger "popular vote" margin. But as we all know, that's not how we elect a president. If we don't win Wisconsin the path requires flipping "red" states. It is possible we could flip AZ, FL, NC, maybe GA. Texas? But that's uncomfortable risk for me. We need to win in the electoral college. Bill
  2. First, I don't think Warren would help Biden "govern." Since she would be a political liability in all the critical swing states that we need to win in the electoral college race that may be razor-thin. WI, MI, PA, MN, AZ, NC, GA, and FL are the critical states. I don't see Warren helping there. The opposite, in fact. And even if we won with Warren on the ticket, what we will need is someone who can get legislation through the Senate. Warren is a smart person and a fierce advocate for her positions, but I don't see her as a coalition builder. Nothing gets through the Senate without coalition building. In contrast, Amy Klobuchar soars in these areas. Plus she seems to have a better working relationship with Biden. He will need a like minded person that he can hand a huge load. We need to be strategic in the pick. Bill
  3. You are under some sort of delusion that I give a shit about you. I don't. Fuck off you moronic lying Nazi Trumpist. You are pure scum. Bill
  4. Yeah. You spread a constant stream of lies and disinformation, while--somehow--believing that you are "clever." The truth is, you're a Trumpist moron. Bill
  5. Good idea to watch the video for oneself, as you have completely mischaracterized the interview. Biden shows precisely what he will be America's next president. I thought you were better than perpetuating outright lies. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2020/05/22/watch-cnbcs-full-interview-with-former-vice-president-joe-biden.html Bill
  6. We are dealing with fascism in America. Sweep the scum out of office. Bill
  7. Hardly. Michelle Obama is the most respected woman in America. Bill
  8. For the record, I have only accused one (former) member of being a Soviet style communist, a troll who when by the name of DonJoe who was fond of quoting Stalin. There was one other open Soviet style communist whose screen name I've blanked on who Bludog removed from this forum. My issues are with those who attack the liberal electoral coalition while we get people like Donald J Trump in the White House and Mitch McConnell running the Senate. Not smart for so-called "progressives" to enable the least progressive politicians in American life, while claiming to be "liberals." Bill
  9. It is a good read. We are living a different world than the one we knew only months ago. As others have said, the pandemic has exposed the biggest problem with employer-based medical insurance in the most dramatic way possible. It is my sense that the political fulcrum is going to shift. We need to make sure all Americans have access to affordable healthcare. Losing a job and with it one's health insurance while facing hospitalization for COVID-19 (or other dire illnesses) is not an acceptable position for members of a civilized nation to be in. Bill
  10. It is to heartbreaking to think a person would be suddenly terminated and without medical coverage in the same day. It is cruel. The least we could do as a national response is to make sure those who face fantastical bills as a result of COVID-19 illness are not bankrupted. This crisis is adding strength to the argument that healthcare coverage and medical insurance are things that should ideally be decoupled from one another. It will be interesting to see how the political landscape shifts as a result of this global pandemic. The resistance to even incremental progress--I fear--remains strong. But it will also change minds towards taking bolder actions. We need to retake the presidency and control of the Senate. It is a moral imperative. Bill
  11. In fact, many loved him for his social programs. Populism is a scary phenomenon. Never turns out well. Bill
  12. Stalin, Mao, and Pot Pot also had "social programs." Beware of populist authoritarians/totalitarians. It never goes well if they take power. Bill
  13. You brought it up. It does prove the point that supporting universal health care and other social programs does not a liberal make. Hope that's not too subtle a point. Bill
  14. Proof that supporting social programs doesn't necessarily make a demagogic populist figure into a "good guy." Bill
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