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  1. You don't have my support, you ratf^cking lunatic extremist. Putin/Trump/Sandes/Stein support you. Not I. Go to hell Merrill. Bill
  2. Higher than the guy who writes "to far to the left." Trump loves the poorly educated. Bill
  3. Merrill enabled Trump by voting for Jill Stein and agitating against Democrats. *NOW* she pretends to be an anti-Trumpist??? FU Merrill! Bill
  4. If you pay attention you will realize the far-left are a bunch of dishonest Trump-enabling scumbags, just like I've been telling you since you joined this forum. Wake up. Bill
  5. Merrill is a repugnant Trump-enabling liar. She did in in 2016 and now is back for more. Go to hell, Merrill. You suck! Bill
  6. LOL. He gets the BS Cult/Our Revolution propaganda talking point memos, the same as you. BS has no "plan." Because he is the laziest politician in the country and a dope. When pressed, the best he's got is "other countries do it." You've got to do better than that. You all all have had too much kool-aid. Bill
  7. What's too much is that YOU helped make him the president. Scumbag! Bill
  8. Whose "opinions differ?" LOL. Nah. It is my attitude towards far-leftists who actively help elect the far-right. They can f*ck off. Bill
  9. The sameTrump enabling BS from you all over again. Go to hell you loon. Bill
  10. Go to hell Trump-enabling Green scum. You have no moral authority . Bill
  11. I guess you'll be trying to help Trump win (once again). When will you ever learn? Never. Scumbag. Bill
  12. LOL. Joe is much more vital than the orange heart-attack-waiting-to-happen. And he's beloved across the country, where Trump is despised outside the Klan. You are dreaming. Bill
  13. Trolls on "Liberal Forum" are fraudulent far-leftists who vote for Republican Senators, fund anti-liberal dark money group who actively undermine the liberal Democratic Party, who enable Trump, and who attack our party. This isn't "So Far-Left That We Are Right Wing Forum." Bill
  14. TrollingRock is a baldfaced liar. We all have eyes and witnessed the disruptive behavior of the BS cult at our convention. Who boos civil rights hero John Lewis? A-holes. The cult could not get over BS loving in a democratic process/ Your enabling their BS is really stupid. Bill
  15. Yes, your wife was a credentialed BS delegate. She didn't evade security to get inside the hall. But she acted in bad faith. First getting ejected for disrupting the convention when you cult leader wasn't nominated (given his millions of votes deficit in the primaries) and then voting for Jill Stein. Your wife is a 5th columnist. The very worst type of ratf*cking scumbags. Infiltrators who are neither democrats nor Democrats. You are both Trump-enabling swine. Burn in hell. Bill
  16. We are going to beat Trump. He never should have been "elected" in the first place. He is as stupid, incompetent, and venal as we thought he'd be. Time to end this nightmare. Bill
  17. There are alternatives other than war on one hand and sucking dick on the other. What Trump is doing isn't "diplomacy" under any accepted meaning of the term. He's just trying to "wing it" and is failing as a direct result. Bill
  18. LOL. Not a conspiracy theory, you dipsh*t. Trump is the president today because dead-enders in the BS cult stayed home. You are completely out of touch with reality. Bill
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