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  1. LOL. YOU are no liberal. YOU are a socialist. And a guy who is "as far to the left as it gets" by self-description. YOU helped Trump get elected by not voting and by funding groups that encouraged busters not to vote. AND you voted for two Republican Senators who gave McConnell a majority and who confirmed 4 rightwing SC Justices between them. Shame on you. Bill
  2. LOL. YOU are no liberal. Liberals don't help elect Donald J Trump. Or vote for Republicans for Senate. Bill
  3. You and your pal RR in an anti-liberal love-fest. How cute. Bill
  4. I saw. She is disgusting filth. There are some real low lifes on this forum. Sorry. Bill
  5. Just before he shipped out to the Pacific in WWII, my father and some squadron mates took some gals to an amusement park in San Diego. They had one of those shooting galleries where you could win the girl a stuffed bear. You had to completely shoot out a red circle the size of a small coin. If any red was left showing, you lose. My dad took one go, where he discovered two things. One was that the sight was off (probably deliberately). Second, because after adjusting his second shot he split the middle of the target, he realized the bullet diameter would never clear all the red from the center of the target if you when straight down the middle. He reasoned the way to do it was in a tight triangular pattern. Each shot had to be perfect. So on his second try, he blew out the target. The carny was apoplectic. I doubt anyone had ever done that before. It was a virtually impossible task. So my dad did it a third time. And again blew out the target. The carny kicked him out (and my dad was just a glad to quit while he was ahead). He was also insanely good going strafing runs in his F4U. He loved that plane. Bill
  6. There are very much alike. Both populists who appeal to angry white people. Both gun nuts. Anti-trade. Isolationists. Friends of dictators. Both backed by Putin. Both con-men. Neither has released taxes. Both cry "I was robbed" when they lose. Both narcissists. Both heads of personality cults. A lot alike. Bill
  7. I don't like either one. They are too much alike. Bill
  8. Again, weak sauce compared with Trump's behavior. You do see how you can't win this sort of game??? Bill
  9. He is already in a tax scandal. He never released the returns he promised to disclose in 2016 and he still hasn't produced them. He claims he's having "mechanical difficulties" making copies. WTF? Warren, in contrast, has the past 10 years of her taxes available online. Jane and Bernie are grifters. They will not release their taxes. It is a scandal. Bill
  10. His agenda isn't "that hidden." He wants to turn the United States into a socialist state. Warren does not. She is a capitalist. As I said, the issues BS is running on are simply "stalking horse" positions on Democratic ideas that have been around far longer than he has. These policies are only the tip of the iceberg in Sanders' socialist agenda. Who are you trying to fool? There is a reason you support BS rather than the far-more-capable Warren. It is because you share his socialist ideology and reject her liberal one. Bill
  11. Won't work. Trump out crazies everyone. You need a Plan B. Bill
  12. Racism is racist. What is wrong with you? How did you turn out that way? Bill
  13. Mitch McConnell being a racist azzhole. Appealing to your base? Bill
  14. When Trump is your man the whole "Crazy Joe" think looks ridiculous. You do know that, right? That dog won't hunt. Bill
  15. If you really think so, support her. She's far more intelligent than BS and can shape policy (a feat that seems impossible for the bum). Plus Democrats don't despite Elizabeth Warren. Why not help her??? Bill
  16. There are some issues where there stances are similar. Those that BS poll-tested as policies he could sell as "stalking horse issues" to naive young people who didn't realize these things were the tip of the iceberg in Sanders' (mostly hidden) agenda. Has BS glommed onto issues that Democrats have supported back to FDR and Truman, yes? A few areas of policy overlap don't erase the Democratic Socialist ideology of BS. Warren has emphatically made it clear: "I am not a Democratic Socialist!" Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro are some Democratic Socialists whose legacy you can claim. Not Liz Warren's. Bill
  17. LOL. They are not a bit alike. Elizabeth Warren is a very strong capitalist. A "super capitalist." Very committed to markets. She wants clean markets as part of her ideology. She hates "crony capitalism" as an immoral distortion of markets. Sanders, on the other hand, hates capitalism. He wants to replace a capitalist economic system with a socialist one. Their belief systems are very (very) far apart. Bill
  18. Yeah. One is a University professor at Harvard and the other is a guy who barely grated from college with Cs. One is a progressive liberal and one is a regressive "democratic socialist." Bill
  19. No. Biden respects Warren (she is one smart cookie) and he's not a racist pig like Trump. So you are dead wrong. You are also wrong about BS. His backing has splintered to better alternatives. He will do very poorly in the primaries. Bill
  20. He is going to steal away all the teeny-bopper vote away from BS. BS was so angry the day Beto announced that Sanders tried to throw himself through a glass shower door and needed 7 stitches after gashing his head. The Berniacs are attacking Beto with full force. He is seen as a great threat to their cult leader and their dying movement. These are very angry and desperate people. They will attack Beto relentlessly. I don't think it will work. Bill
  21. I never said Elizabeth Warren was a "socialist." Warren is a strong and proud capitalist. And smart as hell. I respect her a great deal. I hoped HRC would pick Warren as her nominee in 2016. The two were electric in their appearances together IMO. Bernie Sanders is a socialist and a lazy bum. He rails for Medicare for all but has never done the spadework necessary to have a vettable plan. If Elizabeth Warren, unlike Sanders, has the brains, ambition, and expertise in policy could develop a vettable Medicare-for-all plan. She is far more capable than the dunce Bernie Sanders. Why would anyone who favored progressive economic programs back Bernie Sanders when they could have the far more capable Elizabeth Warren? Bill
  22. No. I think it would be irrational for a healthcare system to have zero deductibility for all medical care for individuals making $50,000. Even small co-pays ($20) help reduce frivolous uses of the medical system without discouraging those with legitimate needs. At $50,000 an individual should be able to pay co-pays. And to be able to provide towards the cost of the medical coverage. Bill
  23. There is currently no plan for how to get from our currently very complex healthcare system to one of universal healthcare. Other than expanding the ACA to have a public option. Bernie Sanders sells pie-in-the-sky but has nothing to back up his cheap sloganeering. He's a populist running on demagoguery. He's a grifter and not a progressive. People are done with his BS. Bill
  24. Did I just say that those in need should get assistance getting coverage? I believe I did. You are trying to defeat straw men. It is fake, dishonest, and unethical behavior on your part. Bill